Dr Subramanian Swamy’s Election Strategy for 2019

Dr Subramanian Swamy’s Election Strategy for 2019

Introductory music. What do you think should be or would be a BJP strategy for 2019 elections? -BJP is still a wonderful party and except that when Vajpayee adopted Gandhian socialism, I said, I have nothing to do with it. But there I probably misjudged the RSS thinking that they were also very complicit in that, they were not. But they are not as much interfering as many of us would probably like them to be. They are very cautious, they are very concerned that the alternative should be worse than this, so on. But, it today, the workers that RSS provides to BJP at the time of election is unbeatable. But RSS itself cannot control its workers if there is no enthusiasm. So, if the party becomes a Hindutva party again before the next election, I am sure, we are bound to win the election. But the worker has to be convinced that he is not being fooled. Because this is happened the second time. After Mr Vajpayee, Mr Modi is more or less the same. Yes, Modi, often people are perceiving that he is becoming like Vajpayee, very sort of soft on these issues. -That’s right. -Yeah. You know, until this year, until prior to this year, I did not know the RSS personally. I just knew of them like through the media like everybody knows and it’s a very scary kind of image, negative image. But this year I made it an effort to get to know Mohan Bhagwatji, met him multiple times. -Yes. -And all the joint general secretaries, all six of them, I got to meet. And I must say they are very impressive people. I mean, they are intelligent, they really are patriotic and they are good decent human beings. It is not like the radical Fascist all these kind of stuff, You know, I must say that the truth about RSS, especially when you meet the top people, is completely different from the image. -That’s right. -So, there needs to be complete change of image That’s what they, one of the challenges they have. -No, it’s very difficult because the levers of publicity have been so far solidly with people who saw an existential threat from RSS. -Yes. So, I think that the one robust place to help India turn around despite of all these things that are happening, is the RSS. -Yes. -Because the leadership is very strong. They are very principled people, they are clear thinking, they are straight talking. -That’s right. They are not mumbo jumbo type people. They are straight talking and very logical in their approach. And if that can come down to the ranks, -That’s right and then that can be put out there into, -Now, I have seen ranks also during the emergency, so systematic, we were able to win the elections only because of the RSS. Not because JP, not because of Morarji or any other. They were there to take the reins. It’s like the British left because of Subhash Chandra Bose. -Yes. But had been Gandhi not been around they would have handed over quietly and gone. -Yes. -There would’ve been a bloody war. -Yes. -Which of course, Bose would have won, but. -Yes. -It would’ve have been very bloody indeed. So, here too, I mean, you can have, you know, the political authority being people who can function with various other parties but in terms of the ability, to weave a national organization, this RSS has that capacity. -They are quite stable, robust and anchored in the political and spiritual ideology of the country, -That’s right. Which is, I tell you when I started my journey long ago, I didn’t know where the strength is that I should plug in to. -That’s right. -So, I used to go to, you know, I thought maybe the BJP overseas or VHP overseas they never liked me. They were all interested in being in the good books of somebody in Delhi, visiting and doing trivial things Then I tried the intellectuals and the academics, they were all sold out, they were all sepoys. Then I tried the lot of spiritual leaders. I must say that as long as Swami Dayanand Saraswati was here, I had a solid anchor and a solid ally. -Absolutely. -But after he was gone even the Hindu dharmacharya sabha, I am not sure what’s happening to it. -No, it’s a non-functional unit. It’s a non functional and there are dharma samitie here and there, I don’t even know anything about it and they are not movers and shakers. They are not, there is nobody of that stature left. So, then I thought maybe okay, this is new government. Finally, we have a government that will do something and I tried a lot to get around. -Yes, yes. -And that also is a disappointment. I must say the final pace that I have pursued is the RSS and finally, I am impressed that there is somebody who is looking out for us. And competent. -That’s right. But, they are slow in taking decisions. -Yes. -And deliberately slow. -And they need to modernize. And in terms of mental modernization, they are completely modernized. -Yes, yes. -They don’t care what your caste is. Yes, they are far ahead of all these liberal people. -That’s right. -In terms of actually living that life. -That’s right. So, there I don’t see any difficulty if tomorrow we do three, four things of coming back to power. Because the machinery would get so energized that there will be no match for it. And these people also will be like keystone cops I don’t know those days you have seen films of keystone cops. They all fumble over each other these opposition. They can’t come together. And Karnataka for example, could collapse any day. And in fact, if the party gives me clearance, I will go and collapse it in two weeks. The issue is this that the Ram Temple is an emotion that has been stirred, That’s a tipping point. -As a tipping point. 370, Article 370, -That’s a big one. -Which can be abolished without a parliamentary vote. But is it, is it part of the constitution? -It is in the constitution, but they say temporary provision with regard to the Jammu Kashmir state. In that it says that if the President issues a notification, then without a parliamentary vote it can be deleted. Then they should, I don’t know why they haven’t done it. -Good question! Ram setu, I got it, I won it in the court case. It took me four years to persuade the Narendra Modi government to say in parliament, we have, we are assuring that we won’t touch Ram Setu in any future program. Because there was a, when I won the case, Mr. Manmohan Singh wrote a letter saying a formal order should not be passed with Supreme Court because he is considering an alternative route without touching Ram Setu. And that went on and on for ten years. -Right. -And then I said, now that you, please inform the Supreme Court that we are not considering any alternative. -Yeah. -So, finally they agreed to a proposition to say that we will not touch Ram Setu even if we consider an alternative. -That is a huge victory. -Yeah. But it took me 4 years, yes. And it ought to be in the headlines as a victory. -It was at that time. For two days it was in the headlines here. But I now want them to make it a national heritage monument. And maybe an international UNESCO site or give it that stature. -That’s right. -World heritage. -That so people can walk across through. -Yeah, yeah. -And that is still getting resistance. Wow, that’s… That would be something if you could have a -Yes, Ram temple there and the air service connecting the two. And some pace around the way, this and that, they want this could be made. -Yeah, yeah. And by the way, the Sri Lankan government at my suggestion, completely renovated the Ravan palace where Sita stayed in Ashok Vatika, the Sanjeevani mountain which Hanuman placed in Sri Lanka. All that they have, they are just waiting for the flood of our visitors to come. -Yeah, yeah. That’s great. I want to close by saying that my one point manifesto for the next government is that Dr. Subramanyam Swamy should be in a top cabinet position, nothing less than that. I mean, apt is nothing no middle, I mean, because you have earned it, you deserve it, you have the integrity, you have the brain, clarity, confidence like nobody else. So, and I am delighted to call you on. Or I …Maybe the God above is hearing you and put into events into. -And that’s we all would like. Thank you so much. -Enjoyed it. -Thank you so much.

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  2. Sir salute to both intelitual, I stand by Mr swami on those point I am really unable to understand why article 376 and ram temple was not resolved in 4.5 years and black money at least disclose the name of black money holder. I will cast my vote BJP hoping next term they will solve this issue

  3. It is very pleasing to see and watch both of you and it gives some kind of confidence in me that our nation and the our religion will get back all the glory we lost during the last 2oo or so years, particularly ofter 1947. Thanks to people who have confidance on Modiji, I wish Mr swamy should contribute more and more to BJP to win the election, and I also wish Mr Modiji should include Mr Swamy in the ministry after winning 2019 election.

  4. There is a lot of misinformation about the RSS , more sinned against than sinning, the party which has been in power longest is responsible for most of the bias.

  5. Many intellectuals would not vote, well, that is the biggest problem. Even though there is such a big wave of positive response here it may not convert into votes. I am from Telangana and people here looked upon state elections as holidays and did not turn up. It may not have affected the final verdict BJP would have only gotten a few more seats but yeah the change is required desperately in sensitive areas where the margins are low.

  6. My one point manifesto is "At least R & D ministery" for Dr. Swamy. BJP and India wake up now, Dr. Swamy is the real Bharat Ratna. Give him some ministry preferably finance.

  7. A 370 should have been put in the dustbin on the first day of the Modi Government. Ram Temple should have been built through an Ordinance bypassing the Supreme Court. Communist History books should have been scrapped long back. Not a single issue dear to the Hindus were taken up by Modi. He seems to lack the spine to take tough decisions.

  8. When I get a chance to meet Dr. Swamy in person , I will tell him how Modi is buddhu rahul's henchman.
    Sonia, Rahul , Vadra , Chidambaram will never get punished,jailed in Modi's stint as PM : FACT.
    Bhakts should start exploring for a Modi-Jaitley free BJP if India is to be saved in coming years.

  9. Spiritualism in some form…the truth being brahmam or paramatma or god wth or without form or name is required to unify the hindus when they individually or collectively concentrate on THE TRUTH. This is almost absent among hindus…As a result no unity as against people of other prominent religions. Something should be done urgently to get people practice hinduism with spirituality.

  10. 90 percent of Hindus are gandoos. Simple Hindutva will not win elections.
    1) All Hindus were kicked out of Kashmir valley in 1990. But still two thirds of Hindus in the valley vote for Congress and Sickular parties. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
    2)Shyamaprasad Mukherjee created West Bengal as a homeland for Hindus. But his political party could win just 4 Assembly and 4 Loksabha seats in 70 years of democracy.😀😀😀😀😀😀

  11. RM speaks well of the RSS. But do the RSS really read RM's books? Do the RSS understand that Western secularism is the double of Christian theology? Or that the social sciences smuggle Protestant theology in secular clothes? Do the RSS understand that social science professors, op-ed articles, movie scripts, TV scripts and stand-up comedians spread memes that are opposed to adhyatma? This is important way to understand the the English-educated upper middle class Indians (including diasporic Indians).

  12. Don't go in over confidence and do voting in large numbers for the best option in 2019 for your country irrespective of caste, religion and languages.

  13. If we want to stop Muslims to make India a Islamic country , all patriotic Hindus must unite now and make RSS strong organization and must vote for BJP in coming election.

  14. yes it is correct perspective that the MODI we saw five years ago is not the same with regard to HINDUS, he has become little soft which many of us also felt, good to see the maturity but our religion and BHARATH's future will be at risk if he does not become aggressive fearing UN AND AND other international community, WE WANT HIM AS OUR OLD GLADIATOR.

  15. Modis performance has not been bad on the economic front. I agree that he under performed but that is what not against the his own standards and overpromises he made.

    Maybe do got it wrong when he though Gujarat could be replicated all over the country. In certain ways states are more powerful than the center in implementing and executing the projects. Unless states are in tune with the plans they cant be implemented well.

    Large infrastructure projects also take long gestation periods. During the UPA regime nothing was done to kickstart manufacturing and infrastructure. To shift gears from services and agriculture, India needs long term strategies for manufacturing and infrastructure. Modi is doing just that.

    Plus there's the question of hindutva. I'm not sure ram mandir will help. It may even dishearten Muslims who voted BJP in 2014. There are many other challenges that Hindus face. We need to deal with jihad in Kashmir with an iron hand and resettle pandits in Kashmir. People like Zakir Naik should be brought back and be put on trial. The caste problem that is dividing Hindus should be dealt with quickly. An intellectual renaissance should be started where Hindus take pride in vedanta. Basic vedantic philosophy that stresses the importance of scientific thinking King and intellectual honesty should be introduced to school children.

    Eventually we should kick out amnesty, green Peace, and other western garbage into the garbage bins and install our own NGOs for human rights.

  16. Rajiv Malhotra,How can you be so innocent ? Modi will never give important cabinet posts to people who are smarter,more intelligent,knowledgeable than him like Subramaniam Swamy.Modi has the support of Gujarati businessmen to win elections.

  17. Let me say one thing : BJP is finished in 2019. It's useless to hope for it to return with thumping majority this time around.

    Prepare for at least 20-25 yr long political exile. Courtesy, ruined economy, rising unemployment, communal politics and failed vision to lead nation forward.

    India is more isolated than ever before in its own region and Nepal is in lap of China due to stupid Modi's blockade of Nepal.

    This is the product of Hindutva politics. This useless discuss here won't do anything. You time is up. Pack your bags.

  18. i sincerely want to see dr swamy with two portfolios law ministry so he can straighten up the judiciary & finance ministry so he can abolish income tax

  19. We minorities says no RSS is just controlled by brahmins just 3% no way to hand over the rule which they will make Hindu rastra which is not at all possible if they try we don't care for more partition rather than grater India….

  20. The two selfless people having a hi-gain discussion . Pray lord Krishna to give them mental and physical power to contribute to development of hindiutva culture

  21. 👏👏🤘Perfect&pointing the subject💐

    Sangh in my experience&perception is for correction can't accept corruption of anyways or means. It never support criminalisation of politics from a anysides or outside affecting the safety&integrity of the nation

    #nation first is the only objective&real interest

    Also fully agree&wish that #DrSwamy in a "mover shaker department" in the next NDA govt

  22. He would have been definitely in a top cabinet ministerial position, had he taken a balanced & flexible stand on the issue of ShriRam temple construction.. After all the priorities of Lord ShriRam are safeguarding Dharm & preservation of TRUTH in preference to construction of temples.. But these stalwarts of BJP are indirectly strengthening the opportunistic opposition parties, by their avoidable differences on key issues.. Let's hope NDA would rule INDIA at least for one more term in the interest of the #CommonMan & #BharatMata.. Of course, without disturbing in any way the core strength of this Noble Country, viz., #UnityInDiversity..

  23. Humne unn modiji ke liya vote kiya tha jo kehte thein ki secular hona matlab hindu virodhi hona toh hamein lagta tha ki woh ek awoke hindu hain par shayad woh ab purani cheeze bhul rahein hain

  24. In 1970s if you have told Kashmiri Hindus that they would be persecuted, hunted down by their neighbouring Muzlims, they would have laughed at you. But see what happened to them in a decade, they were tortured to leave the valley, their homes, their businesses and became refugees. A frog in a large kettle with water lit by fire underneath. It wouldn't feel much until the water gets too hot and by then it can't jump out, survive. Hindus are like those frogs, large kettle is India with phony secularism as water lit by Jihadifire. Realise or Perish.

  25. i Second Dr. Subramanian Swamy as Law minister to abrogate article 370, Enact laws for self governing of Hindu Institutions and rebuilding of Ram temple and other temples destroyed during Videshi Domination.

  26. Sorry gentlemen, MODI is nothing like Vajpayee. Modi may look and behave like Vajpayee but the thinking and shrewdness is very different and he has Amit Shah to support. Vajpayee with due respect to him belonged to 1960s and 70's and his style of politics doesn't work post 2000 and he was honest but very naive and in India's politics that combination doesn't work.

  27. Rss shuld give all out efforts to save our country and help BJP so that they come back with comfortable majòrity swammy shuld be higher position in future cabinet rajanikant shuld also be inducted without further delay

  28. Although I admire Dr Swamy no less than many others here, I also think he is a maverick and he cannot be let loose. The core Hindutva issues are not the concern of the common man and he voted for the party only because of the development pitch and is tired of the gaurakshaks and the pseudo-cow-love which has left lakhs of cows in the Hindi heartland stray and is causing havoc.

  29. Also, to add to my previous comment, it is known to everyone that the media narrative is still a largely Left- Left of Center one and so also is the thinking of a majority of the population; You cannot push contentious issues like Article 370 down the throat of the people when there is no consensus on it. Let us remember that even in 2014, BJP's vote share was only 30% and it did not have the two thirds majority in parliament that would have signaled a kind of overwhelming mandate for them on these issues and allowed them to work on them even through a presidential order.

  30. Tried and tested, don't want to take any risk, modiji again in 2019 no matter what. I am really scared of other party comping to power.

  31. If Ram Temple built before election, then unnecessary stir will be done by leftist and other parties. That's why Modi is waiting for supreme Court decision, though we can build Temple now.

  32. We have calculated evidence of five thousand years of hindu methodology but it is not true because sanatana dharma is more than five thousand years , anyway we can just go through calculated evidence so bharath is very old ancient civilization , according to that we can see many many ruins still is our country, many of that purposely destroyed by mugal empires and British rulers but we have many in our places, why don't we can reconstruct or renovate those which is possible ? If we do that then …it is sure indian tourism will boom like more than any other country , party like Congress, or akhilesh yadav secular agenda people will not do this task ,they are equal like divide and rule Britishers , only will promote minority but BJP government can do, because they are thinking really development of country , nation appreciates people like subramannyam swami ji who's are determined for Bharat development , and the ancient India the real culture of this country waiting for rebirth , because other whole relegioun here which is either converted from Hindu or came from out side….
    Jai hind

  33. चैनल से जुड़ने के लिये आवेदन कैसे करे

  34. If you really support subramaniam swamy pls pls pray to god that subramaniam swamy becomes the next FINANCE MINISTER of india in 2019🙏..pls hit like so more & more ppl can see this comment.. I myself am praying in a big south indian temple🙏🙏🙏.. Hope god fulfills my wish🤞

  35. Thank you Rajivji. Swamy sir is a true nationalist and a thoroughbred leader. Am sure the whole nation will unconditionally second your aspirations of a cabinet post – a commendable and high profile post at that – for Swamy ji

  36. Art 370 cannot be deleted just by president order ,one need to create constituent assembly in J&k and if it passes then it will get deleted

  37. Rajiv sir it's ok and fine that he be made a top rank cabinet minister in upcoming gov but it's my very strong personal belief that given the chance to become PM. Dr. Swamy could become one of the finest Prime minister which India had never have till date. It's personal wish and strong desire and I pray to almighty God that may he be made the Prime minister of India someday. Jai Sri Ram. Har Har Mahadev.🙏

  38. Modi will NEVER make Subramanian Swamy as cabinet minister because Swamy is a very unpredictable and blunt dangerous man , he can bite his own party anytime , Modi and other BJP leader know this very well ! That's why Swamy is sidelined !

  39. Rajiv sir I have seen your video with Vivek Agnihotri about what happen to funds after disaster is over and you need young journalist.
    My suggestion for you is to join forces with Mr. Suresh editor of Sudarshan TV network (Swami ji know him well). He will surely work with you as he is rashtravadi man.
    I just hope you two join forces. Sudarshan TV have 22 crore viewers.

  40. Perfect 1st line… BJP is all the good that can happen to India… except for the socialism part… how can India maintain socialism with 1.2billion population? socialism will make us a freeloader nation with very few hardworking people and rest asking for free. India should be a socialist state only in education and healthcare (that's it, no more free housing, electricity, farming lands, loan waivers, reservations by caste, gender in any field… ).

  41. Ram madhav is one of sepoy in BJP,which are unfaithful leader,many of leader inside BJP are are congress mindset..

  42. Dr. Subramaniaswamy is the soul and heart of India. He is the Preceptor of high esteem. His bold and open perception is highly credible. If he is not recognised, India govt would be doing a great mistake.

    Swamy recommendation of making Ramasethu a National Monument and UNESCO international Heritage center by Rajiv Malhotra are great.
    ‘Save Democracy and Save Republic’ our Motto in India.

  43. Dr. Swamy always, without fail, by what he says and how he says it, proves to be a true India patriot.

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