Eastern Europe Wants To Be America

Eastern Europe Wants To Be America

So, yeah, basically ever since I knew that there’s
a place called America I loved it and I wanted to go there. The thing is that I still haven’t
been there, and I’m 22. In fact I haven’t even been outside Europe or to any countries
where English is the official language atr all. Now if I had been to the US I might have a
different opinion. Who knows? Maybe I wouldn’t even like it there. My whole fandom and love
for America is based on movies, the internet and some encounters with Americans that I
have had in the past couple of years. So what does an Eastern/middle European kid
think about the land of opportunities without actually seeing it for himself. I guess it’s pretty much the standard stereotypes
that every non-american has: if you go there you’ll get rich, americans are dumb, they
feed on hot dogs and hamburgers and watch football and bbq on the weekends, they’re
fat and everyone is happy. I mean it’s pretty much what you see in
the movies. Of course these are stereotypes (which are probably based on something) but
I won’t make an opinion before I actually spend some times over there.
It’s definitely cool place to spend your teenage years there – again based on movies.
I would’ve loved that. Living in a neighbourhood with your friends living nearby, going to
diners for first dates, playing football, being the nice guys in the school that every
girl falls for – not that I would’ve stood a chance – getting your first car for your
16th birthday, trick or treating, thanksgiving, going to prom, being prom king – again wouldn’ve
stood a chance – and all that. I mean it’s lifestyle that I really really liked in the
movies. I watched like a shit load of teenage movies when I was a teenager. One of my biggest
dreams was spending a school year in the US- but it was too expensive. The most america
I’ve ever had was a thanksgiving dinner at an american christian guy – here in Hungary,
in Budapest. It was really fun though. So why do eastern europeans wanna go there
so much? Why do we try to be like americans here in europe – mostly eastern europe? I
mean it must do something with the fact the the average life quality is much better in
America. During the world wars many people emigrated to america made a life became successful,
became americans and proceeded to live better life than those who stayed. And I think it’s
just a common dream among dreamers or among Very nice ending.

6 thoughts on “Eastern Europe Wants To Be America

  1. I have never been to Turkey but my parents were born there, and the two countries are very different. also yes, most of the european films on US are quite accurate, minus the gun crime rate.

  2. As an American, I totally agree with you! But I’ve never left The US, so I guess I’m also pretty limited to what I’ve see through media for my opinion of Europe. Great video Dom!!

  3. I'm American and living in this society makes me resent humanity every day. I doubt things are actually different in Europe. Things have been worse for people to live in the past sure but, I hate the fact that I was born into a world were everyone is consumed by illusions like money and government. I can't just live self sufficiently. They force you to exchange your life energy for comfort and convenience or else be shunned by society. A lot of People care more about football and sports then each other. People idolize celebrities for no reason while whatever you do and create is automatically bullshit. I don't know about you but, I know that God is real and people seriously have messed things up. Our world is a grotesque exaggeration from what it should be and it's no wonder we have all the problems that we do as people are all forcing each other to deny themselves a beautiful existence in harmony with nature and our very own souls. Ever watch the movie Idiocracy? That movie is a comedy that also in some kind of weird irony is a prophecy that is synchronizing with the trend of the way that things are going. We have a population of imbeciles that are truly incapable of creating and comprehending complex ideas. No one cares. Everyone always turns away and ignores anything that diminishes their happiness. If it isn't worth money it a waste of time when the money isn't real and all we have is time but only so much which is priceless and not equatable to a specific value per hour. That's just ridiculous but so many don't think twice about agree and going along with this idea and really believe in it. I have discovered many truths about this reality that would make you say I'm crazy but, in reality I'm no crazier than anyone else. Everyone is crazy. I'm just not stupid and have been given the role of trying to enlighten those who might listen out of complete frustration for the circumstances of how truly ignorant and uninspired everyone is. oh, but don't listen to me. I'm just a random ranting angry crazy guy, right? Not at all actually. I have proof of the paranormal. The spectrum of tonality in music is objective proof of the existence of god. Science will never recognize these facts and it's because they want you to live ignorant, in denial of spiritualism and to just keep the wheels turning. I'm actually a pretty well adjusted happy person. I just refuse to live in denial of truth and I've explained this to many people which mostly people agree with me. It's just no one can do anything about it and constantly thinking about it isn't a recipe for happiness. Happy kwanzaa's eve.

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