39 thoughts on “DSP Tries It: Financial Crisis 2019

  1. Sorry about the delayed uploads. I just got back from my honeymoon and a regular schedule of a video every one to two weeks will be re-established.



    grown-ass man with an ugly beard and a clear autistic accent playing videogames for a living, i just can't deal with this shit

  3. "I just want to play games with you guys but all these bills make that hard!" Kind of like having a job. Phil is gonna be getting a job very soon if it's as bad as he says it is. I doubt it is though.

  4. this nigga could just go get a job and make double what he makes in a day from streaming. just pure laziness trying to live off a little sliver of fame from years ago

  5. He's got all this new stuff and not only that buys nearly every newly released game when it comes out but can't figure out why his stupid ass burns through so much money and can't figure out how to stop it.

  6. So I know for a fact he is lying about the taxes because the state of Washington does NOT have state income taxes. I know because I used to live there.

  7. Bank won't make a deal with a foreclosure. Most likely they'll foreclose and after it sells in auction they'll come after him for the full deficiency. If they don't come after the deficiency it'll be considered income for him and he'll owe a godly amount of taxes.

  8. God this is the same shit from years before. It's almost like you can just sub "2019" for any other year in the past like 6 years and it would still not change a thing!

  9. Dave still hasn't learned the concept of budgeting huh.
    Still blaming everything else. Still a manchild.

  10. They didn't contact him in the proper method? He means they either try to call him or send him regular mail but everyone should know the only contact him by email. And if the email go to spam folder not his fault

  11. It's not one or two things dude it's many things like, he mentions three things. Of course, mentioning that he flew a girl across the country three times before moving her in wasn't probably a good idea

  12. Maybe I'm not understanding adult life properly, but shouldn't he DO that playthrough on that game since his financial situation is bad? Playing games and streaming is his job.

  13. "Every dollar is accounted for." Said by the guy that doesn't even know how much he pays for his graveyard of a forum because he's charged in euros instead of dollars. How can anyone trust what he says?

  14. So many questions for this ass-hat:

    Why are your hiring a tax attorney to do your taxes instead of an accountant?

    Why did you get married if you're so financially unstable?

    Why did you buy a second house if you couldn't afford the condo?

    Why did you move across the country if you couldn't afford the condo?

    Why do you continue to play games instead of getting a real job if you're so financially unstable?

    Why isn't Kat helping with the bills?

    Why are you so fucking stupid?

  15. "So here's what you guys aren't really understanding about adult life…" Dude, get fucking real. You're getting bankrolled by 30+ year old basement dwellers who like to throw their disability checks away on your tax evading ass. I haven't watched any DSP clips in over a year, but it's nice to see he HASN'T CHANGED WHATSOEVER.

  16. 7:20 Did Phil just confess that his other home is foreclosed. 🙊🙊 well proof he only has one home and been lying all this time.

  17. Alright, I can't be keeping up with DSP anymore. It's been getting boring, and rather unhealthy for my mental health to keep up with a self-destructive degenerate. I need to keep my mind clear to stay focused and happy on the things I need to do. Let me know when something eventful happens, like if Khet files for divorce, they get evicted or one of them dies.

  18. this is where peepul are stoopid – since they cant tell what your phantom crisis is? And then he proceeds to verbally abuse them for no other reason then not believing his blatant lies. And gotta love how hes told strangers on the internet about this issue before his own wife, given that hes not lying. Cant take anything he says at face value, this pig lies through his teeth about the stupidest things.

    *wiggle wiggle wiggle*

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