EFF is celebrating six years as a political party

EFF is celebrating six years as a political party

Linda what is the e ffs message to impoverished communities under the theme of festival for the poor to take this particular birthday celebration well as a matter of principle we called all provinces we have been to cater their weapon to how their weapon – not worth welcome to the world welcome to Eastern Cape now was the ten of Hamelin and it coincided with the people of Berlin having shown a phenomenal growth of the year and support from two members of the provincial legislature to fall from one member of the NZ hopi to another one for a special delegate and quite a number of other fighters of Milan are making it to the national assembly and the growth of the FF from about 75 thousand to about 150 to worse two hundred thousand a vote from Milan we have come to break the bread to celebrate with them assist and measure if a tape of the EMF as she watches the message because the egg on Amazon is one of those communities you know not had a lot of problems it was when the media space in fact you saw us coming home yeah but rather the message to these people in such communities struggling with service delivery all of the message from the time we have come here to actually demonstrate that it is nothing called local area for new FF actually the ffs got a national footprint is not original istic or tribal organization it's a united national organization very revolutionary images with the people we are aware of the sufferings and profit of our people of Hamelin in penal in kenya Mehsana after the storm there are houses are still not repaired generals and constructors have ran away with the manner of cognate we assured them that the FF will hold this government accountable right and she I would call my mind my mind for example he says that I will not be doing my job if I'm not asking you this but there is growing across the public well we have a problem with the corruption in by the police in police stations but we still go to those politicians who report crime and it doesn't make any sense that if you have got a problem with a person who's occupying an office you cannot go to that office and watch the crime and man files and give the man administration and public service to that office because of the person will have never had any problem with that office and will support that office another person Sheba's to her work she must be allowed to do her work we can set a precedent that when you don't agree with the finding a person must go you don't agree with the finding a person Moscow it means the same thing must happen to suda2 to magistrates and judges whose judgments get overturned in the Supreme Court the High Court and in the Constitutional Court so they too must go and it can be with this pollutant we may never have liked and supported her appointment initially but she has to serve at him we are not aware of anything that ever a trainee warrants that she must be booked with the agency at which the white monopoly capital and whites and disgruntled people about their findings actually want us to prove at that particular speed and I thank you so much for your time and Lee that is the LC of the economic freedom fighters just taking us through some of the reasons why they came here in Panama sunny but more particularly throwing their weight behind the protector saying the nothing wrong that she is doing and in fact that such must continue to serve her term but that's the message coming from here and just one second just to show you the stadium here is the actual capacity they are waiting for the CIC Angela say my name is Katya and I trust them and give them a message it is the 6th birthday of the economic freedom fighters head of the festivities unassuming but the pair and the president offer the economic freedom fighters here the being away from I leave you with them as the motorway make their way inside the stadium coming to us from malanga at the birthday celebrations of the e FF that was our reporter at Linda Cortile Lulu

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  1. Bubela happy to leave after you because I hate to see idiots messing up the country.i saw 3 year olds destroying a classroom because they never got what they wanted.they learning from u how to destroy it in 3 seconds

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