Europe Is Killing Itself

Europe Is Killing Itself

Apparently we don’t have enough criminals,
terrorists, and rapists here in Europe. We do have quite a few, but unfortunately
it’s not enough for our politicians’ liking, so we’re having to import them wholesale from
the Muslim third world, which, being what it is, has plenty to spare. Of course, along with crime, terrorism, and
rape, we are also importing the religion of Islam, which is followed in the main by millions
of people from an already violent authoritarian culture who have been taught from birth that
their religion must rule the world (by force if necessary) that non-Muslims are inferior
to them, that women exist to be used by men, that little girls can be married to and raped
by grown men, that Jews are the eternal enemy, and that all homosexuals should be killed. So yeah, let’s flood our emancipated liberal
society with millions of those people, and see what happens. Let’s keep an open mind. Let’s open ourselves up to the most brutal,
predatory culture on earth, and let in hordes of unemployable mostly male fighting age welfare
parasites who hate us and have no intention of integrating. What’s the worst that could happen?
Of course we mustn’t generalise about men who have all been raised in the same violent
misogynistic rape culture. We have to assume that the moment they set
foot in Europe they magically develop civilised liberal values like us, or we’ll be racists. And when they lie about their age and pretend
to be children, we have to take them at their word and put them in with our children, because
that’s the kind of people we are in Europe, spineless irresponsible morons. We love to signal our virtue, at literally
any cost. And we’re so terribly proud of the fact that
we don’t discriminate, even when we should. So Islamic terrorists can just walk right
in along with everybody else, as six of the Paris jihad attackers did. They walked into Europe as refugees, then
made their way freely to where they wanted to go, and started killing people. Border security? Oh no, that would send the wrong message:
Don’t come. And we can’t do that, because they’ve been
invited. And they think they’re coming to conquer us,
too. They really do. It sounds absurd to us, but it’s what they’ve
been taught all their lives by their violent supremacist religion. So why would they not believe it? And they keep telling us, too, but we don’t
want to hear it, because it’s just too outlandish an idea for us to take seriously, like nine
eleven or something. Besides, we’re afraid that if we do take it
seriously somebody might call us a racist, and that’s far too high a price for us to
pay not to sell out our children and grandchildren’s future, so we’re just going to sit back like
beached whales and let it happen, for the sake of inclusion. The countries in the south of Europe are getting
the worst of the invasion, and Italy is at bursting point, because left-wing activist
boats are being allowed to pick up migrants from traffickers and act as a virtual illegal
ferry service to Europe. If the Italian government had any regard at
all for its own people or the rule of law, all those boats would be seized and scuttled,
and everybody on them thrown in jail. But the Italian government doesn’t want to
stop the invasion. It wants other countries to re-open their
borders, and accept their share of the nightmare. And of course the European Union agrees. But some of the newer members – Poland, Hungary,
Slovakia, the Czech Republic – are not so keen. It seems they don’t want their societies flooded
with criminals, terrorists and rapists, and they’re seriously embarrassing everyone else
with their unfashionable common sense. They can see the explosion of crime and violence
in countries that have opened their borders, and they feel that it would be a betrayal
of their own people (now there’s a novel idea) to let this poison into their society. They don’t want their country to be a place
where women and girls are afraid to go out on their own at night. Where it seems like every week there’s another
gang rape by men who got into the country by pretending to be children. They don’t want their country riddled with
police no-go zones controlled by Muslim gangs, or their prisons full of terrorists and rapists
they can’t deport. They don’t want Saudi-funded mosques preaching
sedition, violence, and hate, while everybody else’s right to free speech is truncated to
a virtual stump of itself. And they really don’t want any cultural Marxism,
because they have a recent history of being governed by actual Marxism, and they can smell
the evil here. They know it’s rotten. They also know what the rest of us have known
for quite some time now, that being governed by open borders politicians is like travelling
with a suicidal bus driver on a mountain road. It’s obvious now that if we don’t get somebody
else at the wheel, and soon, we are all going over a cliff. They’ve shown that they can’t be trusted with
our safety and security, and they’re not persuaded by evidence or reason. They’re determined to press on with this folly
regardless, like religious zealots who believe they’re acting in the cause of a greater good
that transcends the wishes of the people who elected them (if anyone did elect them).They
know very well that this invasion is making Europe more dangerous (especially for women)
and less civilised, but they think it’s a price worth paying. As long as somebody else pays it. So, if your child is murdered by an Islamic
terrorist, or if your daughter is raped by an illegal migrant, they’ll murmur their regrets,
but privately they’ll consider it collateral damage. The important thing, the progressive thing,
is to merge the two cultures, the civilised one and the barbarous one. Of course they know that civilised people
will instinctively reject barbarism. Therefore civilised people need to be re-educated
to believe that barbarism is as valid as civilisation and worthy of equal respect or you’ll be a
criminal, which is pretty much where we are now. You see, politicians don’t like having the
ugly truth pointed out to them when they’re trying so hard to ignore it, because it shows
them up for the unprincipled invertebrates they are. So here in Europe they’ve simply made the
truth illegal, because they can. We don’t have a First Amendment here, so free
speech means whatever they say it means, and that means we don’t have free speech at all. It seems we got rid of the Iron Curtain, only
to replace it with an iron lid, because several countries have now prosecuted their own citizens
as criminals for expressing the wrong opinion about the mass illegal Muslim invasion that
is being forced upon on us. Earlier this year a man in Austria was sentenced
to five months in prison for expressing the opinion that Islam is at war with the West,
when it’s painfully clear to everyone that Islam is very much at war with the West. Only a fool, or a judge, could deny it. Islam is our sworn enemy. And that’s not me saying that, it’s Islam
saying it. Read the Koran and see for yourself. It’s a virtual declaration of war against
the rest of humanity. There’s no ambiguity about it. It’s all about slaying and subduing the infidel. There’s no love thy neighbour, no Golden Rule,
no seek the kingdom of heaven within. It’s all about conquering and killing unbelievers,
waging war against the world, and shoving Islam down everyone’s throat. That’s what the terrorists are trying to do,
because that’s what their scripture tells them to do. And we are reminded of that every time police
in Europe find a military grade arms cache hidden near a mosque. I get emails from India telling me that they’ve
had to put up with this for hundreds of years, and that we have no idea what trouble we’re
storing up for ourselves if we let this thing grow. Islam despises everything we’re supposed to
stand for. Democracy, free speech, civil rights. It would abolish them all given half a chance. The places on this earth where Islam dominates
are black holes of ignorance and cruelty. It stamps out freedom wherever it gets the
upper hand, and non-Muslims are always persecuted, because that is what the religion demands. As an ideology, it’s so absurd and inhuman
it would fall apart if it wasn’t held together by the threat of violence. So it’s no surprise that it gives its followers
a mandate to conquer humanity by force. It has nothing else to offer. The only reason it hasn’t conquered us in
the West is because we are stronger. If Islam was stronger, we would all be Muslims
now, or dead, and we have no excuse for not knowing that, and no excuse for not acting
upon it. Thomas Jefferson knew it more than two hundred
years ago when he asked the Arab ambassador why they attacked and enslaved people who
had done them no harm, and he was told that it was because the Koran instructs Muslims
to wage war against everyone who does not submit to Islam, and to make slaves of prisoners. He was also told that every Muslim who dies
in this cause will go to Paradise. Ring any bells? So this jihad terror insanity we see today
is nothing new. It’s not some sudden aberration. It’s not based on a misunderstanding or wrong
interpretation of scripture. It is not the corruption of a great religion. It is Islam, and it has always been Islam,
and if we don’t start pushing back against it, as we have had to do throughout its history,
it will prevail like an incoming tide, because we have opened the door to it now, in a way
that has never happened before, and we are sleepwalking into disaster. We’ve opened our free and liberal society
to the most backward, repressive, brutal, and predatory culture on the planet. A culture that belongs in another century,
and on another planet. And a culture that thinks it’s going to take
over, so it has no respect for the law. And we give it every encouragement, too, by
censoring ourselves and by backing away from it, mumbling nonsense about tolerance and
diversity to people who don’t know the meaning of those words, and who laugh at us openly. We must be insane. When do you think we will come to our senses
and stop re-electing the criminals who are imposing this nightmare on Europe? When the situation is irreversible? When Europe resembles the Muslim third world,
with violent crime rampant, police outnumbered and quitting in droves (as they are already
in Sweden)? With criminal gangs and sharia dominating
the public space? Women assaulted and raped daily, gays and
Jews beaten up or killed, regular gunfire, car bombs, suicide bombs, and paramilitary
conflict on the streets? Do you think that will shake us out of our
virtuous stupor? Well, we’ll soon find out, because that is
what’s coming, sooner than we think. The seeds have already been sown.

100 thoughts on “Europe Is Killing Itself

  1. Every single word out of this man’s mouth is 100 percent true. He’s been saying it for years now and everyday we see the exact things he speaks of , happening

  2. islam it The Great Deception that God sends that is spoken about in — 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. I am not a conspiracy theorist or a Bible-thumper. I was made aware of the Bible talking about the, "Great Deception" and how only islam makes sense in its meaning. Look at all those around the world being infused with that cult known as islam. Do you see it now?

  3. Very well said sir would you give me permission to mirror this on my channel I would be very thankful it was awesome what you said

  4. Pat I’ve only just started watching your videos but already I can see you are the god of free speech and democracy and you really have a fantastic gift of putting your point across
    Your brilliant and please keep up the good fight we can not let the deluded like
    Tony Blair
    Alister Campbell
    And the truly bias BBC and slowly sleep walk us into this EU superstate disaster !!!!
    Your the man pat
    Thank you

  5. And all the politicians live in neighbors and houses that are safely protected from what they expect us to put up with !

  6. Pat, you speak the truth and people are beginning to waken up to what you say but thick governments still shove it down our necks to allow these monsters into our countries.Bless you Pat and keep the good work going,your an inspiration.

  7. If only more people like Pat participated in the political landscape in the UK. 😩👌🏼 Pat’s the man ! 👍🏼

  8. Hey Pat you have so much common sense so I’m sorry you will never be accepted by the liberal society. That’s not a bad thing at all, it’s patriotic.

  9. Paul Condell. A man who conveys the uncomfortable truth. By ignoring this truth, Europe is doing a disservice to genuine immigrants and refuges by condoning the invasion of illegal migrants. Mass immigration and the erosion of our civilised, inclusive values will eventually promote the succession of populist right wing parties; the very thing that the leftist liberal agenda abhors. The irony.

  10. Go for "president", seems like you have the bravery and energy, I will support you all the way, Europe and GB are going under because of pure naivety and lack of knowledge, and this video is censored and unavailable in Germany !!!! nothing else than a scandal, I really fear for the future of Europe

  11. Scary scenario bur it is happening in front of our eyes.islam must be banned in western europe.havent we learnt from history??

  12. That's rich considering the Britts ignored borders around the world for centuries! Selective memory methinks!!

  13. Hi Britain – As a South African senior citizen, may I apologise for you to the to the late Honourable John Enoch Powell MBE for not listening to his warnings of the dangers of mass immigration. May I ask why my grandfather (a Cockney) served in the British merchant marine in WW 1 and in WW 2 why my father served in essential serves repairing damage ships in Durban harbour and four of my uncles served in the military, two in the Royal Navy and two in the South African army in North Africa as you have handed yourselves over to Europe and are being invaded by the same people you fought to protect from Germany which now controls Europe anyway?

  14. Why do we keep saying we have no free speech, yet this video has not been removed and rightly so.

  15. I totally agree with you!! What I do not understand why our Authorities; not only protect them against us but also finance them with our tax knowing that they will neither work nor integrate!! We are forced, by our politics, to go to slaughterhouse like sheeps!!! It make me sick!!!

  16. This pig is stupid. Europe stole all natural resources from other continents , bringing diseases

  17. GREAT GREAT GREAT… Thanks for sharing! Quran 9:5 So, when the sacred months expire, kill the Mushriks (people who believe in another God other than Allah) wherever you find them, and catch them and besiege them and sit in ambush for them everywhere. This no joke people…

  18. I notice that SOME of Pats videos are having the volume turned down so they can't be heard be interesting to see his LONG the nannies take do it to all the editions:-: they are afraid of the truth they can't stand it.

  19. GOD, your so right, and it's SO easy to see what it is the few filthy rich elite families do to us. ROB us, force laws of control only over our head, the police is no longer our friends and haven't for decades. They are the elites enforcers, but so little a group compared to the rest of the 99% they control, or should I say; WE keep them alive by obeying them and we take they work us as slaves and steal our money through taxation and other. WHO gave ANY Governments right to do as they please??? If I can't give you a paper there say it's okay to kill a Country or your Neighbor, then HOW can we allow the Government to do things we NOT want, and yet we allow the Government to fuck us. The USA and England are the worst warmongers in history, and they keep going on do all to destroy Europa now. Denmark has lost our law-control because NATO and fucking EU now make our laws for the elite and other Countries. Man, I'm so tired of this transparent lies… The elite has INVERTED the world, and few will see the truth. Most think ignorance is the best when really it's the real killer. NO or fake info about ALL important, like we all could have free energy, and we do NOT need fossil fuel and Coal wars more, but the elite hold this back and do not stop till they have sucked all good out of the Earth without any concern about the lower classes, even middle classes now. We have cars there drive on water, natural raps-oil and all electricity is free, but they wanna keep us in a state of must pay for all, even there are way better options, but the elite control all, but the day we all say NO, and stop taking them seriously, and people unite, they will have a snowballs chance in Hell! We could ALL have a nice life, but then the rich will no longer be special with special rights and protection, and I will never think we will see the rich stand in line with us other in a supermarket. The rich make their own expensive country-clubs, so they can go to a place there only is for them. They HATE us. And they want a clear fence between them and us. I say fuck them. I do not comply with their bullshit laws and politics anymore. I rather die a free man than live a slave.
    GOD, I'm tired of idiots and ignorant's. Either your part of the solution or just being passive mean your automatic part of the problem! This world has gone from LIVE – EVIL -LIVE EVIL.

  20. We didn't learn much from Mr Hitler and his barbarous regime did we? It's happening again with islam and nobody is keeping watch on what is going on. Keep up the good work Pat.

  21. Just the Political agenda,do i see a future world where my grandchildren exceed there Carbon Footprint
    looking at what you have just said what seems the normal today which to my generation a few years back
    was inconceivable,at first i thought it was a phase like Mods and rockers,dare i say i see young Men who
    have a mixed culture of religion mixed with Yeh Bro !.

  22. Obama & Hillary are responsible. They will pay. What about the Queen? Is she oblivious? Get Teresa May out! Something must be done.

  23. Unless white people have more than 2.1 children (and currently we have way less than that), then Muslim and African immigration is inevitable. We can turn right wing and kick people out but Africa's population is growing and they are eventually just going to invade militarily.

    Unless Europe recovers a culture worth fighting for (and the only worthwhile culture it ever had was born solely from Christianity), then what am I fighting for? Free speech, the national health service, binge drinking, Nectar points, contraceptives being handed out to 16 year old girls so they can whore around in their teens and twenties? I am not going to fight for that. I would rather the Muslims took over than defend the soulless crap that is modern secular European culture.

    The glory days are long gone. We either need to restore the moral and spiritual values that made them the glory days or be taken over by cultures who at least breed and grow in numbers.

  24. The only reason Islam hasn't conquered the west yet ,is because Eternal creator God is holding back the winds of strife while there are still some out there that believe his word .But we are quickly turning our backs on God ,our governments are removing the lords prayer from parliament , they're taking down the commandments from schools and courthouses , kids don't go to Sunday schools anymore ,etc etc

  25. Anyone who has ever spent time in the countries he’s referring to understand the shitstorm we are cultivating these people are fundamentally different in thinking and ideology now some might integrate but most will not and why should they after so many are put in our city’s creating there own townships then there’s the obvious insurgency that any forces types will recognise off the bat that was then proven in the numerous perpetrated terrorist stacks and many more foiled in private. These fucking liberal twats are commuting cultural subside for us all and need to be outed replaced.

  26. Magnificent, quite, quite magnificent! Not only that either,, plain, quite plain, common sense too.

  27. Please don't understand me wrong but the political mind sees it as an opportunity to give much work for LAWYERS and many to come (graduate), doctors to learn, immigration to increase the income. Islam is the perfect criminal law of the world. Islam provides for political lawyers. Child rape, women rape, steeling, killing, bad sanitary conditions as their prophet clearly stead in the Quran and disease. So you see the politicians welcome them so they can survive and busy their selves with work. As citizens we suffer and try to protect ourselves from Islam (Raping women, raping children which is Muhammad favorite as he stated in the Quran you can have sex even with a baby by rubbing your private on her until she can be penetrated like 9 years old Aisha poor child, killing innocent people, enjoying the European and western life). By the way the Hijab coming up

  28. Hijab story how did it come to Quran well 2ND IN COMMAND Omar Ibn Khtab had an anal disease and the cure for his anal disease was for a man to penetrate him and deposit his semen in him Omar was one of Mohammed trusted companion and he asked Muhammad may shit be upon him to ask Allah to Vail the women and Muhammad asked Allah and Allah approved it. Omar the homosexual Imam and 2ND in command Muslim scholar asked to Vail the women obviously because he wanted the men not to look at the women but for the men to look and lust for the men. Now as for the Hadith was written 200 years after he died. Muhammad, Omar, Abu Buker three companions that trusted each other and they were very close homosexuals to each other. Proof Muhammad was a homosexual, he told the men to sit and piss like women, he told the Muslim's after you eat suck ur finger or have it sucked by another man, he said in Quran enter a woman from behind, he stuck his tongue in a little boy mouth, he grabbed men with a hug from behind. Homosexuality at its best. Now homosexual rule in Arabia when a man penetrates another man the perpetrator is not homosexual but the penetrated is.

  29. The full scale Globalist agenda indoctrination of the West is going to come to an end.
    All in due time as the Nationalist Right rises and logic prevails as cultural self preservation kicks in. Fuck George Soros and his Open borders as too the Globalists EU project which is about to crash and burn. Death to Globalism!

  30. Britain or some of us are trying to save it.. Our mainstream Politicians just prefer lying to the people. Islam= violent idiotic medievil ideology perfect for the seventh century which is where it should have been left. Any ideology that wants to kill me will not be spared my ridicule and FUCK your stupid made up words like Islamaphobe. Not liking Terrorism, paedophillia, killing gays, Jews, unbelievers is COMMON SENSE. As Orwell said most will follow the media double think and double speak. If afford this nonsense any sort of deference you are nothing except an easily lead, blue pilled idiot and are incapable of thinking for yourselves!

  31. I’m so sorry your country is going through this!! I hope the United States learns by this problem.

  32. "islam and the west"Important read this…

    I am often asked about militant islam and the threat of global terrorism. More than once I’ve been asked about the meaning of the Arabic words of fatah and jihad. What I normally tell them is that to followers of the militant brand of islam, these doctrines express the belief that Allah has commanded them to conquer the nations of the world both by cultural invasion and by the sword. In some cases this means moving thousands of muslim families into a foreign land – by building mosques and changing the culture from the inside out and by refusing to assimilate or adopt the beliefs or values of that nation – to conquer the land for islam. This is an invidious doctrine, but it’s…being carried out in some places today by followers of this type of religion. They won’t be stopped by appeasement. They are not interested in political solutions. They don’t want welfare – their animosity is not caused by hunger or poverty or anything of that sort. They understand only one thing: total and complete conquest of the West and of anyone who does not bow to them and their dangerous out of date ideology of hate and revenge. What I want to say next is not easy for me to say but I think I must say it anyway. One of the nicest things about the western people is that you are generous and friendly people, and because of this you are sometimes naïve and overly trusting. You want to be friendly, so you open up to people and then you’re surprised when they stab you in the back. A big part of the problem is also those in government who fail to understand the true nature of such people. The point I am trying to highlight here is that islam is striving to conquer the west by infiltrating society and building mosques that are funded by Saudi arabia, of course all happening with the knowledge of western govts.

  33. lefties/liberals are truely ruining Europe and are against preserving the european population, values and beliefs. They are turning european nations into islamic states by flooding europe with muslim extremists who are exploiting the social welfare and then breed like cockroaches to take those nations from inside out. Lefties/liberals are either naive or ignorant not to see how turkey is flooding europe with muslims and how saudis are funding the building of mosques everywhere in europe. while muslims breed like cockroaches, lefties/liberals on the other hand are encouraging abortions, promoting homosexuality, and sadly value their pets more than humans. Wake up sheeple or Europe will vanish.

  34. lefties/liberals are bringing dishonor upon their predecessors who fought for the values and beliefs of europe. They are dividing European people thus making it easy for muslims united under one religion to invade and take over. I doubt if lefties/liberals are european at all because they really don't care about their own future and that of europe. Look at the so called antifa, they appear much like terrorists possibly infiltrated by muslim thugs since they defend the integration of muslims at the cost of destroying europe. Why doesn't antifa fight the islamization of europe, are they scared or are they led by muslims…makes you wonder really

  35. Very smart old man. I want to kiss your head and buy you a beer. I love my own european race so damn much. It's a blessing to be a european.

  36. Pat Condell should be our Prime Minister he makes more sense than anyone and tells it like it is

  37. This guy is good 👌 ……multi culture my ass it just does not work . keep it up … people need to wake up .

  38. Watching that Video in Regards to Pat Condrell if his words are true and I'm keeping an open Mind on this then this is truly alarming and it needs to be fort back through the courts and if any one is involved in any Terrorists plot whether its in this Country or is Syria lock them up for two years and then deport them back to where they came from and if they are Born in this Country strip them of there citizen ship and Make sure they can't get back into this Country again

  39. Thank you for debunking false “humanity” that demands denial, and guilt induced “tolerance” of the intolerable.

  40. Still whining about the symptoms instead of the disease eh scumbag? You fuking boomers need to pay for your treason.

  41. The problems are identified correctly and very eloquently. But what is the solution? What is the practical solution?

  42. It is time UN and the rest of the world wake up and realize the best solution is to send muslims back to muslim countries. There are 53 "lovely muslim countries, which have sharia law and all the systems and laws that muslims love. There they can force women to wear a sacks over their head, marry small girls, beat women and throw acid in their faces if they do not like them. Besides all the oil states are so wealthy so it is no problem to feed all the "so called immigrants". It is NOT the west which have to give these muslims a better life, but the muslim countries which SHOULD look after their "DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS". Get that right IT IS NOT THE WEST`S responsibility.

  43. The Peppa Pig coloured, bigoted old bore's mutterings are the vocal equivalent of watching ones own toenails grow.
    Why the tedious old fart is muttering about brexit is a mystery as a geriatric like him will be long dead before it's effects become known.
    He will be dead and not one person will mourn the loss of one of life's great Snoremongers.
    Yawn, it's Prat Con-dull……I need to sleep…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  44. How did we get from "Deus Vult" to "Welcome Sharia"? The answer to the future of Europe lies in that very question.

  45. The world has become Bizarro world, where progressive means regressive, where good means horrible, and smart means stupid.

  46. Worship your liberal gods tell it’s all gone. Obama bombed them merkel let them in. We give them Nobel peace prizes. They get to feel good about themselves on tv. If anyone thinks otherwise they are a Nazi. Have fun.

  47. In France now children in school already out number France child citizens and by 2040 Muslims will out number all France citizens. People that wants to keep their freedom need to wake up, in America hispanics were out number white and black American citizens you 2050

  48. Bringing in immigrants and giving them everything will Guarantee they will vote Democrat if they take over us supporting all these immigrants coming in is helping to financially collapse countries allowing the UN to come in and take over

  49. Islam has infiltrated countries and literally changed their lives and believes within years now I mean just years like two years they have wiped out countries either believe in what they believe or die they have changed countries that were Christians into Muslims over night

  50. Americans are so stupid, 95% has never heard or knows what is sharia law. All these presidents and politicians of western countries are living in a fantasy land because once the Muslims Infiltrate their government they will demand sharia law from the president and all politicians they will demand sharia law through the whole country and if the UN thinks they have nothing to worry about they are wrong

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