Electroneum and another NGO – Making a Difference with ETN

Electroneum and another NGO – Making a Difference with ETN

want to get more Bitcoin or one way to get more Bitcoin is by mining and you can mine with Ella Bache group I out there in ear cuts or they have really cheap electricity you can buy the miners online and these are the mines that minors that are currently available at the time of recording you can track their progress see what they're doing your miners are doing through the awesome miner dashboard and that way everything is transparent they publish the profits and the costs and everything publicly on the telegram group I do invite you to go check it out join the telegram group and this might be something that you want to take up ivory this is crypto rich working with you to get rich with crypto filling our pockets with crypto profits and what a fabulous fabulous picture gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous smiling happy kids and this picture is from a tweet by Ubuntu you ubuntu pathways you have a pronounced iCarly ubuntu pathways we're excited to announce that Ubuntu is now one of electronics new trusted miners will be using ET and mining rewards to build our cradle-to-career initiative providing thousands of South Africa's most vulnerable children with what all children deserve everything every day now if you like me follow what's going on with electroni you will know that they announced sometime ago that they're gonna be having get entering into partnerships with about 20 NGOs non-government organizations and what they do is they're going to be using the mining rewards to fund to raise funds for these NGOs and these NGOs are the kind of NGOs that teach people skills that they can then use to get economic independence now I covered a lot of this in an interview that I did with Richard ELLs it's a fairly comprehensive interview Richard gives an outline of what's happening with electroni where it's at and the plans for the future and he talks about the NGOs now this is not this video is not about Ubuntu it's about another NGO that I don't necessarily think Richard knows about that's going to be using electro Neum and how I found out about this is via kasym be now cuz Simba is the person behind this Twitter account electroni Amartya gander and he's been on my channel before talking about what he's doing in Uganda to spread the electro neum and he got in touch with me to let me know about an NGO in I think in or near camp ala that uses electrodes gonna start using electro neom to fund this activities and to raise revenue as an additional source of revenue for the work that they do which also happens to be with children who have been ravaged by HIV and AIDS in that part of the world now before I go introduce that part of the interview I will let you know I had some technical problems first off my was I was recording in my back garden off a kasym based mobile phone speaking to this guy in Kampala Maxwell who was doing it off his mobile phone doesn't have high-speed Wi-Fi like I have here and in the middle of the recording or at the beginning of the groaning is started raining so then I had to move indoors and there was also a lag in the in the conversation between me asking questions and him answering so just to let you know about that beforehand and I'm gonna be happy I'm gonna be posting the donation link for this organization this chat registered charity in Uganda and if you want to donate electroni emplace feel free to do so I'm also gonna ask you to please subscribe hit the comment and hit the like and also click the notification bell because my views are way way down way way down and I think what's happened is that YouTube have changed the algorithm so that I'm not showing up in feeds like I used to and I've heard this is happening to quite a few youtubers so please share spread the word and between now when I see you next enjoy this video and all my other videos and fill your pockets with electro nyan profits thank you so much for making yourself available and you were to start by telling me a little bit about just who you are and what you do for this organization yeah my my name is Marco hello I'm welcoming this organization I've been working with this organization for the last the last nine years okay just like that thanks well can you hold on one second please it's just started raining in England I'm just I'm gonna I'm gonna have to move in son don't please thank you so much for making yourself available really appreciate it and you are from a charity in Uganda no and are you the head of the charity or what do you do with the charity I mean saying these charities where I was also raised up from haha and the founder of this is charity is now is now an older lady so we are the one running very organization okay so you run the organization and what is this organization what do they do this organization we are working in three areas uh-huh number one we are working on the youth leadership development and number two we are working on the education response of the children positive children from the streets those who lost their parents due to the HIV and AIDS yes due to the wall in the northern part of Uganda I am from the northern part of Uganda so right now in comparison okay so I was also raised by this organization so I grew up from this organization and I must make sure I work with this organization also push occupy and and what is the name of this charity this organization this organization is called Kusa collective organization coos our cultural organization and I will have a link to the website in the description below this video and what what is the connection with crypto currencies and coozer cultural organization the connection the motor-boated a payment okay do you want you could see because I understand from Cassie Bay who runs a like a Twitter account electroni Amartya gander that he's introduced you to electro neum you know yet do you want to live easy do one of you want to tell me what exactly you're going to be doing with electro Neum which I believe we shall be using it for selling off all our crops serving wrong our profit you're making the props okay see you could say it's a coozer cultural organization grows crops yeah as we we are making some crop for the you know training training children not minecraft and also we sell and some money to help them that's their education oh wow okay okay all right and then tell me um how do you help help these people the young people and the children so you train them how to grow crops what else do you do we also do music dance and drama in case someone is having the function today I asked about that any people there all right okay so you have a music dance troupe and engine is able to pay for that in electro Neum yeah yeah okay well why why have you chosen to use electro Neum because because it is a gym who you okay house okay can you explain how because not everybody watching this will understand how so is it cheaper than using Ugandan is it shillings you have come on boo how how is it cheaper than using the Ugandan currency how is it cheaper yeah and we want to want to connect the water project to we want to connect to the inside wall recognized in the world right yeah okay and and is that what people will be able to send electro neum from all over the world to your organization yes yes okay let me ask you are you is are you a registered charity yes we are produced that as the city or the community-based organization okay all right we buy the government of Uganda or whatever organization major system and then what I'd like you to do at the end of this video when we finish recording is give me your electrode address yes I will ask when I post the video I will ask people if they want they can send you an opinion yes you support your work now that the children and the young people and the teenagers they use mobile phones themselves come of it drill in young people and let see also the staff you all have mobile phones oh I can't hear I can hear you better okay no problem let me see let me see let me send you a message I'm gonna send you a message here jump the children young people staff all use smartphones can you see the message maxwell yeah yes do the children young people stuff on you smart Simhadri smartphone yeah like we call them smart phones you know with the screens yeah yeah yeah the people here some of us some of us use the smart phone when someone don't use okay okay and then will you be giving the teenagers and the young people that use smart phones will they be getting their electron your mobile miner okay will they all be using electro neom mobile – oh yeah if if they have if the hell okay if they have some time we will use good kids good kitchen alright now what sort of crops what sort of crops do you grow better from what clots do you grow we will grow very well many frogs with law we have we have anything there craft it not growth the growth divine move bro oh craft okay I understand okay okay well we have the property on every panel you can eat we can even show you we can show you in the video please show me show me show me okay all right so you make those bags and then you can sell them to people with electro neum yeah yeah move that above we beat them out to make them right right right and do you sell them through to local shops as well these other shops okay great and how many children report how many children teenagers and young people do you help in a year or a week ugly old multiple we have six to eight member right and okay and do they live do you provide accommodation as well or do they have their own homes now we have that we have the accommodation well wiki some and some some people because they are many come with you Tom we give to the local community members who can apply to community right right you know maximum I used to be a children social worker in England and I've worked in children's homes so I've got some understanding of that from my experience here in England okay anything anything else you want to let us know anything else you want to say we'll also make the African drum revolt of the media you can hear you yes please oh it looks nice much warmer in Uganda then here yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I can can you play some drums please very good ones the smaller one drum we make also from here how long does it take to make one of those other one can take a bow to two months Wow cause you need to make that you need to further make the frame then you bring these skills and cover it up and you believe it dead right right and and how much will that drum sell for in dollar terms this one is about six two five nine $65 okay and then you're gonna sell that in electro Neum yeah of course very good okay what else do you jeez max well Trump ever met that was wrong with you even do one okay we are losing signal we are losing signal okay Matson white white how did you discover electro neom and what is it that because I assumed it was through kasi boy what is it that kasi way said why did you decide to use electro Neum because it is easy videos right yeah okay and did it take a long time for him to convince you no no I just won the first time second time I was where oh very good and do you do you mind do you haven't the app yourself yes I have they up in my phone and my computer create great okay all right anything else Maxwell yeah we also did this before to to make the costume the dancing uniform oh can you see here out – OH – to show them yes yes this is a done prepare dancing costume so we met them all we showed them how to make one okay is this for is this for sale or ones that they wear when they perform this will be well when I'm going to perform when I go to dance right okay all right very good and do we have but for the many questions here others by inside here others here this ones are getting bread they just watch them okay go and see some more costumes going inside we have the first be more work we put here and the music dancing okay in the headrests yes in dollars Hammond how much was that cell phone will you do you not use that do you sell them as well yes $160 well okay and then of course people can buy using electro okay how will you convert the electro Neum currency if you need it how are you converted to is it Ugandan shillings the car come back to me you got a shilling how will you do that convert with your gun and shitty welcome buddy right if you want cash hole you convert convert there hey that will come to me okay okay very good so you you will convert it because him cos you know okay what out anything else what do you want to let us know I want you do I want you to a lot I want you are letting machine okay I wanna I want to go to you I want to go everywhere well yeah we have like three of them yeah another one here so use them for Oh use them for making question Mike used okay because the picture is not very clear there's a sewing machines that you use for making the cut okay very good what else do you want to show the kitchen there are negative I got to make sure how long have you been using electron YUM no I've not been using it this is this will be my first time to use it right right okay so here is the well well we are going to make a career in our vault again real make what sorry say that again this is well visual like chicken this is our poultry okay okay you got chickens in then it you'll cells sell the eggs yeah we've got one for the eggs that would be good selling the eggs and also the meat as well oh my god I love eggs and I can buy like yeah I can buy the eggs with electro Neum no not one alright I may have to do that if I send you some electro neom you'll have to send me some eggs okay that's great okay and now I'm gonna have I'm gonna make sure you give me your electro Neum address I will put it in the in the bottom of the video for the charity okay I will show that right what else what else do you have Maxwell Jennifer yeah but uniforms I just a few but I want you to have a look yes please I'm getting to yes now this does it for me to do me fall via yeah I do I do yeah this parody meatballs we are beginning on the project and but assuming shall make it good if we add all we work well with today electron iam yes okay so people can buy guinea fowl with electro neom we also have yeah both here somewhere here or you can have go so you're gonna get goats I can see I can see them I can see them lying down in the heat if it gets didn't you oh yeah bring you okay and this is for the milk and eventually the meat yes yes very good okay so you go goats guinea fowl chickens clothes drums and what was the thing right now link at the bags the craft with the craft bags what else do you have that you use making money by dancing they dancing they can begin dancing for you as you you you can be dancing as a week as you play Adam we saved you the videos or you can be watching on like online right okay okay very good very good anything else makes me now I think for the this is the V growth we're now back in the office yes oh I can see it okay there is the QR code electroni makes sense any brilliant answer yeah okay yes hold hold the camera on that again let me just order yeah on the QR code okay hopefully this will work on the video I've just made it a bit bigger on the screen okay okay great thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you any last words you want to say max robe anything else you want to let us know before we finish up with dusty you know we just need the yes need this tablet yes and then what I told you that what I told you last I talk about the I talked about the dancing that we shall we shall be if you play we shall be sending you or you will be watching it online welcome very good very good okay listen please feel free to get in touch with me and um receive way if you thank you so much for its with me with regards to this keep me updated perhaps in a few months time we can have a another video to see how things are going I really really appreciate it yeah for those of you watching please you know if you want to go check it out donate some electron iam support their work if you have any comments or questions and between now and when I see you next please keep filling your pockets with electro Neum profits this is crypto Maxwell and cryptic receive way and the Kooser women association we didn't talk about that but I have another appointment to go onto from and also the coozer cultural organization wishing you all the best best buh-bye thank you very much thank you very very much

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  2. Thanks Rich, nice interview! At first I was struggling to get it but you persevered with the interview well. It looks like they make some nice products!

  3. Thanks! Interesting to know about!
    Sunexchange, a crowd funding solar cells installing project for schools, retirement homes etz, are also in southern Africa. They send the rental income in Zar or Btc. Maybe they can also use Etn? It is good to crypto being into social dimensions☀️

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