Eric Kaufmann on Nationalism, White Identity & Immigration

Eric Kaufmann on Nationalism, White Identity & Immigration

46 thoughts on “Eric Kaufmann on Nationalism, White Identity & Immigration

  1. Very enjoyable discussion, and Mr. Kaufmann offers some very refreshing perspectives. However, there is one puzzling aspect to his view of the future; He seems to assume that immigration into white nations, and the demise of native white populations are inevitable events. Is this simply a personal blind spot, or is he attempting a slight of hand?

  2. Gloablist Jew propaganda, literally discussing the demise and total eradication of white people like some kind of cunning long term disgusting plan, which it is, its not a conspiracy. This is the most Anti-White and racist interview ever. Hes basically sitting here smuggly discussing ideas on how to trick, or convince Whites that eventually they will be genocided within their own homelands and become a minority or bred out of existance entirely. 54:19 The 1 issue that no one is talking about that we ought to be talking about is the J00ish Question, not White populist parties.

  3. I understand his issue with freedom of expression of ethnic identity. However, unlike Hindus in India white identity is attached to evil and racism. It is possible to have a British identity, French or German that might be inclusive and not lead to violence. The U.S. doesn't have that luxury, because it was found and molded in centuries of murder, hatred, and evil. The guy is trying to dance around the issue. Identifying as English is different from identifying as white, any moron can perceive this.

  4. Prof. Kaufmann makes a lot of good points but I still feel like he is stuck in some unfortunate tropes. I.e. "resistance to change" is a practical sociological term but politically and analytically this description of a part the human condition (everything constantly changes) is really easy to misuse in a derogatory description of conservatives as people who are fundamentally out of touch with reality.
    What if I told you that it is possible to be ok with 'change' but only if that change is for the better? Change is not just change.
    There is not a single place in the Middle East of Africa that I would like to live. And I do not appreciate my Scandinavian country gradually turning into the Middle East or Africa through migration.
    I would probably score pretty high on those psychological tests of accepting 'change'. But I am not stupid. I know chaos and destruction when I see it.

  5. Islam isn't a race – he should modify his language to include bigotry instead – even then, most people I know who are concerned about Islam don't judge every individual automatically based on their religion and have a lifetime of experience interacting with Muslims, many of whom have read extensively on the subject too…hardly knuckle dragging racists.

  6. This man is seriously toxic. I think we should flood priveleged academics with African O grade students. Fixed it for ya.All he talks about is race!!!!! He is literally obsessed with it. Hideous. Hideous. Hideous.

  7. There is nothing wrong with people practising their religion but when they deliberately pray in the middle of the road and cause massive traffic jams and bring whole areas of a city into gridlock as a deliberate provocation – which happens in Paris on a regular basis – that behaviour should be banned – I lived 7 years in the Muslim world and nobody ever did that – they prayed in the mosque or on the sidewalk if they couldn't get to the mosque – nobody prayed in the middle of the road – that is a blatantly aggressive act.
    Also wearing a veil that covers your whole face is a security risk – and male Muslim shoplifters have worn full female clothing including the face veil to steal in anonymity from Muslim owned shops in Muslim areas.

  8. Kaufmann is basically a new world order conman. He advocates a demographic "boiling the frog" strategy. He has no problem enforcing race replacement at a slower pace, as long as the ethnic majority dont recognize the long term trend. Its perfectly fine turning the british into mixed race mutts over a century or two. He is so deluded that he actually thinks that the majority will think that this is perfectly fine, once they fully understand what the long term agenda is.
    His projections are all based on the assumption that the policies will more or less remain the same in the long run. And that the distribution of electoral preferences will remain stable in the far future. He is also making an implicit assumption that the UK is somehow in need of hordes of low-skilled immigrant labour. Which is all bullocks.
    Notice the many normative assumptions he makes when explaining his theory. He obviously thinks he is an authority when it comes to lecturing people on what is and what is not "acceptable" political positions to hold. When someone is or is not holding racist opinions.
    As a jewish person he should instead start spending time convincing the jews living in the ethnostate Israel why they should let in hordes of africans and muslims, breed with them on a mass scale, and then try to convince the jews in Israel that they should be content that their ethnic and genetic legacy "some what" will live on in the future. Netanyahu will no doubt be delighted.

  9. Anyone who smiles while discussing these serious topics has a reason for smiling… They know their opinions are merely academically-reinforced bullshit. Illegal Immigration is simply a matter of enforcing the law. Blaming the people who have to live in the communities most affected by the long-term consequences of these shit policies and calling them racists isnt a solution, helpful or remotely intelligent.

  10. Toby Young is such an entitled, mediocre, obnoxious wanker that if he were a fictional character people would say he was too far-fetched. He is the absolute definition of privileged white men failing upwards.

  11. How do you guy get all the most important intellectuals and politicians on to your show? Phenomenal work chaps and a great interview!

  12. The only racism in the west comes from the left and immigrants. Wanting to preserve your race or culture is not racism. The left and the immigrants they try so hard enflame, would do well to remember that or it will get really painful for them in the future. Immigration is not a god given right. We opened our borders and we can shut them whenever we want.

  13. The philosophy of multiculturalism, diversity and pluralistic societies, cease to be the valuable ethical virtues they truly are, precisely the moment they become "replacement migration" as the UN, and Center for migration studies has stated so often in it's official documents as a solution for low birth rates, at this point it becomes the opposite of diversity tolerance and celebration of difference. Transforming into a monstrosity a pathological altruism for some and for others, an easy way to manipulate voting trends ,exploit the working-class and migrants alike for disgustingly low wages, displacing the native populations culture traditions and ways of life in placing money above all Else. What for all accounts appears to be a grotesque mirror image of colonialism and imperialism.

  14. Costa Rican isn't a race first of all. So the Costa-Rican could be white if his family from there was predominatnly spanish in blood. Second of all, Ashkenazic Jews are also fairly white (Southern European, Turkish kind of white). So he is "pretty much" white except for the 1/4 Chinese stuff. Big deal.

  15. "some of these people are rapists", yea by the lefts very own reporting of rape at the border, its true, not racist, but true. The jokes about "whites" and "gas chambers", really, why are you taking on german guilt, its not only ahistorical, its simply completely untrue. Beyond that it is really racist, you sell other races short on their ability to genocide, its paternalistic, which is the root of the lefts racist mindset, the true white supremacy of the white mans burden.

    When the left destroyed religion they just replaced it with something else, now the original sins are racism and global warming, and like before, based on pure faith, but this time not validated by evolution, as religion co-evolved to ensure the survival of groups, and so these things matter when the lefts utopian visions grow further and further from reality, from any real acknowledgement of human nature, outside that of white people of course. A special standard, and the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    And the claim of whites being dominant, well, "fellow whites" perhaps, but you won't touch that, because its the new heresy, revealing the internal contradiction underlying all leftist ideology, the belief in an equality which cannot exist.

    The assumption of endless "diversity" and even "democracy" as being unbridled goods is simply unfounded, a simple look at history, never mind a look at human nature and actual expressed preferences in your supposedly diversified areas tells a different tale. The self segregation is real, by ideology, by race, even in your cosmopolitan centers. Its a contradiction, and one the left will not acknowledge or deal with until its too late. What happens when citizenship means nothing more than a vote, atomized, rootless, culturally lost, not good things to say the least, the dream is a dystopia at best, at worst, yugoslavia and or replacement by groups who weren't as naive as you were.

    Would you let your children vote on your family finances? This is modern democracy, and you see the progressive push to lower the voting age ever further based on the same lack of wisdom. The "progress" you dream of is simply reckless indulgence.

  16. Something tells me if we we're importing journalists instead of unskilled laborers these people would have a bit more to say about immigration.

  17. I have noticed that large swathes of the liberal middle class whites that look down their noses at white working class of Rochdale, Rotherham and Luton calling them racist for bringing mass immigration wouldn't dream of living amongst them, themselves.
    There's even a property porn programme on every afternoon on TV called "Escape to the Country" which is essentially about middlecass white flight, although they would never admit it.

  18. 3:16 he said "a white working class Londoner is more likely to vote leave", could that have anything to do with whites brits being a minority in their own capital, rampant knife crime committed primarily by immgrant descendants, rape gangs, attacks on religious criticism, and being labelled a racist for mentioning any of the above. Brexit was a white working class message of enough is enough.

  19. Canadian is an ethnic group, as well as a nationality. A lot of people are unaware of this because we have been re-educated.

  20. That's cool – western (not eastern) white girls are mostly fat and entitled now anyway – time to get to work tapping that black / asian poon..

  21. "some of the illegal Mexicans are rapists" that's racist!? Jesus- all three of you are disgusting bigots and this is supposed to pass for non "woke" media – Europe is done.

  22. "Politicians need to say – we have heard you, we are taking your considerations on board regarding immigration".

    That's what Kennedy and his clan said in 1965 – that the USA demographics wouldn't change. Biggest falsehood of the 20th century.

  23. I would prefer whites carry forth white identity and memories. You’re basically saying lie to whites. Give them an inauthentic future to look forward to.

  24. We have reached a point of no return. Mass immigration from the third world has brought us islamic terrorism, rape gangs such as in Rotherham, massive sexual assaults, parallel societies, fgm etc. Now native Europeans are sick of it and fighting back with violence which will result in a circle of violence. Different people are different, European countries will face the same future as Jugoslavia and the Soviet Union. they will collapse because of multiculturalism and many innocent people will be caught in the crossfire, on both sides.

  25. Oy vey! Thanks shifty globalist cosmopolitan jew for telling whites having an identity is evil. What an absolute wanker.

  26. I personally have met my fair share of people of colour from countries and never had any real problems. I could see the increasing diversity more positively if all immigrants from non-European countries assimilated perfectly into the culture and were happy to live alongside whites. The problem is that at least some poc are indoctrinated by schools, academia and perhaps also their families into hating white Europeans and Western culture (bc slavery, colonialism, Nazis, the usual stuff). If every poc was nice towards whites I could get used to some diversity, but being told youre evil for your whiteness, you have privilege and should shut up bc of your skin colour makes me prefer living in a country like Poland or Hungary.

  27. I guess I’m a racist. I absolutely hate immigration from people who are not likeminded. The US was built on certain values, beliefs, desires, and expectations. The only way to ensure your country remains steep in these virtues, you immigrants have to be likeminded.

  28. How is "some Mexicans are rapists" racist? First, Mexican is a nationality and not a race. Plenty of blonde hair blue eyed Mexicans. Second, the numbers do in fact reveal that some Mexicans are rapists. That's just a fact. The counter to that would be "no Mexicans are rapists" which is demonstrably false…

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