32 thoughts on “Doug Ford, Avi Lewis debate populism's impact on politics

  1. Avi Lewis commie rat. The due date has been a long time coming for the corrupt, lying liberal cancer wynne & her rats. It starts with electing Doug Ford. Vote: June 7, 2018. Drag a friend with you. It matters.

  2. Ok AVI, here is how it goes. You want to confiscate money from wealthy families??? GUESS WHAT!!! I MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY AND PUT MY MONEY IN SWITZERLAND. Then I close all my factories, layoff everyone and go do business elsewhere. How will you then take the fruits of my labor???? Has this guy forgot that there was a country called USSR that tried that? IT FAILED!!!

  3. Doug Ford is a conservative apologist. You can't help the "little guy" by slashing taxes for billionaires.

  4. what a godawful interview! I'm a lefty to the core but Avi was worse than Doug Ford! He seemed manic. I'm afraid he's no Bernie Sanders. From where will a leader arise on the left?

  5. Avi Lewis won that debate hence why corporate media had to cut if off. right-wing populists are the greatest con artists and cult leaders of our time along with neo-liberal centrists or the extreme center as Tariq ali calls them.

  6. Doug Ford speaks – Avi listens with a modicum of respect (i.e. quietly).
    Avi begins to speak, constantly interrupted by Ford with generous dollops of phony indignation. Buffoonery.

  7. Wow, it is interesting to see people flocking to the liar like flies to…well not honey. Too bad there are so few critical thinkers left in this country who can tell the difference between pure unmitigated rhetoric and the desire for an intelligent conversation. What did the Ford's ever do for people living on the street, the under employed, refugees? Not much.

  8. So Doug, you know people making $30,000 a year. Why don't you do two things… pay them another $30,000 at your plant and double the GST refunds for everyone else still stuck making only $30,000/yr?
    Eh? Why not?
    Pittance tax cuts hurt the $30k wage earners in loss of services paid for with progressive taxes.

  9. I miss his social-service slashing, cracksmoking embarrassment of a brother. Kept things more entertaining than the 50-year old conservative 'cut taxes" strategy to lure people in with.

  10. 'The worst crime that could ever befall the working people is that they work for a company which fails to operate at a profit' . The Westons are a blessing to this country

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