14 thoughts on “Eroding Democracies and Rising Nationalism

  1. This is one-sided propaganda and doesn't apply the core tenets of democracy to the opponents of these so-called 'would-be authoritarians'. The DNC for example was found to have fixed its own internal party elections (Bernie/Hillary), preaches daily intolerance towards Trump supporters (Maxine Waters), has been subverting government institutions in order to attack Republicans (IRS under Obama targeting Republican organizations, using the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign), openly clamors for changing or expanding the make-up of the Supreme Court in order to force activist reinterpretations of the American constitution (Kavanaugh), seeks to abolish the democratic institution of the electoral college in order to win elections, seeks to open up the borders and encourages illegals to vote by preventing ID registration reforms, or have been found to doctor election outcomes (Florida, Broward county), etc.

    Seems to me that the most radical and anti-Democratic of the two are to so-called American 'Democrats'.

  2. Our problem is taking for granted democracy is the end of history. We are cheating ourselves. Human right, freedom of speech, capitalist marketing etc are simply not conform to logic reasoning, because there is something called human character, human nature, that are self-centre , selfish, self-first. They don't share, they don't care before they feel satisfied with what they have. Democracy need adjustment, in all aspects. Some forms of control is must. Even the one man one vote needs scrutiny. Can you think of a good reasoning that Trump should take away the national health program put in by Obama? Just winner says so.

  3. All Brits fall on quick extreme propaganda on Brexit by some few politicians in the parliament who wanted Great Britain all for their own. That's the result of a short decision without a long term result impact. I'm from Slovenia btw and this is my point of view of conspiracy that began in 2014. And some other things I forgot to mention that a lot of websites that promote Brexit are Clickbait like www.thesun.co.uk. And www.express.co.uk. No to mention BOTS operating by Russian that impact even the election of Donald Trump. Clickbait is content whose main purpose is to attract attention and deceive visitors into clicking on a hyperlink to a particular web page. Clickbait often leads to the content of questionable value. By the conclusion, I can say that that the plots were made by Boris, Theresa and etc…
    Conclusion: All is a big plot by corrupted data and some corrupted members of parliaments who just seeking the power of interests.

  4. Nationalism is bad goy. How dare you care about your people white man, only minorities get to do that.

  5. 4 Things eroding Democracy and no mention of the lack and chipping away the freedom of speech. Says a lot about the panels real agendas here.

  6. I love how she accepts as a given that Russia's goal is to destroy democracy. That is so myopic and shows a profound lack of understanding of European history and politics.

  7. Why won't the Soros funded Marxist left just give in on mass immigration just for a little while?
    Most citizens want many fewer migrants why is that so hard to understand???

  8. Islam doesn't belong in the west……. Let's remember It took 7 hundred years to kick out the Islamic invaders the last time.
    Why would a sovereign country wait until they are overrun with African and Muslim migrants until they do something about it???
    Do you know how many innocent Germans have already been killed and raped by Merkel's migrant children??
    Do you know that a migrant in Germany just chopped off his daughter's head and stabbed her mother to death his name is Mourtala Madou..

  9. I'm an older lefty but I can never get on board and vote for laws that men claiming to be a woman and demanding access to the same spaces that our young daughters are using.
    And men don't belong in female-only sports no matter what they think they might be inside their heads.
    Besides trannies have a 40 percent suicide attempt rate so they need medical help not coddling

  10. Technocrats believe that national self-determination is somehow less democratic. You may sincerely believe that globalism is desirable—-but it is less, not more, democratic.

  11. Before and during 2nd Iraqi war, that is completely not justified and no UN authorization, all major US media is all one sided and no check and balance. Anyone cares to know how many unnecessary/unjustified lives are lost due to this "mistake"?

    This is the most appalling life experience in US. In my view, this is worse than Tian An Meng square incident, at least for the life lost. US needs to seriously learn a big lesson from this. At least, such behavior has lost many hearts and minds in the world.

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