Escalating Hong Kong protests challenge Beijing

Escalating Hong Kong protests challenge Beijing

Tens of thousands of
people have gathered here in Yuen Long for yet another
demonstration in what's turning into a whole
summer of demonstrations here in Hong Kong. This one is particularly
worrying for the authorities here because it's an
illegal demonstration. They haven't got a permit, and
yet tens of thousands of people have assembled here. Some of the demonstrators
here in Yuen Long have just broken through a fence
and are approaching police riot lines. The police are trying to protect
a village that the protesters are angry with because they say
the anti-protest demonstrators who attacked them last
week came out of there, but generally, the whole
situation is very tense. And in the context of
what's been going on near here for three
months in Hong Kong, shows how, from the
authorities' point of view, the situation is deteriorating. They've been hoping that
after a couple of months, these demonstrations
would peter out. That was essentially
what happened in 2014 with the Occupy Movement,
but instead, they seem to be intensifying,
to be getting more tense, and potentially more violent. Plus, the actual demands of the
demonstrators are escalating. We wish to urge the US,
Washington, to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democratic
Act to put force on the Hong Kong government to let us
have universal suffrage. Here in the metro station
where the demonstrators have been pouring out for
a couple of hours now, you could hear chants of "free
Hong Kong, time of revolution." And that's the
kind of chant that will send a chill
down the spines of the authorities in Beijing. But what do they do? There's been discussion in
the media here in Hong Kong, and in the official
media in Beijing that perhaps the time is coming
when the Chinese government would even deploy the
People's Liberation Army, the Chinese army, to try
to break up the demonstrations. But that would be such
a massive escalation with the obvious risk of
violence, and the risk that you would essentially have
a collapse in the civil order in Hong Kong and, at
a time when there's a trade war with
the United States, also an intensification
in international pressure on China. On the other hand,
what do they do? Because the other
strategy, which is to wait for this stuff
to die down isn't working, or it doesn't seem to
be working for now. The whole mood of protest, and
the demands of the protests are escalating,
creating a big dilemma for the government in Hong
Kong and for the government in Beijing.

38 thoughts on “Escalating Hong Kong protests challenge Beijing

  1. Those are a small group of violent rioters and criminal thugs sponsored by the West to carry their lies to stir up trouble in China. They do not represent the majority of Hong Kongers or the Chinese nation. They are less than 0.1% of the Chinese nation. They must be put back in control by law enforcement.

  2. This is a senseless demonstration. The younger protesters are turning the violence and making destructive activities to inconvenience the people of HK. This must be stopped immediately.

    Peace and order must be restored to HK people.

  3. There is no dilemma only a retarded Brit would be so delusional as to think there is lol , let them burn that shitty city to the ground no one in China cares , it’s high time hk be brought to heel. They will bring hk into recession , and they will keep rioting and business will shift further out to Shenzhen, and shanghai. If they resort to violence , they will be put down. The only fate a British pup deserves

  4. Why didnt police officers arrest all these people blocking roads, dumping rubbish, J-walking and protesting illegally without a permit?

  5. I belive that the greatest betrayal in history aside from Brutus stabing ceasear is Great Britian letting honk kong fall into the jaws of the communist menace

  6. This seems like real journalism, well done to the presenter! Very rare to have real news in the UK anyway.

  7. This is exactly what happened again and again in history. A quiet two to three years of silence and then a much bigger surge with much stronger force…

  8. This reporter is delusional. Thinking that the world is pressuring Beijing. Nobody dictates to Beijing. Let alone its internal affairs. Only a small portion of HK people so called protesters but actually rioters. Even if all 7 mill HK people challenge Beijing. Do you think this small city can win of its 1.4 billion inhabitants interests..?

  9. Everyone must watch : Are Hong Kong protesters peaceful, or they are just hooliganistic?

    The West has turned people onto each other. Divide and Conquer.
    Western Post Colonial Oppression Still Exists. They've been destroying countries for over 800years. People all Over Still Suffer.
    Malcolm X – "How the White Man Taught You How To Hate Yourself And Your People"

  11. 99℅ of the problem in the world today comes from China that becomes and arrogant and greedy pig.
    2014 : *China claims cluster of islands
    2050 : *China claims the SUN
    2300: China Claims the Andromeda Galaxy, says that the Andromeda Galaxy was conquered by their Ancestors
    What the communists failed to understand is that no one love dictatorship because mankind is by nature free. Democracy is not perfect but that's better than being jailed and tortured for expressing your opinion. 
    Give us a break CAN work your propaganda. The world is fed up of these arrogant communists bots who promotes dictatorship over democracy, Censorship over freedom of speech. They worship money over everything. That's not the word we want sir. Sit on your money and go to helll. No surprise China is hated by its neighbors Vietnamese and Filipinos.. More and more countries stand against China because it is the biggest liar in the world. No matter how many Chinese bots you pay to post pro government comments, people's faoth is stronger than any army in the world.

  12. Hong Kong belongs to the World. Not the devil CCP in Beijing.

    The world strongly against the devil CCP. The CCP goes straight to hell eternally.

    Free Hong Kong. Democracy Now. Stand up for Hong Kong.

  13. After arresting these troublemakers, please put these troublemakers into high speed railway and bring these troublemakers into North West China and build their character as farmers.

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