Elizabeth Warren: 'No To The Billionaires' Funding Politics | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Elizabeth Warren: 'No To The Billionaires' Funding Politics | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

49 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren: 'No To The Billionaires' Funding Politics | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. i can't wait to see what happens when her DNA tests are brought up in a primary debate – should be hilarious.

  2. i'm Cree from South Dakota and this woman has as much Native American in her as my Jeep Cherokee – she's an absolute insult to my intelligence

  3. I watched Sen Warren rip into Head of Education, Health, Public Housing, Bankers etc. She knows the system.
    She is one smart , strong and justice lady. Senator Warren would be a great President.

  4. Elizabeth Warren draws a salary of $450,000 USD a year, working part time for Harvard. Is that helping students keep a lid on their debts ?


  6. she just said things that every politician has said before and never came close to fulfilling. Trump is a breath of fresh air because he does what he says he'd do, and will stay in the WH another term. NO DOUBT

  7. Senator Warren has been a forceful, effective advocate for working, middle class people for DECADES. She is incredibly intelligent and strong! Warren 2020!

  8. You are great Elizabeth. That was so well spoken. Thank you. Keep talking. I would like to see a Bernie Warren ticket….

  9. Its going to be a Bernie presidency with Warren VP. Maybe other way around but will depend on debates.

  10. She's the one. No one else is as sharp. I know people say that she's too old (though I don't know that any of the younger candidates have her energy), that the DNA test was a big mistake (though Native leaders were not quoted in the initial NY Times and Washington Post articles that put the negative spin on that), and that she's too "shrill" (though I don't know where that's coming from other than stereotypes about her age and gender), but I don't think any of the other 20 or so potential candidates are as powerful a package as she is. Nonetheless, if some other candidate emerges as the nominee, I will show up on election day and vote for that person. That's the only way to stop this Trump madness. We can't have any "never-_____" non-voters.

  11. Just finished watching Fox News video and my god! They are the most clueless idiots that exist on this planet πŸ˜•

  12. John 3: 16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

  13. Right to boycott is part of our Constitution.
    Urge your Senators to vote NO on S. 1 tomorrow:
    Here's a sample script, but please use your own words when calling:

    Hi, my name is ___ from [City,State] and I am calling Sen. X to urge them to VOTE NO ON S.1 on Tuesday. This bill includes the Combating BDS Act, which was defeated in the previous two Congressional sessions because it is unconstitutional. It encourages states to pass laws that punish people who boycott for Palestinian rights by denying them government contracts. Federal judges in Kansas and Arizona have ruled these types of laws to be a violation of our First Amendment right to boycott. I am especially outraged that while parts of the government remain shutdown, the Senate would consider its most urgent act to be denying us our First Amendment rights. Please ask the Senator to vote no on S.1. Thank you.

  14. I feel sorry for Republicans whose minds have already been poisoned and closed against Warren, before they ever gave her a chance. She is one of those few politicians who not only say exactly how things are, but have working ideas on how to fix it.
    I think Bernie was able to slip through the define-and-smear trap for many because the establishment didn't take him seriously until it was too late.

  15. Key Differences Between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiIW5ovqAa0

  16. Amen hopefully American will learn from the past (even though history is not on ourside) and vote for a candidate that actually is qualified. 2020 Americans

  17. Yes! Don't take any special interest money! Please! No PACs! No money at all!
    Leave it aaaaaaaall for Republicans!

  18. What a loony old lady.
    Ya know that creepy old lady in the neighborhood who bird watches and complains about children playing outside loudly?
    Democrats want to vote her into the White House.

  19. I'm sympathetic to the problems Warren describes, being hit by many of them myself, but the thing is that a lot of the 'traps' she describes are also things many 'regular' people depend on. Housing prices? They're being bid up by people with two incomes and demand for prime real estate. Whose fault is that? And retirees often sell their bigger 'family' homes and get a nice addition to their retirement account and move into a smaller empty-nester home. Car expenses? Buy a cheap reliable car, not a comfortable one. Day care is expensive? Who is supposed to pay for that? Maybe one of the parents should stay home and the family tighten their belt on non-essentials. Job loss by a second bread-winner causes catastrophe? You've over-committed. It's not disastrous for a single person to lose their job for an extended time?!?! Precarity and insecurity in the work force? Makes money for the middle class 401k holders as well as the wealthy financiers. So many people make their livings off being enablers of downsizing, benefits-cutting and part-timing some of the workforce, offshoring, and outsourcing. Maybe the neoliberal/Chicago School of Economics policy revolution was a disaster, not a 'new beginning' of wealth for all. And the worst of it is they cleverly dragged in much of the middle class to support the garbage that really winds up making windfalls for the fat cats, such as by tying a decent retirement to the unbridled growth of the stock market, not matter how much it hurts main street. Go there, Elizabeth,

  20. Sen. Warren is a committed representative for the people. She is a fighter who has a heart and intelligence.

  21. Say no to billionaires! Where does she get the money for her presidential campaign? Warren is delusional, and we certainly don't want any delusional presidential candidate.

  22. You can't "fleece" honest people. You can't "con" an honest person. Dishonesty is what makes Americans vulnerable to these "scams". People want to get spending money and will do anything to get it. That's why there is so much graph and corruption in American society, you can't do anything without it being present. The trap continues because people are to stupid and dishonest to resist.

  23. Who are these critics that say ELIZABETH WARREN is too liberal to run for office? I say bull. If we can have ultra conservatives lobbying our government and In the Whitehouse, there is nothing wrong with ELIZABETH WARREN being president of the United States.

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