Eight Nations: One Victor

Eight Nations: One Victor

Commanders, we need you! Battle with your fellow patriots
from 21st to 30th October! Pledge your allegiance to our nation! Use any vehicle you own,
no matter the nation! Just make sure we’re victorious! If we win,
you’ll be duly rewarded! Our nation needs you!

59 thoughts on “Eight Nations: One Victor

  1. Im going for italy F YEAH i love italian tanks but cant sign up https://8nations.worldoftanks.eu its broken :/ 🙁 pls help?
    In game name: Giedriux1998

  2. Witam czy ktoś zagrałby ze mną w programie rekrutacyjnym(wymagania mniej niż 200 bitw lub 60 dni nieaktywności) jeśli tak to łapka w góre pod komentarzem i info w grze nick:Dawid686

  3. Agin there will be 5x times more player in nation 1 then in nation 3 so any other nation that has less player will get nothing and even in the victorious nation only the top 100 (unicum of the unicum) players will get "worthy" reward but they will dont need it becouse they already have everything they need in 90-100% (sry for the bad english)

  4. Error Our team is working on this issue. Please try to refresh the page or come back later… Benn trying to refresh for last 1,5 hour without positive outcome………..

  5. Best choice might be between Germany and France since these nations have the best players. F for poland and the czech republic lmao they will be the last ones XD

  6. Guess gonna pick Germany… Primo Victoria wont be won by me… Sweaty bastards gonna sweat to get another premium tank, like they need it…

  7. Whereeee is Japan!!!! Wtf WG? And in the EU server and RU everyone is going to choice Russian tanks… NA SERVERS USA tanks are going to win.. Or Maybe Russian again..

  8. OUR nation needs you! Soviet anthem intensifies
    Serve the Soviet union in our mission comrade! Make the motherland proud!

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