30 thoughts on “Dr. Boyce Watkins: Creating Generational Wealth, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy

  1. Income producing Real estate and business ownership is better than the stock market in my opinion.

    Stock market is too risky. One day it’s up, next down it’s down.

  2. Democrats RUINED the black family and chances of them to start gaining generational wealth.
    To get the welfare the democrats offered you had to be a single mother for whatever reason and it turns out you can't pass on your section 8 aprtment or ebt card.
    The democrats were so serious about the fathers needing to be gone they had patrols making sure there were no men around.
    This was after the so called "party switch".
    Democrats frame their policies as there to help but in reality they have the opposite effect almost like they are designed to damage as much as they can.
    They got the blacks out of the work force, destroyed the black family unit and then when they were down and out they introduced abortion..
    Of course the whole thing was built around Margerrat Sanger (look her up) and planned parenthoods were propped up all in black communities and targted blacks. So much so more black babies were aborted than born in some areas.
    Democrats are bringing in the gay/trans agenda into schools and talking about sex with kids and even excusing pedophilia saying they are born that way and shoulnt be punished.
    Trying to make them in the same bracket as gay and legalize it one day I'm sure.
    Now that a lot of blacks are not going for that shit anymore democrats want to open the borders.
    Maybe its coincidence that those coming.over vote democrat heavy?
    They even want to allow illegals to vote.
    The problem is these people arent competing with the rich. They are competing with the poor and sucking up funding meant for poor Americans
    Overburdening already failing schools, taking housing Americans need.
    We already let in over a MILLION immigrants legally each year not counting the illegals.
    There is a limit to what a country can sustain before things begin to be rationed.
    We will start to get less and less to accommodate so many people.
    Our standards of living will take a hit and things will NOT be getting better if left up to democrats.
    They want votes and power and don't care if the country falls. They said as much the last election. Some of their top people said they hope the country goes into a recession just to see Trump fail. That's hate…
    Meanwhile they want you to read between the lines or twist what Trump says to maybe see a tiny bit of hate while theirs is wide open for all to see. Are we against hate or not?
    I heard the middle class may start to be able to hire servants and nannys when all the jobs are taken.
    Maybe the democrats want to bring back slavery?
    What are people to do when all the jobs are taken, there is no housing and the food doeent last all month?
    They don't care, they care about non-Americans and getting votes so they have power.

  3. your a hater you want us to hate ourselves do you know how much positivity is inour culture. and all i hear from you is negativaty

  4. Investing into life insurance is the BEST way to pass on generational wealth. Saving money in a Life insurance policy then pulling it out TAX FREE. We also offer policies with a floor so you will never lose money that’s invested. Become a licensed agent like myself and take your part of a 63 trillion dollar industry that has little to no competition. Insurance companies pay us generously. Inbox me for more info about being financially free in 2019!

  5. dont buy sears holy shit
    but ya great interview. thanks
    i'm one of those silicone valley kids and that place chewed me up and spit me out.

  6. It starts with you the individual having conversations within your family then in your friend groups, church, school, etc.

    When we start to look at ourselves as parts of a larger whole we really can get a lot accomplished. Love you fam! Let’s do what we gotta do.

  7. Charles Wu: Dr. Boyce Watkins Is My Character Used to Sell Hope & Religion to African Americans

  8. good video… i started my own business a few years ago after being fired from my job…. made me realize i never want to go thru something like that again in life… now i have my own business, own home, own car, take care of my kids… i'm winning… one of the best moves i ever made in my life i have a video on my page speaking about my experience… keep the videos coming this was a good video for sure with some good pointers

  9. This is why your IQ matters. Cognitive ability is the #1 indicator of succuss. People with high IQ's tend to be avid readers of self empowerment related books and have high financial self control.

  10. Excellent video content! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Tanaison Wealth Bulldozer (should be on google have a look)? It is a good one of a kind guide for learning how to be on the winning side of the next great transfer of wealth without the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it.

  11. I think this broadcast is great and helpful. It should motivate anyone regardless of their craft or art! Thank you @bhighatl and @drboycewatkins

  12. Rapper Nipsey Hussle and his brother own a clothing company in their community in Crenshaw, Los Angeles, CA. Inspiring stuff, he's bringing the value UP in his area with a Black owned business in a Black/Hispanic community.

  13. Great interview Dr. Boyce. Cooperative economics is the future of our cultures survival. Our family is trying to change the narrative and watching videos like this will help that happen. Salute!

  14. Dr. Watkins only allows Black people who think Whites are superior & can create "systems" of White Supremacy or put Racism into "institutions" and Fed EX overnight envelopes. He's wrong and nobody should follow him. #HowTheyGotRich ~RB

  15. Not a sprint. A marathon and relay race 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿🙌🏿💃🏿

  16. I would not put my money in stock market…its on the verge of tanking..i would put my money into bitcoins and ripple

  17. B High is a really good brotha. Salute Dr Watkins! He's been an excellent example, activist and teacher for our ppl

  18. B High is so cool. He has the best guests; they run the gamut. Now he has Dr. Watkins. Great. Thanks, bruv! Cheers!

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