19 thoughts on “Economic Populism Explained Can Swing Voters For Tulsi Gabbard And Others

  1. Boomers are afraid of the socialism word. Luckily their expiration date is very soon. They’re afraid if Russia, too.

  2. Bernie Sanders' proposal would tax every one 4% to fund health so everyone earning less than $300,000 would presumably come out ahead. So it would probably would be popular initially. Of course, when you raise demand you increase prices which means the 4% figure may not be adequate in the longer term. Remember, the social security tax started at 1.2%.

    Economic populism and socialism are not the same thing but both are so poorly defined that it is difficult to iron out all the distinctions.

    I'm for Tulsi Gabbard, but I doubt that I would support most of her views on domestic issues. I think it is a mistake to jump on that bandwagon. The Green New Deal is utterly unworkable and unnessary. The fact that we are spending far more on the military than we can afford is no reason to spend even more money on other things we cannot afford. We should not abandon the need for sound policy and sound money just because we agree on foreign policy.

  3. How is it Yang can sell his UBI on a new value added tax, and everyone buys into it, but national health care is seen as stealing from the other guy? It makes my head spin. $1,000 a month isn't going to pay the rent or my insurance premiums. What's his charm? Because he's a cute Asian rich guy who doesn't pay taxes?

  4. I agree economic populist is better. It's more defined. So when Nancy Pelosi says "I'm an economic populist" it's even more laughable. Actually I think she'd never say it. Which is good.

  5. Socialism has been demonized in America since the end of WW2. That's about 75 years of deeply entrenched propaganda. You may be able to eventually win the term back, but it's going to take longer than this election cycle. For now, the word is toxic and should be avoided.

  6. Related to labels and their misuse, listen to

    Sustainability : Beyond Political Categorization.

  7. In Finland, we would call Bernie social democrat. Finland is not a socialist country; we have capitalist economy (with constraints) and multi-party system for representing people in parliament. One of the parties is called Social Democratic Party.

  8. About M4A: The "how to pay for it" is a doubly false premise.
    The usual answer is "how do we pay for the wars that cost a lot more than M4A would", but even that is missing the point.
    M4A would save money. Even the conservative Koch study that tried to disprove M4A being a good idea found that it would save 330 Billion over 10 years compared to the current system. The US currently pays around 10 000 dollars per person per year in healthcare costs (including insurance, copays, premiums, taxes, and whatever else). In countries with Universal Healthcare, it's half that. Look up "List of countries by total health expenditure per capita" on Wikipedia.

  9. Social democracy is the accurate description. That's what Bernie and Tulsi are. I wish Bernie, AOC, and others would start using that correctly. Ask anyone who is actually involved with DSA – they will not agree that Bernie is a democratic socialist.

  10. I don't generally like labels. I do take the label Independent however. When a tribalist asks me if I'm Dem. or Rep. I say Independent. Both sides will usually listen to my part of a political conversation and not get into a hissy fit if I don't follow their party line. Not trusting either party is a plus for me. Being called an "economic populist" wouldn't bother me either.

  11. "Tulsi doesn't like labels"

    Yes, and that is something that immediately draws attention to her. It helps to make her more genuine, even before she spouts policy issues.

    Political labels have a utility, or at least they have in the past. But they are being used to squash thought and exploration. They are used to keep things the same, to avoid exploring new solutions that technology has made possible, that weren't possible before.

    I love this person. (Not you Dave, although I'm sure you're terrific. I mean Tulsi.)

  12. Did I see that right? Twitter said "You might like ….Mckayla Wilkes". I sure do — check her out and tell your viewers. Her "Issues" page has a more detailed platform than tulsigabbard.org and that is saying something!

  13. To listen to you here…seems like your just trying to paint socialism a different color to fool people into believing it's cool or functional. Socialism is another word for 100% big bro gov. ( authoritarianism ) in our lives…Were NOT fooled by the additional of the word democratic in front of it either.
    We ( the Am. people ) are damn tired of having gov. in our personal / family lives…were tired of the whinning and crying about the climate…the healthcare…the PC correct media etc. etc. Can you and your statist friends understand that humanity is destined to be FREE…not subjects of any entity.
    Stop promoting fancy labels you place on evil to dress it up and make it sellable to the egnorant who have not yet awoken to what is being done to society. NEVER has government benefited the PEOPLE…especially socialism / communism ( and they are both a form of 100% govern-mente ) & by calling it a new ""cool"" name will change that.
    Please listen to THE MOST DANGEROUS SUPERSTITION … voicebook here on YT. Live & Learn.

  14. I just ask any anti socialist how they plan to defund our socially funded military, both of our fire and Police departments, and public schools and replace them with private corporate services.

  15. Does the Democratic Party actually stand for Democracy? Does the Republican Party actually stand for the Republic? The Green Party stands for more than just environmental concerns and the label of the party, just like for the Democrats and Republicans, doesn’t tell the whole story of what they stand for… but what label does?

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