50 thoughts on “EAGLES – Live at the Capital Centre [March 1977], 1080p, HQ Audio

  1. Very thankful to the person who shared this! Thank you! What a masterpiece of a concert! Simply one of the most memorable live performance in rock history! Top notch!

  2. damn, they just don't make this kind of music anymore these days… Thank you for uploading this video, the sound is insanely awesome! 292 people must be living under a massive black cloud…

  3. Fuck me, what a band! As an Englishman these guys are ridiculous. They all can sing, all play instruments, what a wonderful time to live! I just wish i could of witnessed this band in there prime x

  4. One year old pa lang pala ako nung time na ito pero grabe ang galing nila… Same ang boses nila sa concert at sa record songs nila,, yung ibang singer kasi medyo iba ang boses sa live at sa record… Lahat ng members sobrang galing!

    P.S. Ang gwapo ni Randy! ❤

  5. Randy Meisner everybody.. What an outstanding voice. It's too bad he was so stage shy and left, his voice was spectacular.

  6. Pure talent and class. I have been listening to the Eagles more or less from their inception but I think they were at their best in this concert. Such a shame Randy quit and Felder was ousted. RIP Glenn. The dislikers must all be Bieber fans….

  7. Desde que era niño quería conocer el hotel California en Todos Santos Baja California desde que ví el fondo en este concierto y en el 2015 tuve la oportunidad de conocerlo y un año después regresé y lo disfruté más. Gracias por subir el concierto. Saludos

  8. I'm in my 30's and I listen to these songs whenever I miss my uncles that has passed away… I grew up listening to these songs.

  9. one of the best live concert performances I've ever seen anywhere, thanks to the uploader love watching it heaps of times

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