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  1. This is a BIG EXAMPLE why us men aren't dealing with you Western women anymore and going to other countries. Women in other countries value a man taking the time out to have concern on how one feels. Plus you women are destroying opportunities to have a man dedicated to only you. No man would want to deal with her point break period. He did nothing absolutely annoying. It's crazy how none of you women pointed out that this was obviously a joke at women that think like this

  2. Well these days . Men tell women to smile as a way of flirting . That's y she mentioned abt creeps telling her to smile . Actually it's a modern day thing . For the people thinking it's only used as a form of courtesy , it's not. Ppl choose to use it the way they want to

  3. Yo but you guys are missing a crucial point ,this woman is working right now and if you put a hundred percent into your job ,especially in the service industry … you should be smiling regardless of gender … I get you shouldn't t tell people what to do with their faces
    But service without a smile is terrible service

  4. If the waitress/waiter is serving you well and you got your order, mind your own business. You have no idea how that person may be feeling. Maybe someone they love got hurt or maybe they're stressing about rent. It really doesn't matter because it's not your concern. Stop telling people to smile. I'm so happy Jr and Jack corrected their father. :') People like to forget that customer service representatives/waiters ect are human, too. They get annoyed, frustrated and sad just like us. Some of them are socially anxious as well. Be respectful and kind to them and of course the same behavior should be reciprocated. We can make this easy guys. 😍

  5. Everyone should have to work in the service industry for a time. Then they would be less likely to judge and tell people off for stupid stuff. As.long as I get my stuff I am fine.

  6. I also agree not to tell a waitress to smile BUT not for the stupid woke or feminist reasons on this thread. I don’t give a fuck if she’s having a bad day, it’s none of my business and the only thing I care about is that sad sack gets my order right. 🤣🖕🏽🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Idk being told to smile by random strangers as an adult is rude. If you’re genuinely concerned I’m having a bad day either A) take the time to genuinely inquire about my feelings, or B) let me look sad. I understand in service people wanting a chipper attitude from employees but even still there’s limits.

  8. Junior knows damn well he is a breeder outer of his blackness..That cute black girl would not be his cup of tea..

  9. It's called manner's. And who wants to order anything from someone who's ruled. The word of God say anger will wax worst and worst in the last days. We are in them days. So saints be full of the holy ghost in Jesus name. That's what's going to bring joy and peace to people in this sad sinful world.

  10. Is there any way I could marry Junior? I need a man like him in my life!
    I love how Pop slided in his sass at the end

  11. I hate it when men tell me to smile because I don't owe you sh*t so I will def not smile to please you regardless of the situation!

  12. later on in the episode when they talk about being woke about BLM and not about feminism was really powerful, this episode was so well done. Bravo.

  13. Sometimes it's not what happened but the frequency at which it happens. And men won't ever get it because they're not asked to smile 30 times a day. Trust it gets old when it's the 41st client of the day saying the same old, same old, can we get a smile. 😕😕😕

  14. Two things I hate in life when people tell me and others to smile and when the unholy phrase hate is a strong word is said aloud

  15. This was such a good episode. My husband has always been a conscious person and even he said that this episode hit it right on the mark. A lot of guys don’t recognize how much of a pig they are.

  16. I despise being told to smile. It's always men… no one has a smile plastered to their face 24/7. Sometimes pumping gas, paying for groceries, browsing the canned soup aisle, or even being absentminded just don't conjure up smiles. Let me live.

  17. Honestly if I saw a waitress looking down I'd say something like: Hi there forgive my intrusion but I've seen you looking down lately and just wanted to wish for your day to go better so that people can see that beautiful smile.

  18. "He'll be dead soon". Lol this show is so messed up and I love it.

    This was an amazing episode that touched on a lot of real topics. This was one of many great scenes in this episode and this show in general. If you haven't checked the episode out, the Girlfriends cast reunites in this episode.

    (Shameless plug)
    covered the episode on my channel if anyone is interested in discussing it.

  19. I get the intention but saying that could make someone feel bad I know because my whole life I’ve had resting bitch face but I’m actually a pretty positive person. My family always tells me to smile or asks why I’m sad and that makes me feel down or uncomfortable because I can be happy and lost in thought until someone makes a comment like that.

  20. Forget beeing creepy. Telling a person that should smile more (especially a waiter or cashier) makes you sound like an jerk.

  21. It’s easy. Just don’t concern yourself with some random persons happiness. It’s their issue and problem if their having a bad day not yours.

  22. This is why going to Golden Corral could be a better choice. Get your own food,let them get rid of your used plates so you can get more plates for your seconds or thirds,leave a decent tip on the table and go .And leave with about three wings your wrapped in a napkin and stuck in your purse like my mother.

  23. On the street and out of the blue I could see the cause for aggravation and the potential implication of the statement. However, In a customer service/ food service industry the facade happiness and pleasantry are the bare minimum. “How are you guys doing today :)” or “can I get you anything else :).” Having Dre say that to a woman they past by or ran into on the street or at the mall would have made more sense and most of the lines could have remained the same.

  24. if you’ve got a face like a slapped ass and your job is to provide customer service you should at least least make an effort to be professional. Your personal life isn’t my problem I’m paying for a service

  25. I love how they ended the episode with comparing racism and sexism. That helps people understanding both I think 👌🏼

  26. Men in doubt should just treat a woman the same way they would treat a dude. No telling her to smile, no offering to get the door for her, no calling her sweetie, no lightening her load by taking heavy packages, no giving up a seat on the bus. Just treat her like you would any man of the same age in a professional environment (ie not your boy that you may drop a few curses with etc).

  27. I wish the boys called out both their father and grandfather. It's not like Pops is senile. He has the capacity to change and be better, and they should hold him to it.

  28. On a separate note, it's annoying Dre using the agrument, "The rules keep chaning; I can't keep up." Dude, if his boss said that in regards to race Dre would have been on him (as he should be). Dre being woke about race but not sexism, especially this far in the series is suffocating. This scene isn't that big of a deal, but in combination with other stuff (Zoe vs Jr. having sex and Diane kissing), it becomes more insulting instead of an error in judgment.

  29. It's worse when your scanning people's Gracie's and they throw bags at you and then expect you to smile at them for treating you like shit. Haha that was so funny. Lol

  30. The fact is women are never happy so why try be yourself and if they don't like it oh well. Life goes on and so do we.

  31. I'm a woman around the same age range as the waitress and I'm just as confused as Dre. I didn't know that men couldn't give women compliments now. I'm flattered if a guy give me a compliment. Or if he calls me sweetheart or baby. That's what my dad calls me . So, I have no problem with it. As long as the guy doesn't use it in a patronizing way I'm good.

  32. yoooo I would be working customer service and my face is serious because I'm concentrating on the transaction and I had a customer (male) tell me to smile because that's not customer service to not smile… & Im just like..i greeted you warmly and now Im trying do your transaction.. was I supposed to be smiling the entire time.. like what.
    "you're a pretty girl, let me see that smile" :/ :/

  33. I was told to smile a lot by one of my managers at my first job. He kind of creeped me.out in a few little ways like that. One of the many reasons I quit

  34. Dre is right that the rules keep changing. But that isn't a bad thing. It's called progress. It's very good for the marginalized that people are listening to them now and adjusting.

  35. I’m glad they talked about this! I hate when men tell me to smile, as if anyone walks around cheesing all day. It’s usually creepy old men

  36. I remember returning to work as a cashier the weekend after my dad died. I wasnt in the best frame of mine but I had to pay the rent until we could move in with my mom, and people were giving me condolences the whole day. I wasnt super bubbly or smiley I just didnt want to think about it anymore. I had a man basically tell me the same thing as dre told this woman, and refused to pay for his groceries until I smiled at him. I sighed then looked at him and said " sir, my dad died three days ago. I really cannot smile right now, so can you please just pay the bill?"

    I like to think I taught him something about saying stuff like that but I dont know

  37. Telling someone to smile for your benefit is just wrong. Especially when you only do it to one gender. Obviously there's an issue.
    If you want to be nice, try something like 'how's your day going?' 'good to be alive huh?' it's not hard to not be an asshole.

  38. Gentlemen, just know that if you forget, and tell a woman/girl/female to smile, if you see teeth, be careful. She's plotting an excruciatingly painful death for you. That isn't a smile. She's baring her teeth, preparing to do violence.

  39. couldn't have been me, I would of left those little fuckers at the table with the check and no money. Yall see this as a woke moment and what I see is a woman catching an attitude because she sees him as creepy because he is older. I bet if it would have been some 20 y/o hard body she would have been drooling on the table. The problem isn't that it is rude to try and be nice and get someone to smile when they are having a bad day, the problem is that women now want to make that out to be something it is not. And go ahead and ask me if I would say that to a man…. i'll wait…. the answer is no! I would approach it differently with a man because men don't have to be soft spoken when talking to another man.

  40. It gets on my nerves to when a man tells me to smile….lol…im like DUDE IM ON MY WAY TO WORK….AINT NO SMILING..😂😂😂😂😐😐😐….but its cool if they are still being gentlemen-ly….shit u can still open my door and all that…lmao…

  41. I think the big problem here is the "when was the last time you told a man to smile?" comment. He probably would. Making it a "you are just doing that because they're [insert group]" when that person honestly is not out there to target anyone is always going to the extreme. Maybe if it seemed to have sexist undertones you should say that but not in this case. He is not out here trying to be some master manipulating puppetmaster forcing women to act like he wants but they jumped all over him for it.

  42. Damn, I'm reading the comments and y'all touchy as hell. Man is trying to be nice, and they make it sound like he's the bad guy just cause he can't read people's minds. This is crazy

  43. U can do what my one guys friends does when he see ppl frowning, he says "Put a smile on ur beautiful face"…(now he could just stop right there, but no he has to say)…"before I put my d•ck in ur mouth." I will say it works every time and make u laugh.

  44. It's way to complicated….

    1) Yes, it's likely annoying to suggest the " c'mon now….smile, baby girl" thing anymore.
    Once things go 'popular' too long it become cliche and turns condescending….like calling 'tha black guy 'bro' or 'gurlfriend to the black chick

    2) The only grace, Dre gets at this particular setting, is….it's a freaking restaurant and in the SERVICE business, it is kinda expected to SMILE 😃 at customers, as they spend their 💰 and try to enjoy themselves, as you build up your TIP 'credits'

    So in "general" I get don't do that crap BUT in fairness a sour face SERVER is a bummer and unwelcoming…it's not the DMV or the courthouse

    Part of the gig of serving is to be welcoming and a bit cheery NOT to 'look' 😠 or 😥 thus bringing DOWN the energy of SELLING & the BUYING……

  45. This generation is so terrifying seems more scarier to even talk to a female now days without offending them its better to just keep quiet eat your meal and go

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