Escape to freedom: How five young Rohingya refugees are adjusting to life in Canada

Escape to freedom: How five young Rohingya refugees are adjusting to life in Canada

[Oh Canada plays over speakers] When we came here, we don’t
know how to speak ‘hi’, ‘hello.’ [Teacher] We have five young men
that just came to us in November of last year, as
government-sponsored refugees. When they started at Eastwood, for most of them,
it was the very first time they were able to be in school. So, starting from square one
in terms of literacy, learning a new language on top. Ya, that’s called frost. Frost. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I actually thought they would be more, I don’t know, fearful? They’re incredible.
Very engaged learners, hard workers. So right from the start I’ve been pretty
awed by them. Once you know them,
it just boggles my mind that there are people
that could hate them as a group of people. [News reporter] Hostility toward Myanmar’s 1.3
million strong Rohingya minority has surged in recent years, much of it fueled by
rising Buddhist nationalism. [Rafiq off screen] [News reporter] As many as 280 Rohingyas have been
killed in sectarian violence across Myanmar. And tens of thousands left homeless. The issue has come to the forefront in recent weeks as more than three thousand Rohingyas and Bangladeshis fleeing persecution… I didn’t know them before [Shantz] They’ve said that I’m their
Canadian mom. And so sometimes even when Shofi texts me, he texts me ‘Hi mom! How
are you? How is everybody? They call my kids
sisters and brothers. And it kind of happened early on, a little bit jokingly,
but then I think I care about them very much and they know that and they
are…uh, I don’t want to cry but… They’re here by themselves. Single young men and
I can’t imagine how hard that must be They have loving, huge families, um, and it
must be very hard for them to be away from them.

100 thoughts on “Escape to freedom: How five young Rohingya refugees are adjusting to life in Canada

  1. many many thanks to mom i will apreciate that ur really good mom for our rohingyas i wish to god blessing u and good health thanks again mom

  2. So these bastard cowards left the women and children behind in their miserable country…instead of defending their people. Oh yes, very brave.

  3. 00919086906357 This is my phone number please give me your contact number please please I am Rohingya the contract number is Rohingya Canada please please

  4. The Rohingya people are Muslim Indo-Aryan peoples in Myanmar. Muslim refugees must go to Islamic countries nearby. This video is pure emotional false propaganda. See the videos:
    1. Trump right, Trudeau wrong: Solution to refugee crisis is in Middle East
    2. Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs – NumbersUSA
    3. Robert Spencer Brilliantly Explains Moderate Islam
    4. Respected muslim scholar warns Canadian Senate Committee truth about islam

  5. Fantastic knowledge & i'm looking so wonderful because our brother try to learning English! Thanks a lot! Canadian peoples! Welcome forever! The globe and mail!I wanna be say congratulations dear madam!

  6. We all are human and I am also an immigrant. Hope well all though we are different religion. All religion gods did not teach to kill or bully others. Sometimes, I thought the religion is used for controlling of mentally healthy human.

  7. look at the excellent way a non-Muslim country is treating the Rohingyas while we watch in silence from our oil rich countries. This is a big shame. Thank you Turkey and Malaysia for doing what all Muslim countries should emulate. And thank you Canada you always shine in these sort of situations

  8. Yes. This country myarmar are bastard to the Rohingya people. When u are educated always remember not to go into any racial or religious extremism. The myarmar military government will get their worst future lifes in return !

  9. What are they doing in Bangladesh? Ask them. Selling illegal drugs, arms dealing, crime. Sometimes killing people for money. Make fake passport to go EU. What is there true identity. Nobody's knows. They speak in bangla and clams mayanmer citizen even can't speaks in mayanmer language. how is it possible. In Bangladesh they help killing Hindu and Buddhist the name is Allah. Plz tell me deference between terrorist and them. find the true behind the scenes.. Plz help them settle in there own country. bangladesh gave them id, education, food, house. Terrorist can easily use them in any country. Like sleeper cell. Help them who really need help. Forgive me what I saw what I told.

  10. There are sufficient nunber of elementary and secondary schools for all Myanmar citizens. Both Government and private schools there in every community with a population 5,000. This video is fake to get public sympathy and donations.

  11. Thank you very much Mrs Lara for treating him as your son, I am rohingya boy who have been in to Bangladesh's refugee camp.

  12. They all are crying babies as refugees and all lie they will get punishment from heaven God, that is why we watch. Why only muslims countries have most wars and refugees increase ?

  13. Thanks to Canada government, because they provided great hospitality to the people who are shelter less

  14. They dont never go back to burma even they get state . Their population grow so fast and spread population all over america.
    Sometime kindness is not a good idealogy. islam poison reach inTheir blood deeply. Religion is not sure.

  15. I could be wrong.
    Just waiting for the time when more and more of them come to your place, then they will impose what they like, will ask more and more requests, not giving to them would mean a lot of trouble, unceasingly. Germany, France, Britain, Canada next.

  16. Made me crying too… They are persecuted sects than Syrian refugees who have a country to go back.. they are not accepted anywhere.. โค๏ธ

  17. It does not matter whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc.
    You cannot cause any act of violence or oppression.
    You will be punished either in this World or hereafter.

  18. Thanks CANADA๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ for supporting my ROHINGYA ppl, and I hope you keep supporting us with education in your universities to defend for our rights in the future ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ

  19. No country tolerates separatists. I feel sad for them, but that is the truth. Whether it is Burmese Rohingyas or Srilankan Tamils or Khalistanis or J&K separatists in India or anyone else. India for example, has created more states within it's territory for regional aspirations. But history is proof of how a minority becomes majority and then starts imposing it's belief and then their movement is crushed. Since people do not have time to wait for such an ideological warfare, they extrapolate history. Hope they find peace in Canada. It will take a long time for people to reach those proportions. I am proud of secular democracies, that remain secular in spirit, despite history of religious backlash. Most young nation's have not yet experienced that, it is very easy as long as you love your country more than your state, and obviously much more than your religion.
    However, this problem will continue when young people seek out and find comfort with others of their religion more than anything else. It is very easy to be brainwashed. I hope and wish these young kids and their grandchildren remember the act of kindness by Canada.

  20. Long live canada…shame on muslim countries…lots of land and oil rich soil still not able to take few refugees ??…do something good to the needy before you die…if not to other community at least to their own muslim community can't this Muslim countries give place..
    Lots of respect to canadian president, the people and the soil…long live Canada

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