Estonia Built the Society of the Future from Scratch

Estonia Built the Society of the Future from Scratch

37 thoughts on “Estonia Built the Society of the Future from Scratch

  1. The reason everything seems so secure in our country (we've had only 1 cyberattack for crying out loud) is the reason we are such a small country. If we would take USA and give everybody these ID-Cards, then there will be huge amounts of cyber attacks due to the immense difference in population and high-profile people that hackers want to hack.

  2. So your saying Estonia is a spy based state (with presumably its people voulenteering their information because they seemingly don't understand how their financial worth is intrinsically linked with knowledge of their information and that whoever holds it with a right to sell it is the financial winner or recipient of that worth) with a totalitarian attitude to the information of their people. You don't notice how this is a total invasion of privacy as well as massive handing of power to the government. So, sure it does their government well because they can sell out their people's details to large international corporations who can then easily exploit all the avenues of profiting from full disclosure of a customer base. In other words, give away your information and lose that value for yourself. Good job Estonia (still, it will be good if the whole population gets old and sick, if the government actually pays for a public health system and delivers on all the money its claiming from the people via invasive information collection, lets see if they get systemically corrupted or turn into lessons for the future for other governments). Good luck.

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  4. the privatization of all factories after the regaining of Estonia's independence was fully privatized and is now sitting in Estonia EU on the neck

  5. Would be nice if my country, Sweden, would care as much about cyber security as Estonia. Instead our government accidentally leaked thousands of protected identities to third party IT-companies… in Serbia.. that is a friendly nation to Russia.

  6. The downside is that malicious hackers possibly can really screw you up without all the non-digital redundancies. Kind of like 1995's "the net".

  7. Estonia is a culturally homogeneous ethnostate. Means they can get things done without the bullshit of social politics. An incredible advantage.

  8. I'm sure china does the same thing. This tech can be good at first but after a while, when this is required for everything, it will start to hurt those who are more than the information on their ID-Card

  9. I'm from Portugal and we can do the same thing (except voting for many reasons) with our ID-card, we have it for nearly 10 years! Actually i do not use my id card o access the same information, we have a electronic key that is sent to our phone. this key is associated to our id-card.
    Our IRS it's one click we dont have any papers at home, not even receipts.
    if you need to go to a state agency we can go online to receive a waiting number, with that number you know at what time you have to be there. No need to get there in the morning retrieve a number and be there all day, you just need to arrive and wait 5/10 min.
    So this is nothing new, this is how a country in the EU is…

  10. im gonna be honest i used to dilike u dude but this channel is actually pretty cool keep it up u got the knowledge flowing

  11. Well there is one major downside which is not at all mentioned in this video.

    If the information, and all the information, is available to see for an employer, an insurance company etc. it can bring big disadvantages for the people. 

    Lets say your health record states that you have a disease and your bank consultant can immediately see all that information. He probably won't give you the loan that you need as easily as he would give it to someone without a health record like that.
    Or you already have big debts with your bank and your future employer can immediately see this information. He won't be as likely to give you a job as he is to the person who doesn't have big debts. And this reduces your chances of paying off your debts even further. 

    I am from Germany and as far as I know we actually have laws that prevent information like this from being passed on between banks, insurances and agencies if it is not of any major importance for the particular matter or it wouldn't directly need to be of interest for the company or for signing a certain contract etc.

  12. So much BS!
    The goverment controls your life! A dream for centrists, globalist, insurance and finance companies, the political police, the secret service, etc..
    there is no privacy left!

  13. Loved this video! Definitely subscribing! Hoping to see some informative content on digital security and other tech issues.

  14. He's working for the company that builds the cyberspace that he's talking about.

    He's a snake oil salesman. A crook.

  15. As a Computer Scientist this feels extremely bad, do your research, this is another example on how an over-hyped speech can be more convincing than knowing the facts, why do you think any other country isn't doing the same? The technology to implement something like that is pretty accessible to almost any country but it has a lot (LOT) of things that need polishing, of course all the processes involving that information get really efficient but the risks are extremely high, do you think a government from a country that is not part of the first world can have better security than an organization from a first world country like USA? They're basically on a really fast car but praying to not face a steep curve, the Russian episode should be more than enough to know that. If there were no evil in the world then it would be the logical way to do, but pitifully, for the moment, it's not the case. And yeah maybe your current government is cool, but picture someone taking over your government, you're practically doomed.
    For the voting part, I'll just leave this comic from xkcd, I think it resumes almost anyone that has some knowledge on the subject of voting using an intermediary machine:

    Also search for "mount stupid"

  16. when your country is just 2 bedroom big, its not a problem to manage your governmant, its almost impossible to do the same with USA or China or Russia, or even France

  17. Skype is made by Janus Friis from Denmark and Niklas Zennström from Sweden and later sold to Microsoft.

  18. Yes we have a government that sticks it's nose in way too many of your private places. Total control rush. And Xroad is the tool. Burocracy still there

  19. I've been there. Majority of people there are not originally estonians, and there's russian ghetto's.
    I really hate videos like this, hiding the problems that actually exist.
    Sure, people there are friendly, but most people in IT are from other countries…
    And what is it with 'mericans talking trash about russia like it's 1983 ?

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