DR Congo's Capital KINSHASA, the most Modern Largest City in the Heart of Africa

DR Congo's Capital KINSHASA, the most Modern Largest City in the Heart of Africa

41 thoughts on “DR Congo's Capital KINSHASA, the most Modern Largest City in the Heart of Africa

  1. They should build roads to connect the country to the East North South West central and other parts which is impassable

  2. The blacks were.the stunky decayed man .the paradise of those gangsters.the nasty.uncivilised country with the stunky peoples .

  3. Modern ? Well, the truth is waking up in the capital, you feel like J9n Snow in the North surrounded by dead walkers … every single day you have to fight against everything and everybody. When you finish deal with harassers out of your house, you think you can enjoy home but Hell No! Power and water breakups every single day ! And you won't believe HOW EXPENSIVE that Cuty is. Honestly, the worst city I have ever mived in … for 30 years !!! And when you get some friends, man, it is amazing how people are jealous, liers and just want to take your life down. So much negativity everywhere . People who live in Kinshasa will tell you this very first advice, be careful not to say anything from your life to Anybody.
    Na Kin, ba ndoki ba leki ebele. Ata Satan a kimi, a lobi :awa moyen te, ba leki ngayi !

  4. Kabila Katumbi na basusu oyo nyonso bateka richesse ya Congo enongi bafuta prix tala ba mnpka oyo exa na richesse koleka Congo tala ba mboka na bango kitoko kasi tala Congo babandelako kakakoyiba

  5. I'm surprised Kinshasha is a modern beautiful clean city . I think the western media should be objective when reporting about Africa .


  7. keep the zionist marxist jew banker scum out of CONGO strict Catholic Chrisitans alone and destroy the synogogue of satan!!! islamics retake eastern CONGO !!!!!! AMEN CHRIST IS KING

  8. Kinshasa used to be a modern clean city with many luxury fancy hotels. But since now, Democratic Republic of the Congo 🇨🇩 has turned corrupt, and the city turned very dirty and poor, the luxury hotels turned from clean fancy pools and rooms to garbage rooms and no more water. If DRC did not get corrupt it would have stayed a luxury capital. (note it’s not the capitals fault)

  9. You can make another video now
    boulevard de 30 juin is well developed with all signals and dividers
    And also some new buildings

    Anyway good video made 👌👍👍

  10. I visited Kinshasa not many years ago.The City is beautiful. BOLOBA BUZOBA TE LIKOLO YA KIN MALEBO.KINSHASA LA BELLE

  11. I keep thinking "It looks like Miami!". More built up than I would have guessed, there are a lot of videos like this that are good basic information, of course later we'd like to see some food, talk to some people…. of course you can only do so much in thirteen minutes! With any luck this can be a series. Maybe it already is! When you look at that map at the beginning, and think about the current urge to build roads and railways, and the Belt and Road Initiative- It's easy to see this country as being a continental hub of transportation, with the "inland ports" you see in China. Man, send out copper and tin and cobalt, import solar panels… on the equator you can just put them FLAT, maybe they'll create some shade along with the electricity…. It looks like this can be a rich country if they can unify and stop people from stealing all their resources!

  12. Planning to visit Dr.Congo google says not safty for tourist,employment… civil war,still going on or not??

  13. It’s clearly that you don’t know what you talking about (video makers) modern , common, it’s going backwards, it’s not developing even if it’s a beautiful country. Streets clean , where did you come from , you clearly don’t know Kinshasa, for the couple of streets without holes that there are .

  14. The DRC is a beautiful country. Kinshasa is my 2nd home. The people are hospitable, welcoming, well dressed, sociable and know how to party!! It’s a very expensive city with churches littered everywhere. Kinshasa’s streets are not clean in fact it’s quite the opposite. The majority of citizens are poverty stricken living in less than desirable conditions. Constant flowing constant water and electricity is a luxury. Corruption is rife and the DRC’s natural resources are benefited by the minority who continue to line their pockets while the majority live in abject poverty.

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