EconoMinute: Fascism

EconoMinute: Fascism

Hello friends! Today I want to talk to
you about fascism. It’s in the news a lot lately, particularly as a result of the
events in Virginia few days ago. I want to talk to you, not so much about the
racists and the outright fascists on the far-right of American politics, they’ve
been there a long time. They exist in many other countries. They’re bitter,
angry people who try to explain the misery that they feel and see around
them, as the evil doings of whatever the scapegoat of that era happens to be.
Could be Jews, could be gypsies, could be bankers, could be foreigners, could be
immigrants…there are a lot of candidates. I’m not interested so much in those
folks, they’re there. What I am concerned about is: why and when they may be able
to appeal to a much larger part of the population, and thereby become a serious
social force. They’re trying to do that now, and I think they’re clues as to how
and why they may be successful, and here they are: capitalism, the economic system
of the United States, has not recovered from the crash of 2008. Oh, surely the
stock market’s back up, profits of big banks are back up, the top 5% or 10% of the American people whose incomes are attached to the stock market
and corporate profits are doing well as well. But for the vast majority of
Americans, we are still in the dumps. The value of our homes has not recovered, our
jobs are paid more poorly, or are less secure, or are more difficult than they
were before the crash of 2007-2009 took its dreadful toll. As people search
to understand why their economic conditions are bad, and why
those coming down the road to their children don’t look much better, they
will become susceptible to the appeals of a right-wing that is ready with scary
scapegoats to focus attention on. And one of the most important reasons the right-wing will be successful, is because this country for the last 50 years has
repressed and destroyed in large part the left-wing. It made it impossible for
socialists, communists, and others who explained economic downturns without
scapegoating ethnic groups, religious groups, or any other kind of demonology
of the sort that right-wingers specialize in. And the simple truth is, if
you closed off the left-wing capacity to come in and say, “here is a problem in
economic life, and here’s the reason that we need system change…” if you have to
repress that because you’re afraid of system change, you open the door that
next time your capitalist system malfunctions badly, for the extreme right-wing to come out come in with their solutions, scapegoating minorities. The
people in charge of this economy cannot shrink from their responsibility of
having brought about the very right-wing extreme fascist activities they now want to complain about. This is Richard Wolff for Democracy at Work.

45 thoughts on “EconoMinute: Fascism

  1. Lies, lies lies, This guy is not as credible as you think. Democracy was supposed to be the balance of free market capitalism, but it was corrupted by corporations to stifile competition through the government. That is by definition corporate fascism. This guy is peddling commie propaganda under the guys of democracy. Hes admitted to being a communist on public telivision. He doesnt believe in democracy. His content is communist propaganda that hides behind the name Democracy, this is the tactic these communists use these days. There is a huge difference between free market capitalism and corporate fascism, what caused the crash of 2008 was not free market capitalism and true democracy it was the inherent problem with corporate fascism. This guy is a communist I hope you guys know that, he proclaimed it on public television himself as a communist.

  2. This is the greatest danger, the left has been hijacked, in the USA and UK and now the people whose interests are served by the left wing parties are going to the right wing, and this is both dangerous and, in the case of Trump, dangerous as it gives license to the worst kinds of hatred, where the working classes have given up fighting the rich for a share of the pie and have instead decided that the pie was taken from them by (fill in the blank, race/religion/sex/sexuality/minority) and take the anger out on them instead.

    It is a horrible and savage part of the human personality and it is why it is so urgent that we get people who are tempted or who have leaned right under the influence of the worst of human nature and the indoctrination of the manipulative propaganda machine of the corporate elites, and try to get them to see that their best interests can be served by fighting up rather than kicking down.

    I mean it should be an easy sell as it is REALLY obvious where the money is, the problem is that most people don't live next door to the 1% but they do see the dysfunction of impoverished communities and thats why I believe its easier to blame your unoffending but dissimilar neighbors rather than the elite who you have never met or really understand.

    This is why we need to make sure that the Democrats don't run Hillary or any Neoliberal like her, it is why we need to make sure Corbyn isn't usurped in the UK, and it is why we need to fight tooth and nail against Macrons anti-organization attacks in France.

    On a broader note I feel that we do ourselves a disservice when we fail to act for the wage slaves and slaves in other countries and the USA who are working for pittance but who are actually taking manufacturing jobs. One thing that the labor unions have missed I believe is that if we were more active in arguing for an improvement in their conditions, the rise in labor cost would make offshoring much less profitable and with rising transportation costs would reduce the drain of jobs from developed nations.

    Similarly in the USA somehow we need to get the rust belt arguing against prison slavery as this is taking their jobs away directly while costing them more as the incentive to incarcerate people increases taxes. This is not to mention the sheer inhumanity of such a system and its devastating human cost!

    It would also be worth mentioning the role of the City of London in perpetuating and influencing Washington in its uniquely undemocractic and colonial manner, maybe a little nationalism would actually help rather than as it is currently doing, being using in a racist and xenophobic divisive manner.

    BTW did you see Theresa Mays address to the UN, it was priceless, like Neoliberal propaganda in a bottle, I highly recommend you see it and perhaps you could translate it into real speak on your channel.

  3. Richard, when will you stop peddling lies about debt, deficits, monetary sovereignty and the impossibility if capital flight in a free floating, non-convertible fiat regime?

    Federal taxes do not pay for spending.

    Stop making the wealthy the saviors

  4. Not so sure they're complaining. Now they can abandon any pretense of being democratic whatsoever and carry out the policies they'd wanted all along.

  5. When it comes to fascism I refer to an article written by George Orwell in 1944. It's as relevant now is it was then.

  6. We are all part of a minority we should all be careful of scapegoating as who can be so sure that you won't be in the cattle trucks next?

  7. Wolff needs to stop whining. People can vote at the ballot box, with their feet and with their pocket books. That is real democracy at work. Wolff wants to regulate and redistribute with force. It is the governments that are fascist, not the capitalist.

  8. Just goes to show you that the capitalist media would rather promote the alt right and libertarianism rather than socialism. And most people think the media is left wing. LOL what a joke

  9. Thank you for posting this,more Americans need to see past the propaganda of the far right scapegoating and McCarthyism which has all but destroyed your unions and left wing parties.

  10. You show a picture of some elder austrians with their austrian flag and a sign "we love our home" when you talk about fascists? are you serious?!

  11. These fringe, far-right, neo-Nazi groups are not the main problem. The vast majority of the population finds their ideology repulsive. They are well-opposed.

    The most dangerous fascism is in the government: mass surveillance, the corporate conglomeration of the mass media, persecution of whistle blowers and reporters, attacks on free speech/assembly (those anti-BDS bills are a good example), the militarized police force, war for profit, etc. That's what we need to be concerned about.

  12. Does this old Jew think it is possible to advocate for lower immigration without "demonizing immigrants" ? He supports massive immigration because he sees them as a reserve army he can use to wage war against society with. He is a traitor.

  13. Zeev Sternhell is a very cultured and honest historian, but his thesis that fascism prolongs the romantic reaction to Enlightenment rationalism fails in front of the simple question: What kind of romantic anti-enlightenment is this that brings in itself the cult of technique, of industrial progress and of the mechanical organization of society?

  14. The best studies on fascism are still those of Anthony James Gregor. The thesis of prof. Zeev Sternhell, which includes programmatic antimodernism among the defining characteristics of fascism, is very respectable for its documentary backing, but fails at the basis level to disregard the massive participation of fascists in modernist movements in literature and the arts and to ignore one of the major sources of anti-modernism in the twentieth century is Islamic and has nothing to do with fascism beyond peripheral coincidences

  15. rise up throw out the billionaires throw out the millionaires shitcan the corporations who rip us off by the day throw out the Congress throw out the Senate and start over it's over due

  16. Nice presentation. I agree with Dr. Wolff as usual, except for the part about home prices having "not recovered". I think that's generally inaccurate right now.

  17. Lets look at the bills and laws passed for the last 47 years that have caused this. We have no facsim unless people wake the fuck up

  18. This is a bad analysis. "fascism rise because the left is unorganized during the economic downturn."(approximated quote)
    You really should read about the communist party in Italy and Germany, before fascism rise in those country…

  19. It's not scapegoating. They just genuinely hate those people and what they stand for, as it is in stark contrast to their own way of life. Social division is what you then get. Could be fun to see though… how long will a society function or last with so many divisions.

  20. After many years of looking into all kinds of conspiracies (starting with 911, and then long path into the rabbit hole) I have come to conclusion that there are 2 kinds of people in this world, and the same types of people have existed throughout human history.

    One group, which is vast majority, are the people who are taught and raised to be just, fair, hard working and most importantly, EARN they living by their own work / labor.

    The other group is very small minority, which is taught and raised to be "smarter" and by this I mean, to not be hard working, honest and fair individual, as those never end up anywhere big or important. Instead, these kinds of people have always been thinking of new ways to trick the masses into working for them, and they take the wealth from them.

    This is why and how we always had slavery, monarchies, feudalists, and now capitalists.

    None of these people ever work, not a day in their life time (especially the richest ones). They have accumulated so much wealth, they created their own laws, economic systems and have used their wealth to buy out all types of media, from movies to news to music industry… they own all governments, and their so called opposition parties. The capitalists, the top richest people control everything.

    They have created scam of a monetary system (and I advise everyone to look into Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin) and we are their economic slaves… all our lives.

    We can change this, but first, every person on this planet must wake up from the fake reality that was imposed onto us all of our lives… this is very much like in the movie Matrix, I kid you not… the reality is created in your mind, and through selective educational system (especially history which is lacking so many important facts, which if you knew, would change your way of thinking drastically – one of them is that US and GB capitalists have actually funded Nazi Germany, and they traded with them, even during the war. This is not written in any history book but is very important fact, and there are many more like this one)… you need to take that red pill, and look into the rabbit hole… and go very……………. very deep. It is a very long journey, but its worth is as, you will come out wiser… a lot.

  21. Sense you made reference to Charlottesville and right wing extremist only, lets clarify some things. They had a legal right to be there, they went to court even though leftist group never had to jump through those hoops. In fact it is the radical communist left that suppressed free speech that day with collusion of the local government who did not provide for the safety of their citizens. There are a lot of stand down orders happening in favor of the far left. Who really needs to be apprehensive here? Americans who still believe in the constitution and not the communist manifesto. I like your thoughts on the economy but clearly you stand with a bloody communist systemic change and not a soft evolution. Defend yourself sir

  22. Mr. Wolf, I don't think you are being totally fair to Fascism. Many people find Fascism to be repulsive due the historical facts of their test cases, which suffered from many of the difficulties of mass-societies. At the heart of Fascism, though, is Nationalism, which could also be moderate and positivist. Multiculturalism, Globalization, and environmental destruction are the forces driving our current dystopia, but neither Capitalism nor Socialism provide any real alternative to these trends.

  23. The LEFT – ANTIFA are the fascists. They shut down any opinion that doesn't agree with them through the use of terrorism. Mask wearing thugs carry around anarchist flags destroying property is going to escalate the problems we face. Fringe groups like the KKK are products of the left – look at what party (Democratic) they belonged to.

  24. Well the corporate owners SURE didn't count on the internet being the beacon of shining light it is. As soon as the baby boomers die this country will be damn near communist.

  25. The far left, like the far right, has its scapegoats. The far left scapegoats consist of everyone who isn't part of an endlessly fractionating oppressed in-group that those in power control to explain away state failures and further consolidate their power. What about the kulaks? The bourgeois? Are these not groups of people with specific ideology and culture that those on the far left want to destroy in bloody revolution to bring about a more idealized system? As someone with a deep appreciation of Marx – this seems like the basic implication of Marxist thought to me.

  26. All the Neoliberals, centrists and establishment Democrats benefit under these same conditions that breed far right hate filled fascist ideology. That's why the Democrats and the supposedly liberal media preferred that Clinton lose to Trump instead of Sanders getting nominated and defeating Trump. That's why the talking heads in the corporate media continue to bash lefties and try to equate us with far right bigots by labeling anyone who doesn't support establishment Democrats as the "alt left".

  27. All economies go through corrections due to true values being misjudged. This is usually caused by central bank price fixing. When it happens people lose money and it hurts, BUT did our store shelves go empty? could we no longer buy toilet paper? did all the gas stations run out of gas? No people recover, some faster than others, I almost went broke in 2008 when my home building business collapsed but I a few year later I recovered, and I am no wall street banker I assure you. We live in a half capitalist, half socialist country that will probably always be that way because no agrees on what it should be and our politicians just want to be re-elected. They are completely clueless outside of "how to get elected" so don't expect anything good to come from them. Just live your life, take care of your family, and ignore this fool. If he were president tomorrow he would have no idea how to manage anything more than a YOUTUBE channel.

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