ETHIOPIA’s devious path to DEMOCRACY – VisualPolitik EN

ETHIOPIA’s devious path to DEMOCRACY – VisualPolitik EN

Ethiopia is a country famous for being the
place where coffee was discovered… nevertheless, Ethiopians didn’t start drinking it until
very recently. During decades, this country was among the
World’s poorest. But, if you follow VisualPolitik for a long
time, you already know that Ethiopia is the scenario for one of the biggest miracles of
our decade. In the latest decades, Ethiopia has been growing
at a 10% rate year after year. Fashion brands like Calvin Klein or H&M have
already some big textile worshops in this country. Lots of Chinese factories are been built at
the outskirs of Addis Abeba. But Chinese are not the only ones interested
in Ethiopian economy! At the beginning of this year 2019, Hyunday
opened their first assembly center here. In other words, more and more Ethiopians are
stepping out of poverty every day. But hold on just a second because this is
not the actual Ethiopian miracle! You see, til the year 2018, the economy was
doing good but the political system pretty much sucked. They had an authoritarian system similar to
that of China: one party, censorship and never-ending harassment to ethnic minorities. But, beating the odds, all of this changed
from one day to the other thanks to this man you see on the screen: ABIY AHMED ALI, the
brand new Ethiopian prime minister. And I say beating the odds because ABIY AHMED
ALI was the last person you would imagine to be a reformist. He was an army general and a member of the
government party: The Ethiopian People’s Liberation Front. Nevertheless, as soon as this man put his
sole on the government palace, he started rocking the boat. From one day to the other, he abolished most
of the censorship laws, banned the ethnic harassment made by the army and announced
free elections by 2020. Add to this the peace with neighbouring Eritrea
and a liberalization agenda that sounds like heaven to international investors. Yes, my dear viewers, remember his name because
he has high chances to get a Peace Novel Price sooner than later. Definitely, he already deserves it much more
than many others who already got it. But wait a minute because not everything is
sunshine and rainbows. Yes, on the paper, the intentions of this
politicians couldn’t sound better. If he achieves everything he wants, he would
become the next Nelson Mandela. But, as we always say here… things are much
more complex than what they seem. Ethiopia’s Amhara state chief killed amid
regional coup attempt Yes, you heard this right! Democratic transitions are never easy. Specially given that Ethiopia had already
a political elite enjoying lots of privileges and more than 13 different tribes. We are talking about an enormous country,
with more than 100 million inhabitants and more than 13 languages. This is a test to ABIY AHMED real intentions. With so much internal opposition and so many
ethnic tension, it is very tempting to go back to the good old dictatorship. At the end of the day, tyrants can deal with
all this things way easier. So the question now is… To what extent is ABIY AHMED willing to respect
human rights? Can Ethiopia become an actual democracy? Or maybe it is too hard to resist the temptation
of becoming an authoritarian leader? Today we are going to answer to all of these
questions but, before we do, let’s take a look back at the history. THE COUNTRY OF THE THREE REVOLUTIONS Many of you associate Ethiopia with Rastafarians. As you know, Bob Marley and his accolades
practiced a religion that praised the king HAILE SELASSIE, the Ethiopian emperor. No offense to the Rastafarians but Mr. SELASSIE
was an absolute monarch that ruled Ethiopia with an iron fist. An, as it happens many times with absolute
monarchs and authoritarian leaders… he didn’t die in bed. In the year 1975, the DERG guerrilla seized
power and they killed him. This was the first Ethiopian revolution. DERG was a Marxist-leninist group that governed
the country during the 80s. In this time, they collectivized the land,
nationalized all the companies and ended with half a million of opponents. Thus, Ethiopia suffered one of their worst
starvations. And this explains why, in 1991, after a bloody
civil war, the Ethiopian People’s Liberation Front took power. This was the second Ethiopian revolution. But make no mistake! The country didn’t become a democracy at
all. They went from die hard communism to a moderate,
China-style one. This explains the good relationship between
these two countries and the economic growth they started to have. But pay attention because now Xander is going
to tell us the really interesting part of the story. But pay attention because now Eric is going
to tell us the really interesting part of the story. You see, Ethiopia has more than 100 million
inhabitans and more than 13 tribes. These tribes are not very friendly with one
another. And this is why the constitution is so special. To start with, Ethiopia is the only country
in the planet, alongside with Liechtenstein, where the right to secesion is contemplated. This means that, theoretically, each of these
9 regions you see on the map could have a referendum and become independent. And, of course, each of those tribes have
their own political party. Most of these political parties are part of
this grand coalition called Ethiopian People’s Liberation Front. And all these parties have seats in the parliament. All of this means that Ethiopian politics
are not a debate between right and left wing or conservatives versus liberals but a discussion
among different tribes. And you might wonder… does this system work? Can Ethiopian tribes coexist together in peace
and harmony? The answer is no way! First of all, this right to secesion is just
a theory. Each time a region wanted to secede had to
face the army. And, as you can already imagine, not all tribes
are equally powerful. From all those 13 ethnic groups, only 3 call
the shots: the OROMO, the AMHARA and the TIGRIYANS. The rest are suffering constant human rights
violations. This includes forced displacements, land confiscations
and, of course, massive killings. For example, the Somalians living in Ethiopia
have been sufferint neverending harassment from paramilitary groups. And both the government as the army pretended
this never existed. Add to this the activist and journalist that
were exiled. If this was not enough, Ethiopia was in permanent
war with Eritrea. So yes, the economy was doing good but the
politics couldn’t go worse. And here is when the third Ethiopian revolution
came in. Let’s have a look at it, shall we? TITLE: THE ETHIOPIAN ROCKSTAR I’m gonna say it again: remember this name
because he might become a peace novel price: ABIY AHMED ALI. Til the year 2018, he was what we call an
‘APPARATCHIK’, this is a party man: an army general that belonged to the OROMO tribe,
which, as we said before, is one of the ruling ethnic groups. Nevertheless, as soon as he started his administration,
he has unleashed one of the most ambitious reformist agendas in history. In just one year, he has signed peace with
Eritrea, he has abolished censorship and he has stopped harassment from the army. Aren’t you impressed yet? So wait because I haven’t finished! He has already announced free elections for
2020, he has managed to get a woman as the President and he is passing the biggest liberalizations
ever seen in Ethiopia. Ethiopia to install 4G network ahead of telecoms
liberalization With all of this, it is easy to understand
why he has become the new African rockstar. In fact, we can already talk about the ABIYMANIA. And, believe me, everything I will say here
is not a hyperbole at all. Some religious groups already claim that he
is the Messiah. In Eritrea, the former die hard enemy of Ethiopia,
there are already mothers naming their children after him. And the Ethiopian media is living a big time
renaissance. Satire is flourishing in Ethiopia Brand new newspapers, brand new TV shows and
old journalist coming back to the country. The pictures you see now are part of some
comedy sketch that you can find on YouTube. For the first time in history, people can
make fun of politicians, including the prime minister. And it seems that next year, a Ethiopian broadcaster
will start a late night show similar to The Daily Show. All of this is pretty normal in a country
like America or UK but it is a giant step here. But OK, OK… I know what you are going to say now! It is very easy to allow free press when the
media loves you. But… what happens when you have die hard
critics? Well… let’s cover that! FREEDOM HAS ITS RISKS 2019 has surprised Ethiopians with a terrible
draught that brought many regions back to starvation. Unemployment is near 20% and many young people
are in a desperate situation. If this was not enough, the old guard is far
from happy with this third revolution. So look at what happened in June 2019. Ethiopian army chief killed by bodyguard and
regional leader dead in coup attempt The Amhara state president, Ambachew Mekonnen,
and his adviser were shot dead and the state’s attorney general was wounded in Amhara’s
capital Basically, a man from the military who belonged
to the AMHARA tribe decided to kill the governor of his region. According to him, ABIY AHMED was ending all
the privileges his tribe used to enjoy. So he organized a coup d’etat to separate
from the rest of the country. As you can imagine, the central government
didn’t wait a minute for retaliation. Ethiopia security forces kill alleged coup
leader But we are not talking about a military answer
only! During almost 2 days, central government cut
the internet. Just like that. During almost 48 hours, Ethiopians couldn’t
access to Internet. This way, they couldn’t visit any media
or any critical opinion against the government. Yes, I can see what you are thinking: freedom
of speech didn’t last really long here. But if you thought this was the only problem
ABIY had, you’d better think again. Ethiopia referendum: Dozens killed in Sidama
clashes With so much freedom, the SIDAMA tribe, one
of those groups that have been always marginalized by the mainstream, decided to call for an
independence referendum. They didn’t want to become an independent
country on its own right. But they wanted to have, at least, their own
autonomous region. This is what happens when you give freedom
to the people! Then, people wants to use that freedom! And in this moment is when the guys from the
Ethiopian government said. ‘Oh my god! All this tribes with their referéndums are
such a pain in the ass! OK, so you, Sidama guys, what do you want?… A referendum? OK, fine. But look… can you wait at least 5 months? Just 5 months?’ And then, the Sidama tribe said:
‘Oh, sure, five months! You totally sound like the previous governments! You talk about democracy, freedom and all
the sweet stuff but then you go fucking around again with the referendums! You can take your 5 months waiting time and
stick them into your ass!!!!’ And this is how violent protests emerged with
more than 30 dead people. So yes, I totally understand what you are
going to say now. This Abiy Ahmed guy is more disappointing
than the latest Tarantino movie. But do you know what? Sometimes, history can be really beautiful. Ethiopia to hold autonomy referendum for ethnic
Sidama in November Yes, after so much hesitation, Abiy Ahmed
is really willing to allow that referendum. And, with Internet already working again,
it seems that freedom of speech is very alive in Ethiopia. For example, while we were preparing this
video, we found some English speaking Ethiopian newspapers. And we could find news like this one. Sidama unrest death toll rises to 34 I know, this is really bad news. This is the kind of news that don’t make
a nice portray of the government. But, precisely, the fact that an Ethiopian
newspaper can say bad things about the government is, indeed, a good thing! Good luck finding something similar in China! For a better understanding, DEUTSCHE WELLE,
which is a radio similar to BBC but in Germany, has already started broadcasting in Amharic
language. And look at the kind of talk shows they are
already hosting! Discussion: Country risk
They began to hear warnings that Ethiopia was endangered as a country. They say this by trying to justify their fears
that a country is at risk. Again, these are not good news. And we don’t really know what are they discussing
in this talk show because we couldn’t find any Ethiopian who could help us. By the way, if there is some native Amharic
speaker watching this video, feel free to write us an email! But the truth is that, freedom of speech really
seems to be flourishing here. And, so far, Abiy is keeping his promise of
free elections by 2020. Of course, this will not be an easy thing. First of all, Ethiopia will have to update
their census, which is extremely hard. Remember that, despite the growth, this is
still a very poor country. And the government has a lot of challenges
on the horizon, starting by the huge unemployment rate. So now the question goes to you… Shall Ethiopia be able to hold those elections
by 2020? How many times will be Abiy tempted again
to go back to authoritarianism? Is Ethiopia ready for democracy? Please, leave your answer on the comment section
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    i want everyone to understand that any kind of problem whether it is small or big happen in Ethiopia make the people of Ethiopia strong as iron that's our identity even our history says that.

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    Pray for ethiopia

    Peace to the World …………..

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