34 thoughts on “Dr.Jordan B Peterson on Why the SJW Ideology is so popular on University Campuses

  1. On the subject you speak on can you pick out the best and do some show the differances, if there is any between Americans and Canadians. P.S. I like Jung a lot also.

  2. SJW Ideology is popular because there is a segment of society that lusts after power over others, and being an enforcer for the SJW movement is a very quick route to achieving such power.

  3. The positives to having people with the balls to say whats forbidden even in an entertaining way isn't just that we have entertainment đŸ˜†
    They get stuff done, when motivated by ACTUAL rebellion(conformist get confused with conforming) their assertive, fight for freedom of speech, the marketplace is something to take advantage when your like that too.
    I work in sales and it took me being like that to be successful. Every bit of my success came from not giving a damn and I'm not an entertainer or work in the entertainment industry so its not just important because of entertainment. Its universally useful for yourself and for society as a whole. Maybe for the order human nature everyone shouldn't be like that though.

  4. Being politically incorrect is a great way to make offensive jokes funny without needing to necessarily include yourself.

  5. It's a mentality that needs to be treated as the mental disorder that it truly is. Encouraging young people whose minds haven't yet fully matured into developing the foundations for Borderline Personality Disorder is a TERRIBLE idea.

  6. Love for Milo? The advocate for sex between ''young boys and older men'' ? Really. If that perv never gets another speaking engagement anywhere it will be too soon. As a listener to Dr Peterson, I'm disappointed that I never heard him disavow this Yannopoulos character.

  7. "It dominates the university's because you can learn it in about a week, you sound like an intellectual to outsiders and you don't have to do any work or any real thinking." God he fucking nailed it.

  8. My opinion is that the SJW ideology is so popular because it PAYS. It is easier to hate and envy others, and to play the victim than it is to work hard and strive to overcome any and all challenges before you. In the past, being weak or a victim, was not a thing of advantage. We used to do all we could to not let the world know our failings, or weaknesses, or any troubles we may have had. NO ONE LIKED A LOSER! But now…. there is currency, and POWER, by being a victim or weak. It is pure insanity. And what you reward, or show to be an ADVANTAGE, you will get more of. Well… as JP likes to say… "There you have it." It isn't complex. It is PREDICTABLE. Stop rewarding the foolishness and it will fade away.

  9. Pardon me, but what does SJW stand for? You must realize that some non-intellectuals do tune in once and a while.

  10. I would love to see Jordan as the British PM destroying Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister's questions.I would literally die happy on the spot ……my god he would have a total landslide conservative victory.Theres May is such an empty vessel…….she does and says absolutely NOTHING!!!(that scares me so much)

  11. Humor allows you to say what you wish without being attacked by the ones you criticize. There's a journalist in Brazil who does that perfectly. Felipe Moura Brasil. He's very professional but he's also very ironic and sarcastic.

  12. Easy, any time a woman fails it is the fault of the patriarchy ! So they can constantly play the victim. You should know this you piece of #### CIS WHITE MALE ! Oh, and SCREAMING ! This way they see themselves as positive and all men as evil as in toxic masculinity !
    Where is toxic femininity ? It doesn't exist ! This way you can blame everything on men and have no responsibility for your own actions !
    This is why they never debate, only SCREAM, or even have any real points, just name calling ! And some women love to play the victim ! It get them attention and sympathy they want. Like the now many fake rape claims. And then the police or judges let them go after making false charges ! NO RESPONSIBILITY ! Since other women have claimed it isn't their fault, since some man in the past has hurt them they can even KILL A MAN, and get off scott free !!!! NO RESPONSIBILITY and all the attention !

  13. "That's the fundamental claim of postmodernism – value systems should be dispensed with because they cause oppressor and oppressed" – NO IT ISN'T! Any 1st year undergraduate student of Humanities would be able to refute that assertion with ease (which is why I presume Peterson chooses public halls/theatres for his talks, rather than university lecture theatres – I'm sure it's got nothing to do with the money!)

  14. I think post modernism is a popular idea with certain crowds because they won't lose their status or station in life if there was a true abandonment of values.

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