27 thoughts on “Drug scandal a political and PR ‘stuff up’ for Swimming Australia

  1. How is Sun Yang an apparent drug cheat? Where the hell is the positive result. This is a positive result, therefore apparent drug cheat. Call it like it is, mate

  2. Anyway, guess not guilty until proven guilty only applies to Australia and some other western countries. So hypocritical!!! Even though SunYang has been proved by the world swimming authority that he is innocent for the positive test in 2014, but many Australian sportsmen and western media still call him drug cheater in public to damage his reputation. Although it's disappointing, the truth is that this world and the sporting world is still under the control of those developed countries who do not allow Chinese and other developing countries to surpass their dominant positions not only in sports but also in economy, science and technology, as well as military. They put double-standards over the world, doing whatever they want favoring their own benefits but don't allow the rest of the world to do the same. This is the truth, painful but hard to be changed over the decades.

  3. It is amusing that every cheating athlete will claim that he/she would never 'knowingly' take ant banned substance.

  4. Shame Australia. We need to revamp the team. Sack the whole management team. She has gone home for personal reasons? What a joke. Laughing stock of the world.

  5. I hope australians don't break the rules of sports over and over again. They should respect sports and respect opponents.

  6. Drug cheats, smug cheats, we are squeaky clean Aussies and we don't do drugs! Ha ha ha.

    What a joke this is, one day lambasting the Chinese swimmer and now diving for cover as we have been found out yet again and what a crock of sh*t all these p*ss weak excuses as to why she had drugs in her system.

    Sport is crap, all drugs money and sandpaper.

    Didn't the cricketer think he only had tissues in his pocket and some naughty person unknowingly put a sheet of sandpaper in the box or was it his mother!

  7. Drug cheat is a drug cheat , Australian is totally shame ! But I think Horton should quit Australian team for silent protest !

  8. Australian people to Chinese Athletes: guilty until you proved innocence
    Australian people to Australian Athletes: innocent until you proved guilty

  9. Don't you just love aussie sportsmen: underarm bowling, laydown sally, cricket and sandpaper, nick kyrios, israel falou

  10. Who is this clown ? Never heard of him and is a bag of hot air. No wonder your ratings are terrible and nobody watches the main stream media anymore.

  11. Well done Australia. Clap. Clap. Clap. World Champion hypocrites. People's choice for event wrecking. Gold. Gold. Gold. We got this podium all to ourselves. Here's a plate of eggs and some face wipes.

  12. Shayna Jack using the Contador defence in her denial of any knowledge of how substance was found in her system.

  13. The Chinese taught me a very valuable lesson and that is to mind ones own business instead of acting like a self righteous git. You never know when karma is going to get you.

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