EU4 Move Capital to New World / No Colonial Nations Trick

EU4 Move Capital to New World / No Colonial Nations Trick

hi guys so today I’m going to show you how to move your capital to Americas as basically Eddie nation in the game that does not start in Americas and you can apply the same trick to Australia so basically what does that do well some people when you do a campaign for example you and you play Island or even port ago you want to have some kind of X or this tectus strategy for example Eunice Ireland you can run over to the new world and colonize be up your power base and come back and kill England or if you want to play a poor go and you feel like well there’s no place to expand except in North Africa which the world is still pretty shipped in terms of development and they are well they’re they have increased coloring costs and you don’t want to you don’t want to fight to fill so you run over to say Caribbean and for example you can also play as an Asian and run over to Australia and also you can island up to the new world and settle there but there is a problem because if your capital is in the is in the old world and you cognize my provinces in a colonial nation as colonial region a colonial nation will form for example here i colonize five four provinces already so if I call nice one more you can see and of course you’re the core it if you don’t call it the colonial nation never four so you can see five provinces in a colonial region nation automatically forms and there’s nothing you can do about that it is just forms you can destroy it although you can’t release it and conquer it again but it would just form again what you call all sides and the problem is if you don’t chorus which is how some people say you can do a true one tech world conquest you don’t get anything from it if you don’t go it you don’t get manpower or text from it but in some other cities like Mexico and Incans they give over extension so you have to call it eventually so how do you do it then let’s get down to business so first of all you have to know where do you want to move your capital to for example if you want to move the north of America you have to colonize a province in South America so what does it by colonize this is the tricky part the rule says you can only move your capital to a state so for example I’m still now right I have my capital here in Madrid no not my dread but Toledo I’m a capital here in Europe right in the old days before the states and territories you cannot move your capital outside your own continent so that’s a hard cap so for example by because though I can only move it around here is at best as furthers I get is the Ottomans and Anatolia but Mel with state example I just integrated Ming I just say I move I make Beijing into the states right so now you can move your capital as far as to the other side of the new the old world as long as it is state so now it’s in Beijing now you see but that is not enough because to move the new world because the rule also says you cannot move your capital let’s say I’m going to colonize this province okay I can’t do that out okay I can do that you can you can make it in this state but you cannot move your capital to a colonial region not while you have the big heartland around it only we are in your capital is the only province in the state on that continent will it be possible so what does that mean so either somehow you can pick one province in Asia as a European move your capital there or you and me Asian take a problem Europe or Africa take only exactly one problem there and move your capital there so that works conventionally that it’s a convention no way to move your capital for example your Tibbets you take one single problems from them looks here core it state it with your capital away but that requires so much planning it’s not convenient so what do we do we go now for example if you want to move the capital to North America let’s say I want to move my capital to anywhere it doesn’t matter how many problems you own in North America as long as a lot about five yet so I’m going to integrate view like this I’m going to state it now you notice that notice that now this is my estate now it has four provinces so the colonial Mexico will not form yet but we can’t move our capital over there so what do we do is now we colonize one single province in South America or Australia as long as it’s not in a colonial region so it is more convenient to do in America because Australia’s basically entirely colonial so you might notice that actually despite all northern South America there are two brothers that are not counted as a colony one is remuda the other one is South Georgia and Falkland so much example I colonize if I move my capitals is Falklands now we’ve got a nice pop one like a tweet static and then you can see the move capital button is available [Music] so now see that we are now a great power from South America yeah whatever so now we are great power in South America we have moved their capital to Falklands we’re no longer Europeans and that we have fulfilled the condition to move our capital into a colonial region now as you can see as you can see now I can do that now that is now the condition has been fulfilled I have my capital in a single and only problems in a continent that is South America and then I can move it here just fine and wait for a bit now see my capital is here and in a colonial region and I’m a great power from North America and you will not lose your stage in the old world but what does this achieve that now that you can see if I colonize example if I integrate unchecked I mean now and we let colonize or integrate or whatever okay let’s let’s try colonize right colonize let’s connect five provinces so there I’m colorized hypothesis but then you realize that the colonial nation does not form anymore I’d let Mun stick and you can see that I directly own them the colonies does not form anymore because your capital is in a colonial region no more column colonial nations will form you will directly control them even if you’re the the colonized provinces are not in the same continent as your capital and that also applies to Australia you can move your capital to Australia and not have any colony in America or you can move your capital to the Americas and not have a colonial nation formed in Australia so in a way you can use that to have direct control of autumn Americas you can just use this method you also can do a true one tag as in a world conquest through one that means no vassals no colonial nations so you can use this method to do that also last and most importantly you can have some very interesting strategy of running to the new world establishing your power base there with no one to annoy you you can do it basically with any nations such as testo Borgo aragon france england or virus miner scotland norway anyone because well some people say you want to do it or a door we could would right so this is one of the ways this is one of the easy ways you go and colonize the new world you move your capital there this way of course it’s going to be a bit tricky to get Bermuda or self George or anywhere but and you have to pay up quite a nasty amount of admin because you’re going to have to move your capital to for example South George is 3 development unless you develop it first or a Bermuda is three developments little if you develop it first you’re gonna have to pay like 700 admin and then you move your capital again it’s another 200 admin but after all that is just worth it because you’re having almost and four thousand five thousand development ready for you to grab and without any kind of autonomy restriction without any kind of a facile or subject restriction so that is all I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you find it useful I invited all this fun and enjoy your stay in the New World

76 thoughts on “EU4 Move Capital to New World / No Colonial Nations Trick

  1. going to try this trick while playing as portugal colonizing is great in all by the cns really killed it for me now i can get to the new world without sacrificing my old world states so i can expand in europe and in the new world.

  2. the new world is richer than most people expected i played as brazil and i have 700 development which is huge you could play as an opm colonize Bermuda through Newfoundland then attack Mexico because they are weak then build your power base in Mexico as desmond and then colonze more then later build up your power base in europe and colonize south east asia and focus on the new world Asia, Africa before you take on europe because europe is VERY difficult to conquer due to very high development nasty coalitions and European super powers.

  3. I rly want to know how u force PU on Poland as Lithuania when u played it when making a guide and WC, i can't force PU in peace deal.

  4. This is brilliant! I saw Wessex emigrate to North America and noticed that they didn't form any colonial nations and was interested in achieving the same myself! Since it would bring about 0% autonomy too!

  5. So, if I (Kiche, in today's Mexico) would colonise all of central america, the colonial nation wouod not form? But if I colonise the entire west African coast, it would?

  6. The "'r'-after-'a'" pronunciation is only used when the last letter of a word and the first letter of the next word collide. For example: Australia(r) is nice. But 'Australia(r)' on its own doesnt exist.

  7. but if you move your capital to the new world u will have to embrace institutions via increase develop? If you play as Nevarra for example, because none of your neighboors would spread it to you.

  8. This should work for St Helena too! As it is also counted as belonging to South america and is the easiest island to reach in "South america".

  9. I'm going to try this as an Irish kingdom now 🙂

    Colonise the new world and then comeback and kick England's ass 😀

  10. I have a semi relevent question: Let's say Great britan moves their capital to the new world, and then the original british isles get de-colonized (console commands). If GB was to colonize it, would "English Britan" (colonial) be formed?

  11. did i understand correctly: if you want to settle in north america, colonize falklands/south georgia/st. helena, move the capital there and then move it to north america and when you want to settle in south america, colonize bermuda, move the capital there and then move it to south america? or doesn't it matter which island you colonize?
    what if i want to colonize four provinces in each colonial nation before settling in the new world?
    does it work with greenland and galapagos (since they are north and south american provinces)?

  12. Or just have 50 colonial nations spawn. That's the cap for colonial nations before they don't spawn anymore.

  13. this shit makes me hate the game so much. what's the big deal if I own cored lands in new found land I should be able to make a capital out of it. Now I'm stuck in fucking greenland because of this colonial region horse shit.

  14. I'm surprised how nice people are being about your accent. I'd expect comments about it to rule the comment section.

    Also, now I kinda want to try a game where I use this.

  15. I am sorry for being so dense, but I still can't manage to do this. As England, I was able to move my capital to Bermuda, but it will not allow me to move my capital anywhere else. I would have to move it to South America, correct? Is Trinidad or Colombia not South America enough? Has the game been patched since this video was made?

  16. Why did you need 12 minutes to tell us "Colonise Bermuda, Falklands or South Georgia then you can move your capital wherever in the new world you want"?

  17. It's not that hard, you are MASSIVELY over-complicating this.. You just have to have a single province on any non colonial continent to move your capital to first. For example, Portugal starts out with a single African province. If you move your capital there, so you become an African country with only one African province, you can then move it to a colonial area.

  18. If you start as an Irish opm you don't even have to colonize bermuda first!
    And with Portugal you can move capital to Africa first, cuz they have only 1 province in African region

  19. I saw on different videos about EU4 that some games like yours have more provinces than others. Does it depends on the version or patch you have?

  20. I don't understand why you can only first move your capital to one of the islands and not just on the mainland, what's the difference?

  21. Good video, don't bother with these kids complaining about that you explain things a lot etc, it is just good for new players to get the full picture.

  22. I like having colonial nations, they are like vassals but without dip costs and I never play long enough to have them riot or let them become strong enough.

  23. I wonder if you could manage this with byzantium, like invest like crazy in diplo tech while trying to stay alive against the otomans and then in admin points so you could just run, or try to NoCB granada and move your capital there, then run, or, you know, start from there

  24. I think that if you move your capital first to a province that is alone in the middle of enemies, you can after move your capital to America for 200 admin 🤔
    I have once tried it as Castille and move my capital to Brazil, and it worked 😊
    But it was on older patch, i will have to try it again with the latest.

  25. Only problem with the move-capital-to-America strategy is that America has lots of low development provinces. So you run out of States limit quickly. In fact, my first Sun Set Invasion attempt failed because I started by taking over most of the America's, got 80% corruption, which eventually bankrupted me, just as I got hit by a massive coalition war with European colonizers. Without colonial nations, the world contains a lot more territories while you states limit only goes up slowly. How best to deal with too-many-territories corruption when conquering the world with your capital in the Americas?

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