Duke Winter 2019 Faculty Books: Ashley Jardina

Duke Winter 2019 Faculty Books: Ashley Jardina

Hi my name is Ashley Jardina and I’m an
assistant professor of political science at Duke University. I specialized in the
study of social identities, racial attitudes and racial prejudice. I’m
particularly interested in understanding the nature of racial attitudes
especially where they come from how we can measure them and most importantly
how they matter for people’s political attitudes, their behavior and their
preferences. My work rests on the notion that race is a central organizing
feature of American society and therefore it has profound consequences
for the way we interact with a political and social environment. My book ‘White
Identity Politics’ examines the relationship between racial identity
among whites and public opinion. I wrote the book in an effort to understand how
racial conflict in the U.S. was changing as the nation was becoming much more
racially and ethnically diverse. In the book I argue that many whites in America
feel a sense of attachment or solidarity with their racial group. These same
individuals also feel that their group and its privileged status in American
society is threatened by this growing diversity. I described how mass
immigration, the election of the nation’s first black president and other factors
have led many whites to feel that their group is losing its status and even
facing market discrimination. And the consequences of these beliefs are
profound. I show with analysis from almost a decade’s worth of public
opinion surveys, the white identity is a key component of some of our most
pressing political issues. For example whites who identify with their racial
group are significantly opposed immigration and they want stricter
immigration laws. They were also far less supportive of Barack Obama during his
presidency and they were and they continue to be especially supportive of
Donald Trump. The findings in the book have important implications for those
interested in understanding racial conflict, racial inequality and
contemporary politics in the U.S. more generally.

8 thoughts on “Duke Winter 2019 Faculty Books: Ashley Jardina

  1. You should consider that it really isn't about race but the individualistic aspect of western culture that is being attacked to push a Marxist agenda. Whites on average prefer less government and this is the reason whiteness is targeted as oppressive. What is oppressive is the tyrannical government that collectivist like yourself are promoting. The reason western society prospered is because the metaphysical unit of social analysis in western culture has been the individual but that is starting to change to favor collectivism. This is reflective in the loss of economic freedom. That isn't a good thing. Personal responsibility and individual respect is encouraged by an individualistic culture where individual rights matter. Pointing the finger at white people as being oppressive to explain income disparity has only encouraged tribalism but that is exactly the goal of a collectivist. Victim culture is self-fulfilling prophecy. Once a group of people have been brainwashed into thinking they are victims, they will likely created their own victimhood. Many people who have been told they are victims will give up on trying to succeed and be dependent on the state. This has only encouraged hate, violence and government dependency. This is something, you seem to be encouraging. The difference in success between blacks and whites on average is that blacks have been encourage into a victim culture by people as yourself and therefore have a collectivistic mentality. People like you want to encourage that mentality by pointing the finger at whites as being oppressive. An individualistic culture isn't oppressive but I'm sure your Marxist professors have brainwashed you into thinking otherwise.

  2. I just listened to your interview on Niskanen Center – The Science of Politics. As you stated , White dominance of class & wealth comes at the expense of minorities. Therefore a "racial equality" in class & wealth would have to come at the expense of Whites by the self-evident fact that whites would have to relinquish proportions of their status. So once we reach this desired racially equality, do Minorities & Whites achieve a seemingly Utopian equilibrium? Or would the innate realities of Human nature overcome this achieved harmony ? Another question: Once the meek inherit the Earth, how meek will they continue to be ?

  3. if you're talking about ''whiteness'' you are by definition a racist

    sure, you can talk about ''concepts'' but what does the average POC mean when they're directly moaning to white people about whiteness?

    why is this racial slur and blood libel accepted when all other forms of racial discrimination are condemned?

  4. I have actually read this book. The data are interesting but the writing is pedantic.

    Of course, whites have a racial identity and consciousness! It is forced on them by non-whites who have even stronger racial identities that drive them to pursue group interests, often at the expense of whites. Prof. Jardina writes about the "privileged" position of whites, as if that were something undeserved, and repeatedly warns that whites feel "threatened" by the prospect of becoming a minority — as if that were pathological. Ask the Turks or the Japanese or the Nigerians how they would feel about becoming a racial minority. I'm sure Prof. Jardina would not consider their firm desire to remain majorities pathological. It is only whites who are supposed to march cheerfully into oblivion.

  5. Ashley is misinformed. She goes on to ( falsely) say that whites are threatened by "immigration". A very vague term there considering there are SO MANY ILLEGALLY crossing at non ports of entry under the guise of asylum.
    It's all very well known now that to be processed faster, that one can CROSS ILLEGALLY, then CLAIM ASYLUM, under a choice of options.
    While TRUE asylum cases EXIST, this is the NORM now for those who want a fast track into the US.
    These people doing this under the guise of asylum do not care about the ones who come to Ports of Entry, and who are willing to go through the normal process of waiting for their opportunity to become citizens.

    The intent is to *get in as QUICKLY as possible and very unfortunately the rules of asylum do not cover wether or not you have to be educated, willing to work, or to be a part of the American dream where you will work hard and then become an asset to society. Not at all. You can be a bum, and "live off the system…

    The vast majority of whites WELCOME people who come IMMIGRATE HONESTLY and welcome these hard working people with open arms.

    I see Ashley as a white girl who sees a racial change coming, and who also is trying to *cover / protect herself by being a proponent of illegal immigration.

    It's like if / when the day comes, She'll be like "YOU KNOW I COVERED FOR YOU GUYS, RIGHT ?"

  6. This book is a perfect example of the delusional indoctrination that an Ivy league education can provide. Poor woman probably thinks she is an astute pupil of the world, when in reality she doesn't understand anything about human nature or history. Sad that so many people will look to her as an authority on these subjects. Definitely read this, then read White Shift by Kaufmann and you will see how flimsy and absurd her arguments are and by comparison the logical and apparent sense of Kaufmann's points are only made clearer.

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