5 thoughts on “ENACTING POPULISM – A conversation with Ernesto Laclau and Davide Tarizzo. Part 1

  1. Talk begins at 6:35
    Davide Tarizzo:
    6:58 Définition du populisme (9:35 24:24 Construction par chaîne signifiante) (11:40 Démocratisation du champs social)
    12:50 Metascape
    19:25 Questions
    Ernesto Laclau:
    26:05 Symbolique (et non imaginaire)
    30:55 Definition of populism ('dichotomisation of the social space with appeal to those at the bottom'), independence on ideology
    38:55 Structural features of organic crisis (Gramsci): 1) equivalence ('administration of things') 2) accumulation and universalisation of demands and dichotomisation: 'pre-populism' ('government of men', Saint Simon) 3) Pluralism
    50:00 Latin American national popular regimes today

  2. @KadistParis thank you, this is extremely useful for my dissertation (Neo-peronism in Argentina). Most of this part is in English anyway (seems he reaches the limits of his French abilities after a while?)

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