36 thoughts on “Eric X. Li: A tale of two political systems

  1. 1 person 1 vote If that's the best way, why don't American corporations run themselves that way. They run corporations like China runs the country. Interesting .

  2. so much for term limits huh i believe the chairman just assholed that idea and is now in for life and screw what proletariat has to say hahhahahaaaaa yeah real fair

  3. Our United States Constitutional Republic is the best in the world we are not slaves like you pathetic chinese communist pigs you don't have a voice you don't have a life of freedom.And you losers are not the real people it's you people's liberation army who are making these statements because chinese people cannot use the internet caught you stinking communist pigs.

  4. Very nice lecture. China emerges with new responsibilities for humanity as it did in the past. Today the challenge is to strive for equitable distribution of wealth and China is well poised to fulfill its obligation and usher in a new world order.

  5. Though democracy system is not perfect. The one party system brings more problems.
    Look at the Chinese Communism. There is no step-down mechanism for this party. The Constitution protects this party and has a ban for other parties to be the 'ruling party'. So this party can do whatever it wants, for instance, China can attack Taiwan whatever he wants without asking or caring about what Taiwanese people think, and , of course, there is no way to vote against this party no matter if you like it or not, and the only way to get rid of this party is by revolution. Do you really think the one party system is better than multi-party system?

  6. Chinese system has worked for the last 40 years. It doesnt mean it will work forever. They have been engineering gnp growth through monetary manipulation, and i predict it will and badly. Democracies will often produce bad leaders, but they have limited powers, and will self correct over time. In the end, dictatorships will produce dictators, and the power relationship is a bad one if you dont agree with party line.

  7. I suggest those CCP haters just go talk with any chinese who live in west and they Will find out that we like CCP even much more than the mainland chinese and there is only one reason: we live in the west so we know the truth. Actually as a chinese who grown up outside of China, me and almost all the chinese I know here we are all agree with chinese goverment in blocking those social media like YouTube and Facebook just because not every chinese has the opportunitues like us to live or visite outside of China. So since they can only know the west by internet, they are easy to be fooled. Only those chinese who have visited outside of China or at least Taiwan know how great China has done.

  8. "responsive to the demands and the thinking of the people" – I wonder how the survivors of the 100 flowers campaign would answer those surveys?

  9. Stop lying. China meddles with the internal affairs of every countries but don't let any country meddle with China's internal affairs. It's time to uncover the true nature of China, It's the biggest liar and most hypocritical country in the world. I am Chinese and I ran away from China because China=Nazism. Never believe a word of what China CCP says but what China does. China has a propaganda ministry which pays billions to brainwash and influence the medias in whole world. It's a silent war that causes as much harm at the economic and political level because the ultimate goal is the same : take control of other countries. It's a dictatorship with a lifetime emperor Xi Jinping. Like any dictatorship never ends up well.

  10. CCP bullshit propaganda. Straight from a mouth piece of the elitist because he, himself, is an elite. Tell me again how the Uyghurs are benefiting from your so called Chinese "meritocracy"?

  11. Too many fundamentalists, from capitalism before WWII, SU CP before 1989 and 'democratists' nowadays.
    The political structures are too complicated to be just divided into two classifications. Although this is simple enough to do for some people's small brains.

  12. I agree with you about democracy other than the fact that you claimed democracy was about the individual when it is about the majority. An involuntary form of Democracy is an attack on individual rights. Democracy is collectivistic in nature and that is where the problem lies. Government doesn't create prosperity. It doesn't matter who you have controlling government because economic calculation is impossible through government. The laws of supply and demand are not relevant to an involuntary player in the economy therefore an involuntary player like government has no means to know if they are creating an economic net benefit for society. The statistics you provided about public opinion in China doesn't provide any proof that a one party system is the best considering that people are socially punished for speaking against the government. Now, China has a social credit system to make sure people stay in line with public norms. What an easy way to make sure people do not behave divergently against the government.

  13. Few points I would like to make – though I am not going to state any opinions:

    China is NOT Communist. It is State Capitalist, which in Marxist-Leninist terms means it is at the first stage of 'Socialism', though no socialist would ever point to China as an example of socialism.

    Second. China is not a democracy – it is a meritocratic dictatorship. This video clearly shows that so far it has worked pretty well for the Chinese.

    Third. China has serious restrictions on most freedoms. It is lowest in the world on many indicators for freedom of speech and press and assembly. Whether you like it or not, Western countries have always had a very high level of freedom of speech and press and assembly.

    Fourth. In the 'West' there are varying types of democracy and society. The US is one extreme – a very free market capitalist nation, and has abused its power severely by invading other countries unnecessarily to make a quick buck. It actually has a very limited democracy – most people live in states where their vote doesn't matter. Then we have the UK. The UK is a softer version of the US, as it is still a free market capitalist system, but it has a national health service and a lower rate of poverty. It also has a slighter better democratic system as votes usually matter to a few more people, but it has low turnout and lots of "safe seats". Then we move to Europe. Most European countries are Social Market Capitalist Societies. These have lower levels of poverty and more publicly owned enterprises, such as trains and buses as well as health care. Most of these countries have the Proportional Representation Voting System, where each vote matters, and therefore more people are satisfied with the system as they feel represented, and there are therefore several more parties than in the UK (which has 3-4 main one) and the US (which has 2-3 main ones). Then we have the Nordic countries. These are Social Democratic Capitalist Societies and rank highest on Happiness, Social Mobility rankings and lowest on wealth inequality and poverty. In these countries around 40% of the economy is publicly owned, including transport, energy, education and healthcare. They also have around 80% approval ratings for government.

    Based on the facts i think that Nordic countries offer the most advanced western countries and compared to China they are much more interesting than comparing China to the US. Personally, I would like to think what the Chinese think of the third way of running a country – that is, without a state, like in Catalonia during the Civil War e.g. libertarian/ real socialism.

  14. Applause to the man at the end for challenging the speaker, even if it was to a certain degree. But what a rubbish talk for Ted's standards.

  15. 习不可能是终身制。况且他干多少界中国人至少我认识的中国人大多都不在乎,他们更在乎谁让国家发展更快,谁让人民生活更好。共产党唯一的执政合法性就是经济增长,至少最近40年这个政党做到了。另外,中国人有一种心态,可能是文化影响,我们几千年的文化告诉我们,国家不能分裂,分裂意味着被奴役和殖民,死也不允许分裂,2000年以前如此,1000年也是如此,200年以前更是如此。这等同于全民共识,所以台湾问题钓鱼岛问题西藏问题等等,都属于此类原因。文化中,中国人对于民族认同感可能要超越很多民族。即便这个民族在通向复兴的道路上,哪怕短期的困难、艰苦,绝大多数人是愿意与国家一起共同承担的。全民参与政治,这一点在中国从古至今就没有普遍的民众基础,几千年来几乎全部属于少数人的精英式管理,人民对于这种管理方式只有一个要求,不要让我活不下去,我活不下去我就要造反革命。精英式管理有点类似新加坡,虽然他们也有反对党,但新加坡人对于一党派长期执政(60年了?)还挺适应。尽管长期专政,李光耀依然被视为民族英雄。在中国虽然毛泽东晚期出现了重大政治错误,但很多人依旧视他为民族英雄,仅让国家走出战乱统一这一点就足够了,西方世界可能有点不可思议。邓之所以也被视为民族英雄,因为他带领国家富裕,开创了新时代。之于习,他执政多长时间真无所谓。就好比毛,邓执政时间也极长,即便有所谓任期。习近平只有一个任务,就是民族复兴,完成了就是民族英雄,完不成他就不是。所以他任内,唯一强调的终极目标只有这一个。

  16. Without western help Li your Chinese economy has long been kaput. Japan has been in good progress after WWII without going through revolutions and all sorts of chaos China had undergone. Communism/socialism is an idea thought out of greed, envy, malice and lies.

  17. Hmm. I clearly remember this talk had more than a million views 3 years ago before I graduated from college.

  18. 5:50 You had meritocracy with Kim Jong un, who for the most part is the leader because his dad was a leader.

  19. 1:15 Paradise on Earth looks like a place where you can magically disappear for months and then just as suddenly pop up into existence with an apology video.

  20. For better balance, the audience might want to now watch:
    from YouTube channel “China Uncensored”.

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