Election Commission: How EC let India down in Elections 2019 | Ep. 85 | #TheDeshBhakt |

Election Commission: How EC let India down in Elections 2019 | Ep. 85 | #TheDeshBhakt |

By hook or by crook, Narendra Modi always wins. Modi’s slogan, ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ was immensely successful There were reports of EVM swapping in strongrooms. So all parties sent workers to guard the premises. Workers are shouting ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’, irrespective of the party they belong to. This is Modi’s Masterstroke. The big question is- ‘Can EVM be hacked?’ This question was followed by allegations, scandals and hackathons. When the entire country was questioning the EVM, Did someone hack the Election Commission? Election Commission is a controversial institution. I observe two minutes of silence whenever I cross Election Commission’s headquarters. For the first time in history, India’s former President and Former CEC had to remind EC of their duties CEC Sunil Arora seems to be working in a robotic manner. Although EVMs cannot be hacked, there are other ways to influence the elections. A lot of controversies have cropped up in
the last two months Sources say that EVM cannot be hacked. The process is too cumbersome. The easier way out is to hack the Election Commission itself DeshBhakt has 10 points which go on to show that EC might be hacked. No.1 EVM Swapping These days, EVM shifting is more popular sport than PUBG There are dozens of viral clips on social media which show that EVMs are being illegally transported. EC has chosen to remain silent on these videos. When outrage was seen on social media, EC decided to take preventive measures. Former CEC SY Qureshi had to intervene and reiterate the EC guidelines. He reminded EC about the rules regarding EVM movement. Democracy cannot allow free movement of the EVM after the elections. No.2 Clean Chits Step aside Rin, Tide and Nirma. We have a better cleaning agent in the market. The best cleaner ever! Election Commission reserves their clean-chits for certain politicians. Clean chits were given on asking for – Asking for votes in the name of martyrs, Modi- ‘Can the vote of first time voters be dedicated to Pulwama martyrs?’ – Threatening the minorities, Amit Shah- ‘Hindus, Sikhs and Jain refugees don’t need to worry’ and calling Indian Army as ‘Modi’s Army’ Yogi Adityanath- ‘Modi’s Army kills terrorists’ Clean chit with a slight warning. Warnings were given after Supreme Court issued a notice to EC for failing to take action against politicians No.3- Lavasa’s anger One of the three Election Commissioners raised concerns on the clean chits to politicians His objections were overruled. Ashok Lavasa demanded that his dissent should be noticed. EC rejected his demand to record dissent. You can’t say anything against your God. Sunil Arora said that this was an internal rift and dismissed the reports Members of EC are not fighting on roads or holding a press conference. However, this can happen soon. EC stands exposed in front of the public. No.4- Bogus Voting EVMs cannot be hacked via Bluetooth. It only requires a finger. Poll observers and party workers were seen playing foul in viral videos. This is known as the frugal way of hacking the EVM. EC decided for a re-poll in Faridabad. No.5- Namo TV EC was hacked in an interesting manner. EC was a little uncomfortable with Modi Biopic. Vivek Oberoi’s acting could have backfired and certain political party would have lost votes because of him. EC demanded a ban on Namo TV and the movie. Modi did not agree to ban Namo TV. Namo TV continued streaming under the facade of advertisement channel. Later, BJP was gracious enough to let EC scan the content of the channel. Throughout the elections, Namo TV was airing on TV screens Namo TV vanished from all the platforms as soon as the elections came to an end. Questions regarding Namo TV’s funding and management are now irrelevant. EC’s stance will be determined by factors like your party and opponent candidature. Tej Bahadur was the candidate contesting against Narendra Modi He lost to EC before putting up a fight against Modi. ABP’s sting operation revealed that Election officers scanned Tej Bahadur’s affidavit for over two days to find a way to cancel his candidature. Tej Bahadur could not fight elections as he was suspended from the army. EC ruthlessly scrutinized Tej Bahadur’s affidavit. #Modikhushhua Smirti Irani has repeatedly claimed false educational credentials in her affidavits. However, no one can raise a finger if you are backed by Modi No.7 VVPAT VVPAT stands for Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail. The machine issues printed receipts when someone casts his/her vote. EC says that VVPAT slips should not be counted even in random testing of EVMs They say the process could delay election results by few days. Time shouldn’t be a concern when Democracy is at stake. Caravan magazine stated that EC lied before Supreme court about VVPAT machines. EC said that EVMs and VVPAT never go wrong with their counting. Caravan has stated that this is not true. No.8 Custom made Last Phase If BJP wished for a custom made election calendar then EC fulfilled it There was a tough fight in UP where BJP was fighting against SP-BSP alliance. BJP had to win other constituencies in West Bengal and Orissa Amit Shah wanted to win 20+ seats in West Bengal. The only solution was a seven phase election. EC held elections in seven phases. BJP needed time for campaigning in last phase of elections EC obliged. Elections in Odisha were held in four phases. This was unprecedented BJP left no stones unturned in capitalizing on this opportunity. No. 9- Kedarnath Visit Energy=Modi ‘Ji’ A day before the final phase, Modi asked EC’s permission for Kedarnath visit EC granted him the permission Political Parties termed this as a violation of Model Code of Conduct. This is normal for Modi. Camera is part of his lifestyle since 1988. Modi was posing for cameras in Kedarnath while people were voting in their constituencies No. 10 Mysterious Black Box A lot of suspicious events happened in the last two months IAS officer was transffered when he dared to inspect Modi’s helicopter We still do not know the information about the black box in Modi’s helicopter We also have no information about the 20 lakh missing EVMs There are lot of speculations over those missing EVMs EC’s silence on these issues is a matter of concern. DeshBhakt brings you all the politicial and social satire on this channel Press the bell icon to get notified when we upload new episodes Do subscribe to our channel. Thanks to our Patreons for their continous love and support We are now India’s biggest satire platform with a reach of over 100 million. Keep watching and take care!

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  1. Sir ji… Pesa bada balwaan hai jisne zameer becha hai wo jarur iska fal bhktega..such ko jo bhi jhut se dabata hai wo us waqat to jeet jaata hai magar uski ruh ander se haari rehti hai aur duniya sirf jismo ki hai aazaadi ki liye ruh fir khut me uljh uljh ke tarpegi…

  2. Pls stop spreading false rumours…. I was one of the counting supervisors and I know the whole thing was safe and carried out under scrutiny in presence of political agents. There is no chance of cheating dude. Pls be mature and don't post just to gather views.

  3. EVM chhod, NDTV ko hack karke unka exit pole apne naam kar diya. 😂😂😂

    Chutiya samjh rakha hai kya?

  4. तीन मक्कार एकसाथ (मोदी,शहा, ईलेक्शन कमीना अरोरा) आनेपर देशके बुरेदिन आनेवालेही थे!!

  5. Soch rahe the LIBRANDU- abb Kya karenge.. raga to pura gobar kar diya excuse de deke.. but.
    LIBRANDU- hold my br,,evm chor,,ec chor,public chor,130 cr sab jhute,,world chor ,,universe chor..72 hoor chor😋😂🤣🤣🤣😅😆

  6. Another paid YouTube channel FAKE DESH BHAKT. LIES & LIES NO POINT COMMENTING. PLS LEAVE THE E.C.out of your defamation campaign.

  7. It's an alarming situation, yet no one is raising the issue.
    Congress still hasn't learnt how to act like an opposition party

  8. Chai ki charcha
    Kya bat hai Angrez China se Chura kar kay CHAI laiye aur Raj kiya.
    Modi bhi Scientist nikla Chai ke madhyam se Sab ka sath Modi Shah ka raj.
    EVM Maharaj. Na khul jai Raaz.

    Muqadar ka Sikandar.

    Russia HE'LLPS with EVM

    Dheray dheray bol koi sunn na laay !;
    Sunn la lay bhai sunn na laay.

  9. Mr. Rail gadi, saare desh ke citizen toh murkh hai bas keral jaha pappu Khan bhag gaye waha ke log hi parhe likhe rah gaye. India me Muslim sabse pahle keral me hi aaye, Sabse jyada ISIS me keral ke pare likhe yuvak hi gaye. Desh me keral hi ek desh hai jaha leftist communist sabhi party ke logon ko katle karte hai.

  10. केरल में भाजपा आज तक 1 भी सीट नही जीत पाई, जानते हैं क्यों ? wahan ka EVM hack karna nahi ata .. lol

  11. You've a lot to critique about BJP. And, in few of the other Videos you've criticized Congress.

    So, do you think you are raising voice?
    Being a typical Bengali just criticizing is all you can do. Why don't you FUCKING give a solution. Strike the DESHBHAKT from your T-shirt! Until and Unless you can give any solution stop criticizing.

    Show the face who will come down and improve our Country!

  12. Sunil arora ko fassi do desh ka sabse gaddar election commission saba lakh crore janta kay saath dhoka diya hai modi sabse frod pm

  13. Selection Dalal Commission of India….Jo Constitution ko Constipation kar diya…
    Aise Dalal and Chor and Commission khori Daku nahin dekhe honge hum

  14. इन चुनावों में भारतीय लोकतंत्र और भारतीय राजनीति की इतनी निर्ममता से हत्या की गई है कि अब इसके दुबारा जिन्दा होने की संभावना बहुत ही कम है। और इसके लिए सबसे ज्यादा जिम्मेदार चुनाव आयोग ही है।

  15. Upgrade ur info and please proof toh sahi do…do teen year sal purana clip mat dalo…..tumko kuch bolke bhi faida nh hae…kitna biased vedio banaoge kuch real issues aur congress mae bhi….

  16. Indra gandhi ne kya kar liye.. jo modi ukhad lenge..10-15 sal ki satta hay.. takht to palatna hi hay..

  17. Totally bakwaas …EVM hack hoti to madhya Pradesh Rajasthan and chhattisgarh me Congress ki government kabhi nahi banti . Chamcho

  18. If BJP pulled all that out, I'm really happy for that.
    This country is a drain, to get things going you need to get inside the fucking drain, with shit load of chemicals, with enough damage of both side to make it working again. It's as simple as that.

  19. ओपोजिसन जीते तो इवीएम ठीक-ठाक है, यदि बीजेपी एलायंस जीते तो इवीएम के साथ टेम्परिंग हुई है, यह बात सही है परंतु अबकी बार बीजेपी का कुछ दिखाई नहीं दिया, कयोंकि ना तो 2014 का कोई वाधा पूरा हुआ और ना आगे के लिए कोई वाधा किया, इसलिए थोड़ा डाउट होना स्वाभाविक है, परंतु विपक्ष में हर एक पार्टी का हैड या सैकंड हैड पीएम प्रोजैक्ट हुआ पडा था, तो परमेश्वर कन्फ्यूज हो गया, बीजेपी के साथ सारी पार्टियों ने एक मन होकर कहा कि पीएम केवल श्री मोदी होगें, परमेश्वर ने खुशी खुशी उनको सत्ता सौंप दी, पवित्र बाइबल मति 18: 19, 20 आमीन🙏

  20. Dear Akash, This is all bullshit. EVM Machines are hacked all over India through Reliance towers. And those areas where they don't have proper range available they did it manually. As I explained it to Rahul Gandhi itself no comments from him. In Amethi his actual vote was 516,742 and Smrithi got 357,238. FYI… If you can give me 10,000 cr and 4 years time. I can replicate the same but impossible to prove it what happened already.

  21. Yes
    Deshbhakt questions everything
    Other than your profession of making videos you are contributing to one of the important cause for nation
    That is bynsaving its essence of democracy

  22. Crowd fund chahiye inko
    Isi agent hai na dhurv rathee kidhar Gaya ye sale log Naam Badal badalkar India me ghuse hue hain Inka kaam hi Hai isi k party Cong ki raksha karna aur ajo Akash hai ye toh Pakistan ka tarif karte humasha dikhte hai genuine Mudda inke pass hai nahi kyunki ye toh hai gaddar log hai.

  23. Yeh video mullon ko pasand AA rhi hai….kyuki modi ne gaand maar rkhi hai mullon ki😅😂😂😂😂

  24. Hello Bosudike…..
    We voted modi… U go between the people and ask them they will tell u…..
    U r nonsense Guy…. Whn Congress won MP… Rajasthan…. chattisgar tht time EVM was r8
    Whn bjp won EVM wrong….

    I m from karnataka…. come here and ask the ppl…. all voted modi…
    If they beat u nicely….thn dont blame me

  25. Pulvama me gadi jo rdx le ke aaye vo gujratki gadi thi na. Aou unhen kaise malum tha ye bus bullet proof nahin hai.

  26. Evm ka kamal .EC ko paisa diye gae or bjp jeete chiting karke modi feku or takla shah sabse bade khatara hai is desh ke liye

  27. Akash Banarjee has the full support of BANGLADESHI GHUSPETHIYAS and educated JIHADIS only😂😂..see the comment section😁

  28. Pahle Muslims khatre main
    Pahle Congress khatre main hai
    Pahle democracy khatre main

    Ab EC bhi khatre main hai 🤦

    Level of hypocrisy

  29. Oo Banaerjee, you are only right and whole india is fool. You are just blaming people and not accepting defeat. You are just spreading propaganda

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