Erasing Socialist Women of Color │ Means TV

Erasing Socialist Women of Color │ Means TV

socialism is a real threat to the status quo and the rich view that run our society that’s because socialism is about greater democracy and empowering working people so the corporate media in an effort to delegitimize the rising movement as socialism erases the legacy of black and brown organizers but don’t get it confused class struggle is something that has always been championed by people of colors and black women women of color are more marginalized than any other group of people Audrey Lorde talked about this erasure and how black women and women of color are not recognized for both their contributions to the feminist movement and class struggle and now we’re seeing a renewed effort by the establishment to erase the history of black indigenous and immigrant organizers who fought and often gave their lives to build class solidarity and work to end our violent system of capitalism this erasure of black women and people of color takes many forms more recently the Bernie bro narrative which whitewashes the long history of socialist and communist organizing and communities of color but there’s a renewed sense of hope with public servants who look like us and much more closely represent our political beliefs with strong women of color being the face of political revolution no one in the establishment can erase the forms of discrimination we encounter on a daily basis and despite what the mainstream media will have you believe we don’t want tepid liberalism we want socialism we want an end to a capitalist system that exploits us like the famous poet Maya Angelou and her piece still I rise out of the huts of history’s shame I rise up from a past that’s rooted in pain I rise and surely by putting women of color as the face of a revolution we will all rise [Music]

27 thoughts on “Erasing Socialist Women of Color │ Means TV

  1. Women were a mistake. Repeal the 19th. Make it illegal for women to be an elected office because women are stupid

  2. Who would believe this propaganda? Propaganda like this is actually doing a great disservice to other races. It's just using these people of color as pawns to push their appalling, communist agenda. It's absolutely dehumanizing! It's honestly unbelievable to read the comments and see people falling for this. I didn't think these extremist scum actually existed in such high numbers.

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