Doug Stanhope on Nationalism Reaction!!

Doug Stanhope on Nationalism Reaction!!

hey what's up kids acquiesce deal so we do understand up comedy reaction y'all this is Doug Stanhope on our nationalism okay so well my definition of nationalism is uh somebody or a country that's just for themselves and their culture and they feel like they can come up all right like I know I'm not like this singing like Webster nerd but I feel like they feel like they can come up or arm you know be better with just being a culture with themselves and stuffing with the internationals I like Doug Stanhope I like him on on will he come on the podcast he haven't been on in years Joe Rogan's podcast and everything and I'm I just see you know every time I think of him I just think of like this big hidden white dude that's always smoking a cigarette with ugly suits right that's all I you don't care about anything about any fucking thing funniest shit alright let's go in and get into it I know they don't know him yet and this was like young young young old dogs their hope nationalism does nothing but teach you how to hate people that you never met and all of a sudden you take pride in accomplishments you had no part in whatsoever and it rag about the Americans you go fuck the French fuck the French if we hadn't to save their ass and two world wars they'd be speaking German right now that was us was that being you Tommy we see I know I blacked out a little bit after that fourth shot of Jagermeister last time I know we went through to Wendy's drive-through we're gonna get one of them sandwiches it looks so alluring on a commercial yeah that we ordered it and realized we had no money and we had to ditch out before the second window put this douchebags in line behind us with the bass music probably got our order it up we laughed about that but I don't remember Satan of ten corals on my site phone and there's nothin incoming or outgoing to the French looking for muscle on a project check my pants has no mud stains on the knees from where we were getting the Krauts in the trenches Verdun I think we didn't do anything but watch sports bloopers while we got hammered I think we should shut them fuck [Applause] [Applause] tradition and heritage as dead people's baggage quit carrying it did you make it up no it's passed on to be passed immigration argument they here they never come from well how does it affect you personally well you know these immigrants they come to our country they burden our tax system what they do is they come here and they get into our education system in our health care not gonna pay the tax my taxes have to pay that well what the fuck are you doing to me every time you have a kid every time you have a kid because it's American I should pull up a chaise lounge and wave a flag while fifteen of those things come out of you hey everyone I can't wait to pay for these are American I have a mastectomy and an abortion on my record but I can't wait for all your fucking fat added mister come on people were multiplying love it woman I'll get a second job no keep well these immigrants they don't speak the language then don't talk to him you know who speaks the language perfectly your next-door neighbor you've lived that eight and a half years you've never said one fucking word to that guy you avert eye contact should you check the mail at the same time so why would you give a shit with the guys selling committing ops in a cart in the park speech it's not a fucking business good no the NIP of that law there's all the cliched arguments like that whether they're lazy that of ship this and it criminals and all this they all those arguments go against the main cliched argument of their taking American jobs I live on the Mexican border I lived seven miles off the Mexican border in a town Bisbee Arizona little town [Applause] any day and watch Border Patrol arresting these guys by the Dozen 11 at a time out of a Dodge Omni like a clown car with plastic cuffs and you're right they don't speak the language and they probably have no education they don't have fucking shoes at the time like better putting tattered Castaway like Gilligan's Island shorts yeah dirty t-shirt that dehydrated wandering a desert before day and if that guy is as qualified for your job as you are you're a fucking loser of such humiliating proportions I would be ashamed to have anyone find out that guy took my job he doesn't speak English what did they do your job training in pantomime shit oh boy boy I see boy boy you're out of here asshole you should have tried harder nobody bitches about immigrants taking that job if that person has skills of any level a brain surgeon sitting around the Beverly Hills hotel lounge you know it really chaps my ass Barry Scandinavian fellas are coming over taking all our good neurosurgery positions the Norwegians specifically I say we found ourselves a bottle of Jack Daniels and go stop us a Ouija ass the first we do we see Joe father that Explorer found him fucking immigrants all started with that Einstein once it brought him over from Germany and we didn't have any good genius jobs who has a trickle-down effect alright y'all that was a Doug Stanhope on nationalism Doug Stanhope got a hit like um damn I wish I remembered the football player he he had a Brooke Peyton Manning guys damn he got a big ass hate me but god damn well anyways y'all that was damnable nationalism yeah I enjoyed the tomb is pretty funny yeah he had a lot of key points I feel like yeah I'm gonna come out and tell you I look back I loud I know something about Doug Stanhope but he'll spoil did I better see somebody Arizona things yeah so when I think about him talking my immigration that's what that's like one of my thoughts I think like yeah but so like comment subscribe listener which I thought about this video there's enough y'all want us to do more Doug Stanhope or any other comedians so yeah like come down below like comment down below subscribe it was something we on the road okay

39 thoughts on “Doug Stanhope on Nationalism Reaction!!

  1. You don’t know what nationalisme is and you don’t look it up before reaction to standup about nationalism!?!?!? You obviously missed the jokes. C’com, aren’t more curious than that?

  2. Doug stanhope is liberal trash. MLK was a nationalist. Nationalism is not hatred for other countries it's an appreciation for your country. Words mean what they mean, not what you want them to mean.

  3. This is a great example why reaction channels are worthless and need to be banned from YouTube. You didn't say anything useful about the video during the video, so I was waiting for the end… and so when it's over, you say "damn he's got a big head." … ok what???

  4. Why should a given country owe the rest of the world anything. Isolationist military policy is necessary. Very strict border control or outright homogeneous society is prudent

  5. Ay yo, you described "isolationism" in the start of this, not nationalism 😂 But, for an American, you did really well. Cheers.

  6. I've watched your vids for awhile now …and I never knew you had a cat. This…is this is news. 10 seconds please?! That's all, just 10 seconds of floof.

  7. Nationalism is fine. Just like when people support their favorite sports team. It's the same exact thing. And just like there are a few idiots that take it too far, it's the same with Nationalism. People need to stop projecting. Doug here doesn't have the mental capacity to be proud of something without hurting others so he thinks noone can. Standard low intelligence behaviour.

  8. What does that make globalism then? Paying taxes to accommodate people that don't even live anywhere near you so they can get the same privileges as you for free? What kind of globalist shill is this guy? Only the well off cunts and the cunts in power who've never faced hardship spew this globalist shit

  9. That's a typical liberal stance which they are clueless… Nobody cares about immigrants but if you're illegal which most of them are, then it's a problem, and if you watch real news and by that I don't mean watch CNN cuz that's a b***** Network,you will see there is a monster problem at the border

  10. Stanhope is similar to bill burr, a great storyteller who just doesn't give a shit if the truth offends someone. I subscribed because you look like you're having fun!✌

  11. Interesting stand up,not sure if he is completely right.
    There are real concerns about migrations and of course some are just hating it for biased reasons.
    I think a good example would be building a house.
    Lets say 10 of friends that basically share similar views,like similar things basically like each other, being with each other give equal money to build a house.
    They live nicely in the same house and then you got 10 more people that want to move in and said 10 people arent similar to the first 10 almost at all.
    How would they live equally happy as before if these 10 strangers that have totally different society get along?

    It's sorta a betrayal.
    The country is just like that house and the house is passed down the line to family and now the state/house is/has decided that people that built it trough generations have no say in who lives in their society.
    Globalizam is a dream of so many,but the sad reality is the more global we are the less connections with others we have and thus less socializing.
    Which is kinda ironic since everyone is pridefully saying that we need to socialize to be happy,to function normally.

    When it comes to jobs and taking them away,does this dude thinks all americans in his example are smarter than the needed smarts for lowest paid jobs?
    Cuz there is definitely many of americans that can only fill in those positions be it inherent,bad parenting,schools etc.
    So somebody will have to die off/live on the street.
    Since migrants are more desperate they will be more willing to work for less and under worse conditions which means americans wont be able to find a job.
    The point of a country is to "guarantee" some basic things and job is one of those things since you have to work to get money 99% of the time so you can pay for bills and build houses,buy cars etc.

    The only truly bullshit argument he mentions is the war thing,that's just stupid.
    It is probably natural once you are happy to see yourself as part of this massive happy group,but it still makes no sense to make decisions based on something in the past as if people today are the same as people then.

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