Eric Weinstein: Revolutionary Ideas in Science, Math, and Society | Artificial Intelligence Podcast

Eric Weinstein: Revolutionary Ideas in Science, Math, and Society | Artificial Intelligence Podcast

32 thoughts on “Eric Weinstein: Revolutionary Ideas in Science, Math, and Society | Artificial Intelligence Podcast

  1. This was a fun, interesting, and challenging conversation, which is the best kind. It was great to have Eric back at MIT and Boston that was home to him for many years.

  2. Very simple connections: Eric Weinstein – Peter Thiel – Palantir – counter terrorism anaylysts – US Dep. of Defense –> they offer "solutions" to problems like they say in this interview: Problems like 9/11. Problems like "terrorism". Solution: big data analysis, anti-terror warfare, warfare itself. Again: They offer solutions! Solutions against terrorism. That's what this person is selling here. If you applaud this person, you applaud every US government of I don't know how many decades. Bush administration, Obama administration, Trump administration, really any administration. This is by definition mainstream. Thank you for your applause.

  3. So basically Weinstein gets away with anything he says because people keep pointing their finger in his direction, telling anyone else "Wow, look at that smart guy". And then what happens: Nobody asks any questions any longer about what exactly he says, he claims and what he bases his assumptions on. That is very disturbing. Is this a mindless "hero culture" or a "celebrity culture" that I think Chris Hedges mentions? Judging from the comments here everybody just gazes in agony at the "incredible smartness" of this guy and again, this is just disturbing.

  4. Two of the smartest guys in the world. I feel like a chimpanzee with one too many chromosomes in comparison.

  5. Fractals, holograms and emergence.
    Feynman's path integrals are not infinite, they are fractal.
    There is no such thing as Lorentz invariance just as there is no absolute measure for the coastline of England. As the scale becomes finer, something magical happens, the length of the coastline (physical law) begins to vary. This is caused by the wind and the waves, time and tide.

  6. I don't believe in experts or atheists.

  7. love the conversation. two things strike me at 28min in.
    1. assuming 9/11 was from "out there" when the volume of oddities about it lead the intelligent skeptic of main stream agenda driven narratives to seriously question that assumption.

    2. you assume that you avoided nuclear holocaust without having help from outside entities. again if you have looked at the anomalies around nuclear weapons sites during the cold war, you would know that we have been sent the message by force, by these entities, that nuclear war on a grand scale will not be tolerated and they have the ability to stop us. for my part thank whatever you believe in for that!

    a suggestion. before we unleash what we think is artificial intelligence on the world, i suggest we know a little more about our own and where that really comes from first…we are just at the point of knowing broadly that the materialist paradigm is not all that's going on here.

    now i fast forward to what some of our managers have said about AI: they suggest that we learn about the fields of intelligent information within our grasp and entice them to work with our machines instead of creating a cold and lifeless mechanical dead AI. the former has been done on other worlds and was at least controllable. the latter was done also and left the planet of origin a lifeless wasteland of dead intelligence reproducing itself.

    the ancients got here and farther and destroyed themselves. i really hope we do much better. this may be our last chance. love d the talk and sorry to go so far out there but im leaping across the stultifying mainstream to those that know what im talking about is real. sorry main streamers….

  8. Wow! Imagine how much better society would be if we had people like that making important decisions

  9. every time lex says "damn thats a good answer" or something similar to it. I would react the same way. He is almost fanboying/starstruck at the brilliance and intricacy of Eric's vocabulary and mind. You can also see it when he was on the JRE podcast, saying things like "jaime look that up. haha got that off the bucket list" or " it's entirely possible" knowing it's something joe says alot throughout the existence of the podcast. Lex isn't just interested in intellectual conversation, but is also a young humble fan. which is great! i love the conent.

  10. Eric is so right about not trusting Pinker's optimism. Forces of inequality and resentment loom large. The prevailing narrative that things have never been better is not yet discredited in the mainstream but it has no street cred. As feeding ourselves becomes more difficult in this gig economy, Pinker's words will soon seem like more ivory tower piddle.

  11. I am a very impressed with the interviewer Lex fridman with your humble kind non egotistic personality to allow your guests to feel comfortable and speak congratulations Bravo..

  12. This (towards the end) is making a massive massive misleading assumption – and that is that socialism is authoritarian, and capitalism isn't.

    The reverse is true.

    Capitalism == workers trapped into working for privately owned tyrannies, systematically paid less than the value they produce.

    Socialism == workers/communities democratically owning the means of production.

    If we're going to survive automation, then we're going to need the latter (see Mondragon et al) – probably working within states (or city-states or whatever) with healthy levels of social-spending, all underpinned by a transitional UBI – moving towards universally owned assets, which amount to the same thing in terms of money, but without the total lack of democratic control.

  13. Unusually good conversation; my take is there is a spiritual dimension that is beyond all technical thought, a world accessible by primitive people. God is spirit and will on occasion interact with the thought world, eg, spiritual texts. God prevents us from blowing ourselves up because we are his ultimate creation, used to be dinosaurs but he wanted a change

  14. Subscribed!
    Lex, excellent interview. Really like the way you let him talk. So many interviewers are too quick to plow through their questions.
    I'm looking forward to hearing more of your interviews.

  15. I'll say one thing for the algorithms at you tube, They just served up the most satisfying hour and twenty-one minutes online I have spent in a while.

  16. After listening to the rest of this during a drive, it's nearly impossible to recall the comments you want to make.

    One of the things I recall, is Eric's remarks about needing to know things about the 'submitter' of some of these ideas.

    Forget exactly what Eric said. But it reminded me of the predicament of an observer affecting the nature of what measurements you can extract from a particle.

  17. This was an excellent interview. Thank you both for your contributions. I have a lot of respect for Eric Weinstein, and his amazing capacity to convey his thoughts.

  18. Although I confess to not understanding much of this, it was a pleasant surprise to nevertheless.

    I don't understand Eric's justification for the term 'logical world' in place of 'digital world', e.g. But it's obviously worth thinking about, putting some energy trying to clarify it in our own minds.

    It's oftentimes disconcerting to hear so many of Eric's discussions about politics, at the expense of his research, which is far, far more important than whether this or that person belongs to the Intellectual Dark Web. I'd rather read a single Tweet or blog post by Lepht Anonym, than 10 articles about whether Jordan Peterson is a White Supremacist or Sanders is a communist who doesn't understand economics.

    The politics and catfighting of the last 40 years will all fade, and amount to footnotes. But the topics addressed here, will continue to be relevant. I hope Eric's brilliant son can serve the purpose of keeping Eric anchored to topics that are important in the long run.

    Ok, thanks Lex. Listening to the rest of this now.

  19. What matters with human intelligence is what is hardcoded. The fact that we care about surviving, human contact, sex. Having air, food, water. That we recognize faces and care about patterns. That we care about anything. And our fears. All that exists because of our need to reproduce.

  20. Scared shitless? Why? Is it because the conversation will be political and you're possibly inviting controversy with Eric as a guest? Well, you will get none of that from me. Eric is great and makes a lot of sense across the board.

  21. I would argue you could see some of those chess brilliances in gaming ai.

    Some of them bots are sneaky mofo’s

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