37 thoughts on “Durkheim's Mechanical and Organic Solidarity: what holds society together?

  1. 1:48 Potatoes weren't known in Europe before the discovery of the Americas, which was after Nordic paganism was common, so there wouldn't be a society of potato-farming Thor-worshippers.

  2. studying for my intro to sociology exam and found out my fav GoT analyst has videos on sociology as well. Awesome! Made it easy for me to digest

  3. Really love your stuff. Like many viewers and subscribers, I came to know your channel through my interest in GoT/ASoIaF. I really think your style is great. It makes everything so illustrative, informative, and resonant. I think it caters really well to presentation on social sciences especially. Perhaps that's a confirmation bias based upon my own interest in those subjects but I'm sure it's a bias many people, including yourself, share. I think you could reach a lot of people if you went in this direction, especially during this interregnum before the release of the next season of the show and book in the series.

    If I can contribute with writing and sourcing images I'd be happy to brainstorm some ideas with you. I feel inspired enough to start my own but I'd love to collaborate.

  4. Thank you so much!! I get so confused in class because there's so much information you need to grasp in such a short amount of time. This really simplifies my lectures into something that actually makes sense.

  5. I'll stick to your GoT videos, don't need to hear pretentious social theories or neo-Marxist prattling.

  6. I know you primarily do GOT content and fiction now, I still really liked your edutainment days. I think I would like it if you one day went back to explaining sociology or economics

  7. Does Durkheim have a preference on a solidarity for society? I presume mechanical to avoid as much anomie as possible

  8. First video I watch from you and I immediatly suscribed to your channel. Have to do a presentation of Hans-Peter Müller's article called "Social differentaition and Organic solidarity : The Division if Labor revisited" tomorow morning, and your didactical video has just cleared my mind. Visuals are greats. Thanks !
    Cheers from France !

  9. Pedazo de cretinos hablo lengua española por lo tanto no entiendo una mierda el inglés que habla el pelotudo que relata el audio, son impresentables y desconsiderados boludos

  10. This is great, thank you so much for making this! (I just got to point out that if Sven is a viking living in ye olde Scandinavia, he wouldn't farm potatoes. They didn't exist in Europe until after the discovery of the Americas. Same with tomatoes. WHAT? I mean, did classical Italians eat pizza without tomato sauce? Is that even pizza? It's madness.)

  11. Your video is really good. It’s true Durkheim did not focus too much on conflict in his theories. However, Karl Marx has been proven wrong about capitalistic society. Capitalism does solve the problems of inequality overtime. Rather than the forced “equality” of communism which has always brought down every society that has tried communism.
    Durkheim was correct that in modern societies individualism reigns supreme. Thus, collectivist societies like communism cannot thrive in the modern day.

  12. Love this guy's Game of Thrones vids, so I was super happy to watch this video after my prof added it to the list of required watching.

  13. I think it’s like the organic one but in some of the circles are squares with collective consciousnesses in them.

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