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  1. WoW what at set of cheeky bastards …Its laughable they are paid to sit on TV n give their opinions…. like experts……I watched this n realised my mouth was wide open half way through!!! lol

  2. It inspires me when I see how many people have woken up the this pervasive level of propaganda we face. This terrible video, and the bright minded response comments below, illustrate that and are very encouraging.

  3. Why do you believe nationalism is a threat? Nationalists love and care about their countries and Democrats is the threat.

  4. Your leftist criminal activity is about to end. The Europe rises again. And this time there will be no mistake.

  5. It is not so much about conservatism and prohibitions, versus liberalism and permissiveness, but rather the disparity between these 2 poles (and all other misaligned diametric opposites in society) that needs to be reconciled, appeased, surmounted, concealed. Gorging and then starving, staving and then gorging ourselves to artificially stimulate the global cardiovascular and metabolic system. Just to keep our shit together?

  6. If all european governments will become nationalist, EU will falls. And what next: Tensions between european nations again? Europe is continent of war again?

  7. I've always said the same thing about us humans being tribal,even in a civilised nation, it is an impossible emotion to remove.
    And when we feel our homeland and our culture that has been unchanged for hundreds of years is threatened, then we must fight for our rights in whichever way we feel right

  8. I hate when thise bunch of pulukas speak so much crapp abbaut Hungary! A lot off states can learn a lot from Orban and a Hungaryan nation!!!

  9. We don't need the far right or far left, but liberalism is not helping either, they are responsible for the unrest with wishy washy politics.

  10. Europe needs to wake up. You need a little of nationalism even in a liberal state or else your just trampling your own rights in the name of "multiculturalism " or "equality". The right wing side is our only hope to preserve the liberties that we have from barbarians who immigrate here. Liberal motto; “Good intentions are more important than results!" In other words We must embrace "equality and multiculturalism", even if it means increasing crime rates, decreasing wealth, decreasing unity, and decreasing freedom?! No. We shouldn't accept that. Liberty upsets patterns of lifestyles, you need conservatism no matter how tolerant you get. You can't tolerate intolerance.

  11. Nah, the most succesful people I know are the least nationalistic. I guess succesful people don't need to seek their pride in their passport.

  12. What's the point in having a discussion about the far right – with a group of liberals – and no Nationalists present?

  13. The idea of a united, integrated, Europe is a pipe dream only held by a tiny elite, who want to turn us all into powerless slaves.  We must defend our nations against this criminal New World Order.

  14. why don't you talk about the true fascist press in countries like Sweden where Muslims are raping blond Swedes at such a rate that they are the Rape capital of Europe and yet the press if it reports on it at all it refuses to name the rapists as being Muslim immigrants by a factor of 99 to 1. It's the left wing controlled media that are the true fascists. People in Sweden are forced to deny what is going on right in front of them, like denying reality. If you say anything, you have a fascist left wing flash mob show up at your door and the next thing you are out of a job for simply seeing what you see.

  15. in other words a bunch of leftist fascists disguised as freedom crusaders. Wilders is right and the people are tired of you phony liberals who are nothing more than Leftwing Nazis. Anyone who disagrees with you are fascists and Nazis when the exact opposite is true. You lefties are the Nazis, who want to use social engineering to totally change European society. You hate all things white, Christian and European. You so hate Christianity that you have promoted the importation of Millions of Muslims in order to permanently displace more like literally replace the native population who you could never truly convince through the ballot box to adopt your far left agenda. All you can do is name call, they are all hooligans when in fact they are simply native patriots. Sorry if people don't want to give up their land that their forefathers fought and died for. The thing is that most of these so-called extreme right people have no problem with immigrants but they have legitimate concerns about mass Muslim immigration because of the history of Islam and the holy text of Islam. They are not compatible with western democratic society. People are worried and you can't simply go back later and reverse these kinds of demographic experiments. In other words if it doesn't go the way you utopians say it will it won't be very easy to go back and redo it. Sorry but most western people are very open to other cultures but have serious reservations when it comes to Islam, just open the fucking news paper.

  16. The leftist and cultural marxist apologist agenda is sickening, fucking pigs they don't deserve a trial, when Europe rises they will be held responsible, the european traitors will be the first to go in the coming revolution.

  17. nationalism is selfish and we need to unite as human race and not fight for our differences.

    You dont know what is going to happen in future, we can just die like dinosours. Emerging globally must be the priority because we seriously need to explore more and improve tech rather than giving shit about who gets unemployment paid check or not. Stupid white people, you guys had fun for centuries with force and power, now other countries are getting richer and talented foreigners are entering makrets, they are suddenly so protectice again because they know they dont want to study as hard as other people.

  18. Racial definition is a fallacy of perception, no true integral difference can be found between large sample groups of any "race", we are a sophisticated species and yet we cannot recognise our own flaws and miss appropriations without the application of distinct thought as opposed to an instinctive togetherness. Of course over cultural generalisation will not solve any problems inherently, but a state that defines itself by the acceptance of the equality of its citizens regardless of their existential views.

  19. Demographic fertility rates of the third world is responsible for the far right movement.  Third world people still believe they can irresponsibly breed and go on to overpopulate First World nations and impose their values and norms on us.  They are the ones from failed states, and the reason they have failed is due to their fertility rates.

  20. Race betrayers and nation traitors now hold power in Europe. Nationalists who are natives of the European nations are growing in numbers, unifying across borders, and building a movement for the liberation of Europe.  Help us to end the systematic genocide of the European Race. Join us in this moral and just cause!

  21. Tribalism and territoriality are deeply embedded in human DNA.  You can't stop it.   The progressives are wrong.  Human nature will win out in the end. 

  22. In Spain you don't see a grow in the extreme-right (Nazi) parties because they are already in the government. PP they are the sons of the Franco fascist dictator !

  23. A bunch of cultural Marxist talking about how bad Nationalism is.They dont see their own murdering evil ways.What hypocrites. ..

  24. German Nationalism is about national security, self-determination, unity, and cultural stability. It is not about economic victims or "hooligans".  Slander of us only helps us.

  25. Can anyone give me a rational basis for nationalism please? One that doesn't resort to mystical notions of 'national spirit' or 'natural greatness'? Of course you can't. The only basis for a proper social-scientific critique of liberal capitalism is Marxism. I'm not talking about stupid culturalist 'Frankfurt School' Marxism (which is a load of shit that came much later), I'm talking about real socialism, where the people have control over the economy and don't let the rich capitalists suck the blood of the common man. Please don't buy into this nationalist shit. I used to play the nationalist game too, but I've seen how stupid it is. I hate Islam too, but not because Muslim people are innately inferior, but because their economic backwardness due to lack of development has given rise to reactionary ways of thinking. But nationalism is reactionary too!!!!

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