Estado Novo

Estado Novo

Long live the New State! Viva! Long live Portugal free and independent! Viva! Salazar! Salazar! Salazar! Mr. President of the Republic and Mr. Navy Minister Officials and Soldiers People of the Minho and of Portugal It is now 10 years, in this same city Under the orders of Gomes da Costa Whose optimism and bravery almost were not virtues For they sprang spontaneously from the soul, as demanded from nature itself The Portuguese Army had unleashed a movement Triumphant, without a fight Glorious, without blood For in truth, the voice of command was only the military expression of an irresistable order of the nation And started the new era Hear now what happened To the souls torn by the doubt and the negativism of the century We sought to deliver the comfort of the great certainties We don’t debate god and virtue We don’t debate the fatherland and its history We don’t debate its authority and its prestige We don’t debate the family and its morals We don’t debate the glory of work or the duty of it Thus were laid the great pillars of the edifice and were built the peace, the order, the unity of the Portuguese The strong state, the prestigious authority, the honest administration The reinvigoration of the economy, the patriotic sentiment, the corporative organization and the colonial empire. Sirs. Ends today 10 years that constituted but an era of restoration in the fatherland’s history Another 10 are to begin that shall constitute an era of elevation To build upon tougher sacrifices, higher heroism and surer dedications I should not like to go from here without knowing who has the courage to come with us All! All! Salazar! Salazar! Salazar! Carmona! Carmona! Carmona!

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  1. I love all of your videos, but this one was quite possibly my favorite (or at the very least one of them). Terrifically put together; I really got the feel of the Estado Novo and was honestly nearly brought to tears. Great work Cato, keep up the great work

  2. Salazar was one of the greatest leaders Portugal had. More than a common politician, this man was truly a saint. May God rest his beautiful soul.

  3. I hope that most people realise the Estado Novo was heavily against Nazi ideology due to its National Catholicism. Viva Estado Novo, viva Salazar.

  4. Amável Pinto , Amável Pinto , por onde vais???Que símbolos são esses com os quais o Corporativismo nunca se identificou? Isso é perturbação ou estulticia??? Está a comparar o Dr. Salazar com esse pestilento do Hitler , Mussolini , ou quaisquer outro espantalho , vai de retro Satanás , nunca confundas uma figura impoluta de um Senhor (o Dr. Salazar) , com um doido , se faz favor não comentes o que não sabes , ou mantém a boca fechada como diz a Bíblia no livro Provérbios capitulo 13 versículo 3 " o que guarda a sua boca conserva a sua Alma , porém o que muito abre os seus lábios terá Perturbação".Aprende e , sai daqui , Salazaristas como tu , nós Salazaristas dispensamos muito bem.

  5. Após uma vida no governo morreu na pobreza, defensor da nossa linda igreja. Homem Grande, que descanse eternamente no Reino de Nosso Senhor

  6. For all Portuguese and Irish we need to take back our beloved state of Massachusetts we need our city's back such as Boston and Lowell..rise up and take up the sword of our forefathers!!!!!…Alt-Right 4 life.

  7. Hoje e para sempre Portugal.  Viva a Invicta Lusitânia.  Viva o professor ,presidente do conselho de ministros António de Oliveira Salazar.

  8. Dollfuss and Salazar were the best leaders of the past century in their specific countries and contexts.

  9. Fascism : ideology created for one purpose , rebuild european civilisation , giving a new ideal of prosperity , giving back pride to european people after the tragedy of WW1 , better called "european civil War". Viva Antonio de Oliveira de Salazar, viva Franco, es lebe Engelbert dolfuss , and despite it's alliance with the devil from Germany : viva il Duce✋🏻

  10. Um dos melhores momentos da nossa nação! Pena nao ter experienciado este grande momento. Quando tinhamos valor e nada substituia a nação. Salazar sempre!

  11. Grab my hand, let us go back.
    Home, where we belong.
    Was it even real? Are you sure it was all not just a dream?
    Ask your heart, close your eyes and remember the feeling of the sun on our faces.

    Do you see it? DO YOU FEEL IT?!

    Yes i see it! I see our home.

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