25 thoughts on “Dr. Robert Zubrin – Opening Remarks – 21st Annual International Mars Society Convention

  1. Dr. Robert Zubrin really hits the nail on the head all the way through his vision of the future. I think somebody needs to weed out Nasa and put more motivated people in their place…

  2. Dear Dr Zubrin. I love your speeches, you are amazing person. But we will never see anything from NASA except sending stuff to low orbit and unmanned probes. Why? Because:

    a)NASA is a front agency established as a cover to real space exploration
    b)NASA cant send humans back to the moon because they never send them in first place, they faked it. Just see for yourself:
    c)Real space exploration is secret, covert and its done by private sector: Lockheed Martin and also by CIA, NRO, and Pentagon with far better technology than chemical rockets.
    d)They have technologies that are decades or more ahead from what we have now. So they dont need to fly to Mars in 39 days because they can get there in hours. In 39 days perhaps they can get but to Oort cloud.

  3. Mars is a terrible place. All the other planets are awful too. So are the moons.

    Planets? We don't need no stinking planets. Space is the place.

  4. A few months after this speech a group of German students founded a rocket company named Isar Aerospace and a group of Danish folks called Copsub are working on manned space flight.

  5. It will be a tragic day when Dr. Zubrin dies. It will be even more tragic of a day if there has not been a Manned Mars mission before that day.

  6. Good on you Robert! I'm not American or live in America…but bang for buck, what better way is there to "make America great again"? …And I'm all for it by the way.

  7. As a Frenchman, I don't know how to take this comparison with potential life on Mars… Usual Anglo-Saxon gallophobia?

    Great speech though!

  8. In a world of apathy and tribalism it's quite invigorating to listen to dr. Zubrin, without people like him we'd still be cave dwellers…

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