20 thoughts on “Ep. 1379 Andy Ngo on Hate Crime Hoaxes and Dissident Journalism

  1. I greatly appreciated on how Andy was willing to search for the truth, no matter how it would effect his popularity when compared to prevailing political populism. It is always refreshing when reporters place the truth first and let a the chips fall where they may.
    Great job to him.

  2. You should talk to Claire Lehmann, the founding editor of Quillette, she is an amazing person. Probably one of my favorite people on Twitter.

  3. 15:43 that's a great way of looking at things. For a long time I considered myself right wing because I stand opposed to leftism. But after listening to this honest man speak his truth, I now consider myself centerist.

    But when I say centerist I mean bottom-centerist. I mean libertarian centerist. I mean fiacally conservative and socially liberal.

    So that statement from him was really refreshing for my ears

  4. I remember reading an article from Quillette, I forget the exact title, but it was about a Mathematic PhD holder who used mathematical logic to prove the greater male varietability hypothesis, and how he basically became an unperson in his academic circles. Definitely a good read. Ngo's accent sounds Australian/Kiwi

  5. Just like libertarians have intentionally altered the designation "public school" and replaced it with the more appropriate term "government school", so should today's "progressive Left" be routinely referred to as the "regressive Left".

  6. Progressive my ass ..more like regression…their neither open minded and more close minded …they just create their own monsters and want all of us to buy into their garbage world they created … it me ..

  7. Oh, the irony of being fired from a liberal newspaper for explaining the Islamic doctrine of punishing apostates…

  8. 17:30
    Andy Ngo's attackers may attempt to maliciously misrepresent him as a traitor to his race or to his sexual orientation but they can never take away his honor and commitment to uphold the truth.

  9. If a convicted defendant receives harsher punishment for committing a "hate crime" should a person who knowingly falsifies a hate crime likewise face stiffer penalties?

  10. Like "Nguyen" sounds like "Wynn" but is easier to read as 'Nu-yen' from a western eye.

    Andy, you need to create your own website hosted through Bluehost, through Tom Woods link 😉

  11. I suppose this is all the result of having an ideology that is based on a boogeyman.
    When there aren't enough boogeymen then you must create the monsters.

  12. I admire Mr. Ngo while at the same time feel empathy for anyone who is villainized and shamed out of existence by their own "tribe" so to speak. I know the feeling of being unfriended for not being left enough, even though I am an Ancap and not a conservative or republican. If you aren't left enough anymore then by default you are a Nazi. I wonder just how far this trend towards extreme leftism can go before something snaps.

  13. In my observations over the years and even into years before mine — the perpetuation of phony dramas by people who occupy the fringe is much more common than perhaps much of the public is aware, or has been aware of in the past. I suspect that awareness is growing.

  14. Yes they get lies from stations like CNN. That is why we call CNN an enemy of the people. They have now gone back to attacking president Trump over tax records. I do not understand how so many are entranced by the bullshit. All cable news is worthless.

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