Economic Update: Marxism’s Contribution [TEASER]

Economic Update: Marxism’s Contribution [TEASER]

[WOLFF] Let’s get right to the key thing that I wanted to have you talk to us about. What does Marxism – and Marxian political
economy in particular – what does it offer to a society like ours today? Why is
this something you study, you teach your students who want to learn what’s going on with Marxism? [OLLMAN] Beginnings are very important to Marx and I, in recent years, like to begin my discussions of Marxism by quoting a
statement Marx makes in Capital, Volume 1…

11 thoughts on “Economic Update: Marxism’s Contribution [TEASER]

  1. 12 second intro for a 59 second video is poor form.

    Edit: And outro? These videos are really starting to get whack Professor.

  2. I'd like to see some commentary on Kropotkin, Bakunin, and Goldman and my personal favorite Proudhon. I'm more in tune with the libertarian tradition.

  3. Prof. Wolff is awsome. I personally wish that he would make an attempt to bring at least some political ideas to attach to his economic ideas such as maybe anti curroption ect.
    That was marx's real failure. Where he gets a lot of false blame for the failures of places like the former soviet union which wasnt a real marx economy that wasnt the real problem they had amazing economic preformance the problem was the political. I believe the decentralized worker coop model Wolff puts forward is great but it will always get judged by those that wish to intentinally misunderstand those same people have a great distrust of the political system.

  4. You should talk about what happened between Bakunin and Marx and why Bakunin was expelled from the International workers organization, you would do a great deed to a forgotten man. "The 1872 Hague Congress was dominated by a struggle between Marx and his followers, who argued for the use of the state to bring about socialism, and the Bakunin/anarchist faction, which argued instead for the replacement of the state by federations of self-governing workplaces and communes." You keep talking about Marx yet the approach you preach is Bakunian in nature. I find it amusing that you inspired yourself from the worker coops in Spain, like the Mandragon, yet you fail to mention that Spain was lead by Anarcho-Syndicalist following Bakunin's method of revolt in an all out war between the people and the Capitalist (they literally took their guns/weapons). Why don't you talk about Spain 1936-1939 Communist society? It's one of the rare revolutions that lead to a fully self-governed cooperative society. Why do you talk nonsense about this "new" socialism of the 21st century? It's nothing new, it's been done and successful. We already have a model to follow. The anarchist achieved communism precisely because of their anti-hierarchical, against the state methods. That is until, their fascist spanish government, which they were at war with, with the help of Stalin (so much for calling himself a communist huh?) attacked Catalonia and other regions that had gained their independence through the anarchist revolution. You could start, Mr Wolff, by reading George Orwell (a famous communist) who wrote about the war against the anarcho-syndicalist revolution, Orwell went to spain and fought within anarchist ranks, and is all documented by himself in "Homage to Catalonia".

  5. once again cutting off those of us that can't afford to subscribe by claiming superiorty of 'not being corporate funded' … you fucking made these videos for YEARS … and now you fuck us – the very ones you purport to be helping – by locking us out of being able to watch … thanks for nothing asswipes

    yeah – I know – we peasants can go listen to audio and those that have the capital can get to watch

  6. Communists communists communists
    Worms worms worms worms worms;
    Liberals liberals liberals
    Worms worms worms worms worms.

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