Hey everyone! Welcome back to TMac
FPV – your home for your Journey to Better FPV fun, flights, and racing stuff! In a
couple previous videos I covered two apps which are useful for you to find
good, legal FPV flying spots in both uncontrolled and controlled airspace.
Those apps are called B4UFly and Airmap. You can check out those videos
through the card up above or through the link in the video description below.
Over the past week however, I came across basically the same question at least
three different times. That being “Is there anyone around here that flies FTV
or is learning that’s interested in getting together?” Basically, where can I
find people to fly with? Well, today I’m going to help answer that question by
introducing you to an app for both iOS and Android. That app is called Drone
Nation but don’t let its name fool you, because it’s good internationally. Let’s
see how we can use it. First we need to download the app and I’m just doing this
on my desktop so that it’s easier for you to see. I typed in Drone Nation app
in Google – and you can go to apps on Google Play or to the App Store. I’m
gonna do it on Google Play. Here you see Drone Nation app. It’s got 4.9 out of
5 stars and it has been downloaded or installed over a thousand times. You can
visit the web site, see the reviews, click install. Now it’s installed. You need to
make sure and read this privacy policy because in order to use it and get in
the database you do have to provide some personal information which is used in
the database. I encourage you to take a look at this and if you do
not agree with what is in this privacy policy then do not use the Drone Nation
app. Once it’s downloaded and installed, just open up the app and build your
profile similar to any other social media site because essentially that’s
what – it is a social media site for FPV pilots who want to share their
experiences, get together, help each other, and fly together. This app just makes it
all that easier to do. Some of the things you want to put in your profile is how
much experience you have in racing, freestyle, and building. You can also
include where you like to fly, whether or not you’re a member of the Academy of
model aeronautics, and any commercial flight certifications you may have. You
can even put what preferred frequency you like to fly.
You can also include pictures and descriptions of your quads. Now one of
the ways Drone Nation is structured is in the three categories of Learn, Fly, and
Teach. So within each of these three categories you can input into your
profile what you’re interested in learning, whether or not you’re looking
for folks to fly with, and what topics you’re willing to teach others. By the
way, you can earn points, called “props,” for helping others. Once you’ve created your
profile, you can publish your own posts with images or videos just like on other
social media sites and you can also post on other people’s timelines and send
them private messages to contact them about getting together to fly, build, or
any upcoming events. Now let’s take a look at how we can search for some folks
to fly with. Since when building profiles people have input what they’d like to
learn, fly, or teach, those categories are then available to search on in the
database. So if you’re looking to learn something you can search for a teacher.
If you just want to fly with someone, you can search for what Drone Nation calls a
Co-Pilot. If you’re looking for students to teach by passing on your own
expertise, you can search for students. Now within each of these categories of
Learn, Fly, and Teach you can accomplish the search by an individual’s name or
just leave that blank and you can search for anyone around your own location or a
location you input into the Geo section and use the slider to identify a radius
around that location. So for our purposes I’m going to demonstrate how to do this
for one location and I’m going to show three different locations within the US
as well as international locations in India and England – just the results in
order to save time. So first of all we’re gonna search for Cramerton, North
Carolina. We just type in Cramerton, North Carolina and then we use the slider and
I’m gonna say within 75 miles of Cramerton, North Carolina.
I’m not going to input any anybody’s name so I’m gonna leave that blank. So
I’m looking to fly with anybody using the Fly category within 75 miles of
Cramerton, North Carolina and let’s see what we come up with. So after I searched for someone to fly with within 75 miles of Cramerton, North Carolina I obtained
the results over here on the left. I haven’t included all the results for
each search just to save time. The middle search results are for Victory, Iowa and
over here on the right we have results for Mountain View, California. To show
that this Drone Nation app can be used internationally I’ve included search
results here on the left for India and over here on the right for England. There
are other features down here at the bottom of the app screen which are
available. One of which I’ll go over that is another way to find folks fly with, is
this Fly Site section. Here you can locate Academy of Model Aeronautics
sites, or AMA sites, or what Drone Nation calls Member Sites which are places
other folks have just entered that are good to fly. Here I’ve listed the sites
around an area in North Carolina, Iowa, and Mountain View, California. The sites
in red are AMA sites, the sites in blue are Member Sites, and the sites in this
orange color over here in North Carolina and here in Iowa are what Drone Nation
calls Video Sites. When you click on any of these AMA sites in red it pulls up
the names and contact info associated with the site so you can get ahold of
someone there for more information about the activities at the site. So that’s a
brief intro into the Drone Nation app and how you can use it find folks to fly
with. But wait, I’ve got one more Bonus to help you out. You can go to MultiGp.com,
search for chapters on a map, and there you’ll find one of MultiGP’s worldwide
chapters locally near you. You’ll find some FPV pilots to fly with there as
well. So now you’ve got a couple apps to find
both locations to fly and people to fly with. No excuses. It’s fly time! Remember
to “Like” the video. Share this info with your friends. Make sure to Subscribe!
Thank you for your time and we’ll see you in the next video.
Clear Skies friend!


  1. Are you Drone Nation? Whether you’re in the U.S., UK, India, Germany, Australia, Canada or any other country, aren’t we all part of one big FPV family? We may have some differences, yet we all have at least this one amazing thing called FPV in common. Happy FlyDay brothers & sisters! 🤩

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