Earth at 2° hotter will be horrific. Now here’s what 4° will look like. | David Wallace-Wells

Earth at 2° hotter will be horrific. Now here’s what 4° will look like. | David Wallace-Wells

Well, I think when we look outside our windows
every day, we see a world that is basically stable, and even if we hear a lot about extreme
weather, see horrible news of wildfires and droughts and heat waves that kill people all
around the world, we still reorient our emotional expectations for what the world will be like
in our own lives. And most of our lives have not been yet all
that dramatically disturbed by climate change. But in the decades ahead, I think they will
be. There’s basically no life on Earth that will
be untouched by the force of climate in the decades ahead, and in most cases, that means
deformed, damaged, transformed. I think most scientists would say that the
best case scenario is 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming. But personally, I think it’ll be practically
impossible for us to stay below two degrees without what’s called negative emissions technology,
which is fanciful tech that has been tested and is successful at a lab scale, but needs
to be deployed at global scale to make much of a difference. The UN says that to have any chance of staying
below two degrees, we need massive use of this technology, which we don’t even know
enough to trust. So for me, I orient my best case scenario
at two degrees. And unfortunately, that’s a level of warming
that most scientists describe as the threshold of a catastrophe. Many island nations of the world describe
it as genocide. That’s how vulnerable they are to especially
sea level rise at two degrees. But the impacts wouldn’t just affect the island
nations of the world. Many of the biggest cities in South Asia and
the Middle East would be lethally hot in summer at two degrees, which could happen as soon
as 2050. These are cities like Calcutta 5, 10, 12 million
people. You wouldn’t be able to go outside or certainly
work outside without incurring a lethal risk. And that could happen, again, just by 2050,
which is one reason why the UN expects that we could have 200 million climate refugees
by that same date, 2050. 200 million. They think it’s possible that we get as many
as one billion, which is as many people as live today in North and South America, combined. I don’t think those numbers are realistic. I think they’re too high. But even if we get 100 million or 150 million
climate refugees, it’s important to remember that the Syrian refugee crisis, which totally
destabilized European politics, led in its way to Brexit, and has transformed our politics
globally through the way it’s affected Europe, was the result of just one million Syrian
refugees coming to the continent. We’re talking about a refugee crisis that
is almost certain to be 100 times as large, and it comes at a time when most nations of
the world are retreating from our commitments to one another, retreating from our organizations
and alliances, retreating from the UN, retreating from the EU, and embracing xenophobia and
nativism and nationalism. That’s especially concerning when you think
about what’s ahead, because there are going to be many more people in much more desperate
need in the decades ahead. And if we don’t welcome them, we’ll be committing
real moral crimes that from the advantage of today seem unconscionable, but which may
become more normal, as we move forward into this new transformed world. When we talk about worst case scenarios, there
are a couple of different factors at play. One is what humans do. This is the most important factor. Will we change course? Will we continue to burn coal? Will we continue to produce fossil fuel emissions? The UN says that the track we’re on now, the
trajectory we’re on now is likely to take us to about 4.3 degrees Celsius of warming
by the end of the century if we don’t change course. 4.3 degrees would mean $600 trillion in global
climate damages. That’s double all the wealth that exists in
the world today. It would mean parts of the world could be
hit by six climate driven natural disasters at once. It would mean more than double the warfare
that we see today. And the impacts would be in our economic activity. It would be in flooding and the refugee crisis. There are so many impacts that we have not
really been able to think clearly about, because all of us are so reluctant to consider these
horrifying outcomes. But the fact that they are horrifying should
not make us turn away. It should make us focus on them more intently. We all have all of these psychological reflexes
that make us reluctant to consider horrible possibilities. And for that reason, it’s more important for
us to take seriously the science, because we need to fight against those impulses to
do better planning, to take more aggressive action than we would if we allowed ourselves
to slip back into complacency. But there are cases that are worse than 4.3
degrees. There are what are called feedback loops in
the climate system that could conceivably accelerate warming beyond what human action
does. So there is what’s called the albedo effect,
which is a little complicated to explain. But sunlight is reflected back into outer
space by any surface that’s white; that’s why when you wear a white shirt, you’re cooler
than if you wear a black shirt in the summer. The less arctic ice there is, the less reflective
white ice there is at the top of the planet. That means more sunlight is being absorbed,
which means that more warming would take place. So as arctic ice melts, the planet’s ability
to reflect solar energy back into space would diminish, and warming would accelerate. There is frozen in the Arctic permafrost a
lot of methane, or I should say a lot of carbon, which could be released into the atmosphere
as methane if that permafrost melts. Methane is, depending on how you count, at
least 30 and perhaps 80 times as powerful a greenhouse gas as carbon dioxide. And there is enough carbon in that permafrost
to double the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere that we have today. If that were released, it could accelerate
warming by a couple of degrees all on its own. There are many more feedback loops like this. Just this past week there was a study about
cloud formation. If we get to about 1,200 parts per million
of carbon, which is much higher than we are today at about 410, but it’s conceivable early
next century, we would completely disrupt the planet system for cloud formation. And that impact alone, scientists say in this
study, would add 8 degrees Celsius of warming to the system. So we’d probably be at already 4 and 1/2 or
5 degrees by then, and we could immediately be brought to 12 and a half or 13 degrees
Celsius. And that really would make much of the planet
literally uninhabitable, not just the equatorial band, not just the tropics, but there would
be places in the mid latitudes that would just be too hot to live. And we have not really begun to think about
those possibilities. This is the world that we’re entering into
now, at just 1.1 degrees, but the whole range of possibilities stretches before us, and
even the quite optimistic outcomes are horrifying. Two degrees is genocide, the island nations
of the world say. Four degrees is at least twice as bad, depending
on how you count. And there are possibilities north of 4 degrees,
which are even scarier, because it would mean that the climate system had escaped human

100 thoughts on “Earth at 2° hotter will be horrific. Now here’s what 4° will look like. | David Wallace-Wells

  1. The Earth has Warmed by 2F since the 20th Century, our hottest year 2016 was +0.98C or 1.76F above the 20th Century average dating back to 1880. But by 2030 Earth could he double it is now that’s 11 years and triple by 2100, so 2016 as an example as our hottest year, was +1.76F Earth’s Hottest Year could be +3.52F by 2030 and could by as much 6F warmer by 2100! A increase of 4F on Earth from now would put us in our Hottest period in almost 50 million years, Earth being 2F warmer put us in our Hottest period in 3-5 million years! Earth was cooling right up until the industrial revolution then with more CO2 in the air Earth warmed and Earth is not just warming but doing at a fast clip! That’s why where seeing a Climate not seen in millions of years! Also just to show how warm it get in a single location like NYC, according to NYC normal high for the summer is 82F, by 2050, that will be up to 88F and by 2100 up to 94F if NYC is not also flooded by the Atlantic witch is really likely because of rising sea levels!

  2. That's not close to the worst case scenario. The population continues to grow. Just a cursory look at the logistics of migration shows the death toll above billion(s) if it warms faster than he thinks. When that muskeg up north starts to rot, the release will multiply quick. You have to see it to understand how vast the terrain. Try squeezing 9 billion into 30% less habitable zone.
    The retreat to nationalism that he mentioned is from the segment(s) that see that scenario. Some profit from it, some recruit, fear sells. They are setting up to fight over the scraps. It sucks to think these "militias" will continue to grow as their fear becomes reality.

  3. Complete rubbish. We are in a natural warming period which is part of the cyclical warming/ cooling cycles of climate which span about 500 years and are in a cooling trend. The last warm period was the Medieval Warm period which was slightly warmer than today. Before that was the Roman Warming period which was warmer still, and before that the Minoan Warm period, which was even warmer. During all these warm periods human civilisation prospered as we are today, while the cool periods were marked by famine and disease. In case you didn't notice, the current warming stopped 20 years ago, and we are about to enter the next cooling period which will decimate the human population as crops fail, and disease ravages the malnourished peoples. CO2 has never been a climate driver, as the ice core records show that temperature changes always preceded changes in CO2 levels. Your projection of 2 to 4 degrees of warming is pure fantasy as there is no evidence that is about to happen except in climate models which have already failed to predict reality. The coming 350 year cooling period will impact humans more than it needed to because governments have not been preparing for it because they listened to your global arming BS.

  4. The elite will ensure there is a sudden and drastic reduction in pollutants on earth, and humans are the largest pollutants.

  5. First thing we need is a solar flare/disease or something to cut the population by 2/3!!! Then we need to get real and use the sun, wind and water for all our power needs!!! But only when we realise that money is just an object that we have created,and we realize that life is more important, then shall we truly live one with nature as we were meant to live and finely be free again!!!!

  6. Global warming, climate change is nothing more than the natural cycle of events. These people try to use it to maintain their jobs.
    Michael Crichton spelled it all out.



  9. Human produced atmospheric pollution is a real and serious issue, but over the top exaggerated videos like this, just leave it open to ridicule. The earth has for the marjority of its history has been warmer, many times much much warmer than 2C above the current mean temperature. 2 degrees will not kill us or other life on earth. However, the mass destruction of the Amazon and other rain forests, over fishing in our oceans, plastics, antibiotics, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, hormones, chemicals in the enviroment, habitat destruction, mass insect, including bee die off probably will. July 2019, G20 statement, 'we will reduce carbon dioxide'. July 2019, EU statement, to start importing beef from South America, Brazil included. Brazil, clears 70% of rain forest for beef farming, So EU just ensured, huge incentive to destroy rain forest, removing a co2 sink. If you want to be 'Big think' then you need to look at the whole picture, not fixate on one small part of it. I quietly live a near self sustaining life, planting trees to account for my co2. The virtue signalling personalities in this video probably contribute far more than the average person in driving, economically, the incentive of big business to pressure governments to allow what they do. The inport of beef from Brazil, so that more German cars can be sold in S America is an example. Not once in all my years have I seen any of these personalities meaningfully give something up, a second house, expensive car, air travel. Not once. Well when the bees stop pollinating, a second house or a BMW 7 wont be much use.


    Projected Co2 feedbacks are hypothetical and are incompatible with the data

  12. Why deformed? Are we incapable of adapting? Palm tree fossils have been found with in the attic circle, is that a disaster? Climate is constantly changing, what is the necessity that it staunchly stay like we wish? Why cannot we adapt, after all humans presently live in deserts, in jungles, in rain forests, in really hot cities, in artic climates, in fact all environments. Why harp on possible bad scenarios and ignore possible positive outcomes of climate change?

  13. Honestly, what is going on with people! Were there no fires, floods, droughts or heat waves before 1980? Yes there were, and there have been FAR worse decades for weather disasters than any in the last 40 years. Look up the weather related disasters in the 1930s! No CO2 hysteria then. This is pure propaganda, and thinly veiled at that.

  14. I say most humans die off and over millions of years the earth will freeze back up animals will repopulate like fucken crazy plant life will come back to the parts then went underwater and then we just have much less humans who hopefully learned there lesson

  15. 2050…I think it will be earlier. I think in the next 10 years we are going to be significantly affected. The rationale for my statement is that 2 degree is not isolated…it will release Methane which could cause a sudden shift in temperature rise.

  16. Oh God – No, No, No!
    Brexit was not about climate change and immigration. This is distraction and lies by remainers to to shame anyone who voted to leave the EU as far right, bigoted, racist fascist. The vote to leave is about the EU and their power grab with no accountability or democracy in the real world. Please don't use Brexit as a example of climate change effects, it's just not true. The disruption of the climate and it's effects will kill billions in the coming century. It's far too serious to conflate with the inconsequential act of the UK leaving the EU.

  17. Yeah let's get to that 4 degree rise as quickly as possible. It may kill off humanity, but at least we won't have to listen to anymore of these climate change hucksters nagging us about how the sky is about to fall.

  18. Thank you David, well spoken. We are holding an awareness event in our little village hall. Everyone please do your best to make a difference. However small.
    Then join together to force the governments to take action NOW. THANK YOU 🙏

  19. Very optimistic projection of 2050. Realistic? Based on methane bomb, try 2020. Abrupt change is thus likely. We need to set up depots and plans for tent cities, water and waste water. Local food production

  20. There's a new concrete stronger than the others. It ABSORBS CO2 AS IT CURES. It is already being produced in Scandinavia. Concrete could be used for storm barrier reef foundations and other construction needed for housing and public services.

  21. The earth was tropical
    A artificial event caused the
    Freezing of poles earth is going back to normal 👹👹👹

  22. That won't happen; earthquakes and volcanos are causing a global cooling, leading to a mini ice age:

  23. Seven minutes of unsubstantiated doom predictions – Where do these people come from and what do they want?……… They want your money honey!

  24. This election in the US is our last chance to take back control of our country and maybe start tackling climate change

  25. If the DATA is correct…we all will be climate refugees because there will be no food,no water… extinction level event….game over…man!

  26. 2050? How about now. India was 50C that's 122F.
    People sound so erudite yet few mention that we are locked in for 1000 yrs at our current carbon volume.
    I told folks to live green, be kind to our morher earth, etc., for 50 yrs but their perennail response was slways: "i don't care" then they try to sell me on church.
    I guess murdering an entire planet of creatures isn't covered under "thou shalt not kill" love to all…

  27. We are currently at 1.8ºC above the 1750 pre-industrial baseline. Next stop is 3ºC in 2020. All aboard! Stand clear of the closing doors.

  28. Wouldn't it be logorithmically worse each degree? 2°C+ is where things begin to accelerate and we'll then hit 3°C+ in no time. By that time there won't be much land left due to flooding of oceans and lakes will try up leaving no fresh water. Global catastrophe in a 100 years is incredibly generous.
    Yet there are people like my entire family (excluding my sister) and all my friends and coworkers who refuse to agree with this issue and get very hostile when told that this is the beginning.
    It's the first step of being in denial


  30. "The sky is falling, The sky is falling". Want to know the real cause of climate change? You only need to look in the sky. Hint, it's the sun! Volcanoes and earthquakes release more CO2 and etc, than man has. What we are doing is making the air unfit to breathe, and the water unfit for man and beast. We also need to leave the forests alone. Study the sun and what gamma rays can to the heat and what goes on on planet earth vs. the sun.

  31. It is already too late! If you stop right now and not produce one more molecule of CO2 it wont change what is coming before 2050! The CO2 put into the Atmosphere takes some time to climb to higher range of atmosphere on avg.12-14 years where it stays for on avg. again 75 years. Man has put enough CO2 into atmosphere to raise world temp by 4 deg already! 2018 was a new record for CO2 emissions surpassing 2017 this year 2019 will surpass 2018. Its over folks by 2030 The deniers will be asking what do we do I am losing MONEY? There is only one answer grab both of your ankles bend over and kiss it goodbye!

  32. Relax! Let us review. Since i was born the religious have taken this into consideration by teaching us that god will be back to make everything hunky dory. So relax god has to whole world in his hands. They are big strong hands too. Let us PREY. Cool. Now i need a new jet. And you folks keep up the PREYuh ING. Bless you my sheeple.

  33. Look at Houston….all those deniers got a little taste of how one storm can be so costly. Wait until the government and FIMA and insurance companies can no longer afford the recovery from the avalanche of storms coming. The morally bankrupt deniers will be on their knees, blaming climate change on homosexuals, while their god does nothing for them!

  34. The world existed before you were born and the world will continue to exist long after you are gone.

    This is just fear mongering.

    Do some research on the heat wave in Europe of July 1757 and then tell me which big fossil fuel or big oil companies existed back then.

  35. We are heading toward a global disaster . Hig Oil &bBig Coal are stll ruling their wprld ! We urgently need a Revolution against Big Oil & Big Coal –

  36. The Arctic sea ice is record low while the Antarctic is record low as the ice shelves are rapidly melting, breaking into pieces and floating away – even in the middle of the Antarctic winter when the ice shelves should be frozen solid and encased in sea ice while triple-digit heatwaves cross five continents simultaneously suffocate the life out of thousands of people – never mind all that, the world's convinced we're below 2C because whatever the unintelligent fake science gods proclaim , the dumbed down, drugged up, poisoned and programmed public bow down, grovel at their feet and regurgitate it as if it's true.

  37. Gaaaaahhhh the audio is ever so slightly out of sync and it's killing me. Had to look away and just listen.

  38. Keep paying your higher climate taxes sheeple, your government is spending it on saving us all from something you can't disprove but they can't really prove apart from telling us it's true. ….ha ha ha
    Keep paying. 😆

  39. There is no way around it we are living in the end times. Are human species and Life as we know it will have to perish in order to make it to the next form of life. Sad to say but enjoy your life as you have it now. Make sure those who you love know you love them.

  40. What a totally brain-dead concept! This really is an ignorant and uneducated evaluation. This fool is a complete idiot!

  41. We are not really screwed and the answer lies within the ground. The last time the globe warmed by even six to eight degrees was 55,8 billion years ago when the world came out of an ice age. When the planet became warmer over a period of millions of years, in just 4.000 years after a lot of methane and Co2 was released into the atmosphere by nature itself. The oceans at the equator were 36 degrees Celsius. Rain forests expanded all the way from the equator to the pole circles. But then something happened that plunged the Earth into colder temperatures immediately and eventually led to an ice age.

    Imagine now that the Earth just recovered from an ice age from 11.700 years ago. Actually, we are at the end of the ice age there is still ice on the poles. We're releasing ten times more Co2 and other gasses into the atmosphere and speeding up that warming process in just a couple of centuries. Global warming always happened on Earth but it took always much longer then it is now. Species and climate can survive and accept the new temperatures but this record speed makes many species go extinct along with other stuff.

  42. You have months, not years, let alone decades. 911247365 (c0m) Buy wine while its still under $500/btl

  43. This is
    FSN : Fake Scientist News…
    like CNN THE FAKEST NEWS….or Huffington post. Same trash. Same bin.

  44. Don't worry people, CO2 is just plant food (and political propaganda). Besides the ice age is coming. We'll be plenty cool soon enough. 😀

  45. To prevent further dangerous levels of climate change I personally think that oil extraction should be reduced. Massive amount of oil extraction will lead the heat from the inner and outer core of Earth dissipate easily.
    Therefore investing and implimenting in green technologies such as electric vehicles must accelerate …

  46. The Maths: The New Standard Model of Climate Change Temperatures

    At present (already present – observed) above normal 1.5 degrees Celsius

    Albedo effect (diminishing due to ice loss): 0.5 C

    Carbon lag (CO2 in atmosphere takes a while to increase the heat): 0.7 C

    Global dimming (removal of particulates from polluted air more sunlight): 0.7

    Business as usual for next 10 years: 0.5 C

    Total = 3.9 C

    Therefore, we are going well above the Paris agreement of must not go beyond 2 degrees C. We are off to the races and not in a good way.

    The above does not include anything for;

    • methane release, 1 per cent methane release from permafrost equals an increase of 1.0 C;

    • or extra water vapour in the atmosphere due to increased evaporation. 1 degree increase in temperature = 7% more water vapour (a greenhouse gas) in the atmosphere, which increases temperature by another 1 degree C (positive feedback loop);

    • or forest fires or any of the other 50 + positive feedback loops which are in motion.

    Thanks go to Dr Roger Hallam for his presentation.

  47. There is a lot of talk we are heading into a "solar minimum." Can you address this and how it fits in with human induced global warming?

  48. The 2 degree threshold is a conservative estimate. Many scientists believe the threshold will be reached well before that.

  49. Alot of consequences of the weather has more to do with very bad infrastructure planning !
    To much human development in areas that should be wild or free

  50. What blithering nonsense. No more factual than al gore predicting the extinction of polar bears by 2020, or the scientists in the 70s claiming we’d all be under 6ft of snow by now. Complexity science has demonstrated the impossibility of modelling complex systems with current processing power. The selective data use to demonstrate arcane points also indicates the general broad spectrum of data is not as conclusive as you would like. Finally, and most annoyingly for me, is this reliance on Models that consistently spit out bad predictions. You not know what’s going to happen. It’s best guess, but the best guess is based on crappy science and publication bias that only funds, promotes, and publishes data that conforms to the agreed upon conclusion: that climate change is man made and catastrophic. The only debate allowed is to what extent it is super catastrophic or only just apocalyptically catastrophic.

  51. Saw you trashed McPherson with zero references to your charges. Go back and do it right so we don't feel like that part of your book was taken from Weekly World News.

  52. Climate FACTS:
    Here's my REBUKE to the LIARS at cnn cbc and all the delusional duplicitous "climate imbeciles":
    Shove your fake-news globalist new-world-order carbon-tax-fraud alarmist LIES back down your BS spewing throats…!!!!
    F A C T..!!!
    YOU are the "climate denial" TRUTHOPHOBIACS..!!!
    Here are the F A C T S:
    For the first 99.7% of the last billion years (life's time on earth) our planet has had..
    -10x current co2 at 3,000ppm
    -NO icecaps, NO winters
    -NO deserts, NO tundra
    -Lush Jungles from pole 2 pole
    -COOLER equator
    -Much warmer poles
    -MODERATED climate due to mobile circulating water (not stationary frozen polar icecaps causing harsh climate extremes & 70% deserts/tundra on lands worldwide as today).
    -NO "catastrophic sea rise" because warmer water evaporates into atmospheric humidity, precipitates restoring depleted aquifers & watersheds, and is absorbed by the 100x greater Biodiversity.
    As you clowns suckle on your fiberal fake-news cnn leftwing delusional duplicitous
    globalist nwo baby-bottle all you can do is hurl alarmist psuedo-science when you are confronted with FACTS & TRUTH that conflict with your absurd "chicken little sky-is-falling" superstitions.
    You (as typical lefties) tantrum like ill-parented toddlers, dismissively blocking your ears & eyes and screaming shrilly to block out:
    F A C T S.
    The REAL CLIMATE CATASTROPHE has ALREADY happened and it's called ever-lowering co2, winter, desertification, polar ice-caps, glaciation, and EVER WORSENING ICE AGES the last & most terribly severe of which ALMOST PERMANENTLY ENDED ALL LIFE on EARTH getting perilously close to the "snuff earth" level of 150ppm co2..!!!!
    For the first 997 million years of the last billion earth has enjoyed 3,000ppm co2.
    12,000yrs ago we dropped to 180ppm co2 and our planet damn near DIED leaving us with 70% barren deserts & desolate tundra.
    But in part thanks to the Industrial Revolution we've gone from post-iceage 220ppm to today's 280ppm co2 & rising.
    Unknowingly humanity has begun to RESTORE our biosphere to it's formerly far greater biodiversity & moderated climate worldwide.
    We need to do more.
    Deforestation & destruction of biodiversity is abhorrent you surely agree?
    Then QUADRUPLE our co2, MELT the ICECAPS and reclaim the deserts & tundra,
    D U H…!!!
    If you have anything INTELLIGENT to debate me with, I'll gladly listen & reply.
    Your childish dismissive FAKE NEWS belies your brainwashed ignorance of irrefutable scientific FACT.
    Global Climate MODERATION & RESTORATION will be the greatest boon to humanity & biodiversity imaginable.
    The Great Lakes region alone, once blessed with a year-round growing season (no winter death/spring restart waste), will use it's unlimited freshwater & far richer soils & 100s of times larger area to sustainably produce ONE THOUSAND TIMES more food than the San Fernando Valley…
    Enough food for 25 BILLION People..!!!!
    READ the FACTUAL evidence in EVERY archeology & climatology & biology textbook.
    Or just google it.
    Seriously, do you think fake-news cnn is "science"?
    Do you think alexandra cuk-ass-i-ho empty-cortex is a "scientist"?
    You're the ones with NO evidence or research.
    al gore's bogus film ("by 2015 New York City will be under 50ft of water"….DUH) is FAKE BS..!!!
    Where are your "facts" to support your alarmist "sky is falling" delusion?
    If you vote for jihadstin maggot castro trugrope💩turd-dolt then you're dangerously gullible IMBECILES and subversive seditionist TRAITORS..!!!
    MELT the ICE..!!!
    PUMP UP THE co2..!!!
    RESTORE the EARTH..!!!

    Is carbon dioxide making the world greener?
    FreemanDyson Institute for Advanced Studies

  53. What a clown. Anyone who buys this fake-news imbecile's pseudo-science is really gullible.
    Melt the ice, cool the equator, moderate the biosphere, reclaim the deserts, restore the lush biodiversity…. DUH..!!!
    Our planet enjoyed 10x the current co2 for the first 99.7% of life on earth, the the REAL CLIMATE CATASTROPHIES started, they're called ICE AGES & POLAR ICE CAPS you idiotic moron..!!!

  54. Who cares about climate change. the bigger problem is there is way too many people on Earth. Its ruining the living standards of people bring on War.

  55. Consider the dark pavement,dams including earthen and a abandoned,factories running 24/7's, coal and nuclear waste, 32 thousand ton magnet is one of the largest for energy hunger, poverty, pig and chicken coops, mining, drilling, wars for vanity not for protecting the land for its taxpaying citizens suffering the sickness and medical cost including burial from it. Trade wars world bank the ones researching preaching and teaching hope with a job and American citizens can't even have the truth of what's happened , happening and getting ready to happen taken out of their public schools to maintain world religion, culture and political worldly working order by the ones doing the confusing. Salt and petroleum history. Bitumen was used in building the tower of Babel. Maybe it's time we all stopped pointing fingers and practice true religion. I've seen and lived in suffering and I know my ways haven't been perfect but just as anybody else I deserve the precious things that God gives and I would have never gotten through it without my Savior reigning in my life. His blood was shed for all. Herod didn't want Jesus reigning. The changing times, tax burdens, poor sickness, etc recorded in The Holy Bible kjv. I hopand pray for people to have a change of heart. Mark 2:27; John 9:4 ;11:9. Whom to fear? My name is cindy rowland and examine my photos on fb. I've been taking and observing the morning star for a few years including Scriptures, history, science, man laws codes, ethics, corruption, pollution and consequences and could not have done it without the Lord reigning. I've always believed but never realized how programmed my mind was confirmed into what we were born into. The hailstones will get 100lbs. Everything has a purpose and that's why 70% of our produce are GMO. Hmm?

  56. Ha ha ha ha! What an absolute load of bullshit! You have zero evidence any of this is happening or will happen. You losers need to find a real religion.

  57. There is no consensus of what effects warming will have, only assumptions. Cooling and ice ages are what we should worry about. Provide actual peer reviewed justifications for what you are saying. This is “Left” thinking listen to what he’s saying. There is no evidence of any climate event that has occurred over the last year being linked to climate change, even the IPCC admit this. The UN has a socialist agenda. Lots of coulds and maybe’s. There are no facts in this crap.

  58. Antarctic ice is currently massively expanding… The Arctic experienced considerable warming in the 1920’s & 1930’s – was this climate change? No, it works in cycles and the Arctic is in this cycle now. This videos are inaccurate to say the least.

  59. So if humans can capture co2 out of the atmosphere then why are these videos still up why are people worrying so much of something we already can fix with a machine

  60. Your educations qualifies you to do 1/2 of 2/5 of 3/8 of SFA. Global warming is a MYTH and your just on the Al Gore and wagon hoping to cash in like he has. Listen to the Climate Scientists Piers Corbyn Global Warming
    Patrick Moore Ex Green Peace Now Climate Prof.
    Check these out for balance and truth – these people are not deniers but true man of Science in Global Studies, and there are many more – the truth is out there if you look for it.

  61. Climate change is the biggest scam in scientific history. This video proves how the scam works, and yes, NASA and NOAA are involved in the scam

  62. Who CREATED the flow of Syrian refugees by destroying their cities and lives? ISRAEL and the USA. Was weakening / destabilizing Europe one purpose of their aggression in the Middle East? Yes, of course.

  63. Total nonsense. The earth is actually cooling. Don't fall for this BS. This is the coolest summer that I've ever experienced.

  64. For me, I'll believe real scientists. This ass wipe is a journalist. A talking head. Plus, he quotes the UN? The UN also predicted that sea levels would be 2 meters higher by 2 years ago. Global warming is junk science

  65. The Tories who r in power in Australia (and will be for years) r doing nothing constructive on preventing climate change. Also, it’s right wing supporting media ( basically, all of it!) reckon we’re such a small country, that even if it’s true that man’s overuse of carbon fuels is responsible, anything we do or don’t do wouldn’t affect anything anyway.

  66. This just adds to thousands of such claims, without acknowledging that there IS an other side. In particular, this claim that it is ALL fraud need to be openly disproved. Watch this first, Prove it wrong openly, not by hiding from facts and lying to your viewers, or you are proving yourself to be yet another frauds.

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