Ethnic chauvinism: Why the whole world shouldn’t look like America | Sean McFate

Ethnic chauvinism: Why the whole world shouldn’t look like America | Sean McFate

1989, the Berlin Wall crashes, and a lot of
America jumped with joy. We won the Cold War, et cetera. Whether that’s true, it’s a different debate. But there were a couple scholars out there
who thought — you know, like Frank Fukuyama wrote a book called “The End of History.” He said, “The future is Utopia. It’s going to be all great. There’s not going to be any more political
disagreement anywhere in the world because American democracy has won the war of ideas
that’s ancient and old.” Which is absurd, but this absurdity became
a New York Times bestseller and launched his career and et cetera. And ever since then, this idea of American
exceptionalism has sought to create a world order that’s really a mirror image of ourself. And many — and I lived abroad, and to many
people, this looks like ethnic chauvinism. But we go around, our foreign policy tries
to shore up a world order, a liberal world order founded on the DNA of American thinking. And when it can’t do that, it contains the
problem, whether it’s the Middle East or in Africa. And the way this looks — how this comes out
in American policy is this. You hear this phrase for Africa, African solutions
for African problems. That’s really code for containment. But that doesn’t solve any problems. It doesn’t create American order in Africa
or the Middle East, as if that’s even feasible or desirable. It’s not. What we need to do is move away from containing
problems and solve them. And problem-solving does not mean that you’re
going to make the world look like the place you want it to be. Problem-solving can also be the world makes
you look like it wants to be. And we need to move on, whether it’s — and
not just in foreign policy, but again, like in warfare. We are fighting according to our rules of
war, yet those rules no longer apply. And then we wonder why Afghanistan is the
longest war in history. That’s the world we’re up against.

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  1. Who cares whether an idea comes from Africa or the US? You and me don't but this guy apparently does. If it's a good idea it's a good idea, and reverse. The country of origin has nothing to do with it. Either you believe in ideas or you believe in people. And people, when given half the chance, are shit.

  2. This is pure garbage propaganda. Happy to be the first dislike and will now unsubscribe. America is the greatest country on the planet. Why else would so many try to immigrate legally and illegally if it was so terrible? Meanwhile in Arab lands, women are oppressed and subjugated to male authority. Yeah, Americans are so damn chauvinistic. Right, shill. Move on indeed, from your obvious jealousy of America's success.

  3. Thing is, Arabia and parts of Africa had episodes of similar political structures. The islamic golden age or Ethiopia before the first world war had many structures that emphasized liberty. Those were probably the only times anything went right there and now we see the fundament for a pan African free trade area being set.
    Individual sovereignty is the most functional system there is, the US shouldn't depart from that, it should come back to it. Stop the race/gender/socialism baiting and learn to take responsibility, while accepting differences. True differences entail different outcomes, something progressive discourse is completely oblivious to.

  4. If the tyrants, reactionary terror movements, and nationalists of the world succeeded in transforming the US into what they want the US to be then what the future holds for the the whole humanity?
    No tyrant like Putin or Xi will ever sleep well while the US is the beacon of freedom in the world.
    The very ideas of freedom, democracy, liberty, human rights, rule of law, etc are unacceptable to them because they could inspire their serfs to revolt. And the US spreads those ideas like a virus by the mere fact of existence.
    It's true that the US either could transform the world in its image or the dark parts of the world will transform the US in their image. Those two worldviews are inherently incompatible. And I'd rather see and long for the world transformed in the US image, that's objectively a better future for everyone.

  5. We lost Afghanistan, we are pulling out and leaving the afgan government for the taliban who will most likely take over.

  6. This man literally said nothing at all and for some reason people are mad????

    Fuckin retards. The age of humans is over.

  7. While the whole world should be converted to pisslam & all women hidden under burkha.. Slaughter goats in the middle of a street while hundreds look at a hapless animal brutality being killed.

    Sure stop ethnic chauvinism of America they are evil.

    SJW Marxist values, create a dystopia appoint themselves as saviours & then unleash the demons in silence

  8. Fukuyama should never have named his book “The End of History”, because people like this guy will forever misinterpret what Fukuyama was actually trying to say.

  9. What the hell is this that was completely nonsensical though the Berlin Wall so the world thought there'd be no arguments ever what a straw man that is a horrible argument that is absolutely not true. And the poor idea of American containment doesn't contain other countries just because America doesn't want to deal and solve every other countries problems does not make me and it's containing other countries means it's not dealing with them is a false equivalency absolutely retarded does not know what he's talking about he is a liar straight out lying.

  10. I'm sorry but the American way is the only way, and it has proven itself throughout time. If we are to survive as a species and achieve world peace, the only way is the American way around the world!

  11. this is nonsense. the US tries to spread order and cure us all of war. it actually does a pretty good job at that and by winning the cold war may have actually succeded at preventing ww3.

    there are places that are so disordered and chaotic that it takes longer to fix than the US can commit to fixing.

    We need to occupy iraq and afghanistan, install a democratic government and maintain it for 50 years before they will find thier feet and join the rest of the world

  12. I'm not American, I don't even live there. And yet I wish the rest of the world was more like the USA. Especially the US constitution.
    Thinking USA is currently the best nation in the world isn't chauvinism, that's realism. Don't let anti-patriotic globalists persuade you otherwise.

  13. Post below what other country barring America you'd live and explain why and essentially why you havent gone there.

  14. America demonstrated the superiority of capitalism over communism. Now at the behest of a grumpy old rich man and a bugeyed bartender from New York we are sacrificing the economic freedom that made the US great. We need to export more of that. We can't export democracy, we never were a democracy.

  15. As a veteran of US Navy, I respectfully disagree. American exceptional-ism is exactly the reason we can and do help. Also, it's not "Help" if they can do it on their own. It is through ours and others sacrifice that it is even possible. The government and military is a blunt instrument, both good and bad consequences arise from using a blunt instrument for delicate problems. Only a fool asks for a hammer to solve problems he can fix with his own hands.

    It's OUR government not THE government. "We The People" means stop pointing fingers and carry your share of the load. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happyness is the standard We, You and I have failed to hold our politicians to maintaining.

    Freedom can be terrifying, I don't blame you for responding with fear. Now swallow that lump in your throat, grit your teeth and prepare yourself for the mistakes you will make. With awareness and luck you may be able to avoid and/or rectify some of them.

  16. What was that? Did this guy said anything even remotely substantial? It might be just poor presentation of his ideas, but he seemed completely oblivious to vast landscape of geopolitics.

  17. Christ, yanks really do have an overblown sense of their importance.
    The rest of the world looks at you and all your nonsense… and we laugh. And we have been laughing for decades.
    You're a global joke.

  18. You know what this guy needs? I live in Detroit ok, he needs to get dropped off at 3am on the east side with a map, a flashlight and a juice box. His "world view" will change.

  19. Always demonized yet endlessly emulated. US already ‘won’ the culture war if people want to make it about that. I certainly don’t ask anyone to ‘be more American’ what bullshit. Seems like most of you believe all the news you hear at face value. Very popular to point at the US especially now to try and expose flaws that we already exposed ourselves. Meanwhile some people are actively pursuing a solution and end to the current alienation of the rest of the world by the current administration. Don’t hate us all becuase you hate Trump. We want him gone more than anyone and that alone will help the world’s perception immensely.

  20. Understand one people culture to understand their problems and then fix them. One that works as a diplomatic mediator must comprise and absorb and have a total comprehension about the problems affection a regional culture and creative enough to find solutions for their problems. That is the work of U.N.. Not USA.

  21. no, i don't think this is a matter of "American Exceptionalism" I think its a matter of "Democratic Exceptionalism". Which is not a bad thing. Overall Democracy has shown time and time again to generate mostly peaceful societies, At least relative to all other systems. I don't think we should be pushing for a spread of purely american idea'ls. I think we should be pushing the spread of purely democratic ideals. What, should we just stand by and watch people starve? Should we just stand by and watch innocent people get executed over religious bullshit?

  22. I remember when our country sought out to help other countries! Believe me, we need good karma! Maybe one day, another country could help your country or improve it! Let’s put all of our differences behind and get to work!

  23. Unless you are a plank of wood, or the CIA, the fall of the Berlin wall, at least to most people, meant that the trapped people were free and the global threat of nuclear war, averted.

    Anyways, this guy lives under a rock if he thinks American foreign policy is ideological based and not one of global expansion of business.

  24. Well, America is stronger (economically and in terms of the military) than any other nation and there are no superpowers as strong yet, I just don't know why its victory is debatable.

  25. I believe that dislikes are unjustified, IMHO. Though, I must admit that video is too short and confusing, without much detail. Big Think can consider making these videos differently, they get annoying. Too little details and facts guys

  26. He made a good point. The U.S. Should of never got involved with foreign affairs. Our leaders should of just passed out popcorn and watch the world commit suicide with both great wars. It would of been the greatest strategy to inherit the world, inevitably.

    I wonder how long it would take for that to happen again if the U.S. just all the sudden caves in to "opinions" of foreign interests.

  27. Big Think is really good at finding people for me to hate. People who think they're enlightened that don't exist on the same plane of reality most people inhabit. Keep bringing em and I'll keep adding to the list of people who get on my nerves. This guy and the Bulletproof guy both 🖕

  28. If you mean by the “American order”, democracy, individual rights, and economic freedom and that’s not desirable, then you, my good sir, are full of shit.

  29. I absolutely want American exceptionalism to become the world norm. I will settle for Western exceptionalism. Western values are superior to those of say China, North Korea or much of the middle east. I do not want Sharia Law to be implemented anywhere in Western society. I do not want North Korea or Iran to have the ability to utilize nuclear weapons against us or our allies. I like the idea of women having the same rights as men. Western exceptionalism is far superior to those "problem countries that we contain" as he put it.

  30. This guy kinda has a Menacing dark undertone. He says “our rules of warfare no longer apply.”??? You know what, he’s right! let’s do it like the Romans and kill all the men, ages 13 and up to pacify the population and then forcibly convert them! That’ll end wars a lot faster! 😂😂😂

  31. Wait, did he just say that Afghanistan is the longest war in history? According to this [], the war in Afghanistan started in 2001, so it'd be a little under 18 years. However, the 100 years war instantly comes to mind, and there's even a page describing the longest wars in history []. He might be calling the war in Afghanistan the longest violent war in history, though there's probably something more violent in history.

  32. I dont want the rest of the world to look like USA – with all this ideological hatism and racial bullshit used by both sides. I dont want other nations to become so idiotic as the Americans – to be sorry for being white or dark, which means with what amount of melanine in their skin their were born. So idiotic that they believe that they have to be sorry for a natural thing they could not be made guilty for. I dont want more countries look like this crap, I want them to be integrated nations and proud cultures without artificialy made ideological hate. Not everything from America is good to borrow 🙂

  33. You mean a country where Justice is given to half the population but not the other ? Cops killing black people ? No jail time ! Yeah let's hope Europe keeps its Justice & State of Law because the US sure hasn't if it ever did have it.

  34. In other words… no to the multicultural societies…

    It just leads to shit.

    Trade is somet ing but the meltpot?

    Eehm no.

    Specially not in the name of fear of being called racist.

    Fuck that shit.

  35. Food/water and education. Only things I feel every man woman and child should have, is that the American Utopia he’s talking about? Because if so I disagree lol

  36. Nonsense. Fukuyama never claimed a world without political disagreement, and there is no ethnic specificity to sound principles of government and liberal democratic institutions.

  37. Only 6000 views as I write this, but I'm surprised this guy is allowed to walk freely among us. If I were to bring up this idea (and I have), I get death threats. Sure, there is the occasional person that agrees, but that person is severely inconsequential and wishes they had the means to move to Brooklyn or Portland. Those with the means to do anything severely disagree with this person. And they are loud.

  38. You are SO right. As a famous person said: patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. We are not genetically different from the rest of the human race: this country tries to be exceptional AT TIMES, but was founded on genocide and slavery, and bigotry and systematic racism are alive and well, as are our bullying the rest of the world via our economy. Sounds typical of human history, not exceptional

  39. Very good video, I think people are too used to the doctrine of F. Fukuyama, the "end of history" which is indeed absurd.
    One of the reasons nationalism is on the rise, especially in Europe is because the populations belonging to these regions
    are disgruntled with global conflicts were solutions force them to take responsibility for things they didn't really have much to do with.
    Of course we should all take responsibility for the injustices of the world, but warmongering, interventionism, and sanctions + austerity is not the answer.

  40. So according to Dr. Sean McFate, let the U.S. become retrograde to accommodate the rest of the world? According to him, and I quote: "…problem solving does not mean that you're going to make the world look like the place you want it to be, problem solving can also be the world makes you look like it wants to be".

    My 4 year old recently told me to sell the house and we could build a house with a newspaper roof and cotton candy walls. I should adjust to how he wants to solve the problem. It will be great. I use this as an analogy:
    I with my regular house, built with processes, technologies, materials, and regulations developed through decades of human engineering and problem solving represent the US and modern world. My 4 year old would represent undeveloped countries. According to "Dr." Mcfate, the US should build more "cotton candy houses". I guess PHDs don't carry the weight they used to.

    Ayn Rand warned against this kind of crappy unenlightened, lazy, and IMHO immoral thought process in Atlas Shrugged.

  41. Because it always leads to generations of first world snowflakes, that thinks they have a full understanding of the world at the age of 18…

  42. good points and insight. I feel america and the world are hitting maturity level… We are no longer the new buff teenager on the block. I suspect the problems we are currently facing is part of the maturation process as "painful" that it is. "we have seen the enemy and it it us" however we have far too many bright people in this world from sociologists, to economists, to scientists to politicians that we will not innovate our why through this morass

  43. Believe me..where I one believe Uncle Sam. The British were Sneaky bastards..and the Americans(those in power) are treacherous bastards.

  44. The whole world doesn't look like America and neither does America. There should be at least one state that is reserved only for white people. And it should gradually expand.

  45. Do yourself a favor and read Meirscheimer… The Great Delusion is a recent addition and worth understandind. Strangely the professor here thinks that the US started shaping the "liberal" world order after the wall fell. How does he think we influenced that? Also interesting that he uses the word containment… a concept specifically reserved for containing communism (#1 taker of lives in the 21st century)… and obviously much older than the wall's fall. lots to unwrap here….

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