[Dopefish] The Political Machine

[Dopefish] The Political Machine

yo what the fuck game but play the intro before I've come to light what's wrong with you game alright hello everybody welcome to the political machine oh this game I have no idea what it is let's try it out i pre-ordered it cuz the name looked funny and there's body heads and Obama and loads of other people the political machine 2012 ie politics I love me some American politics it's all good it's all good and let's go for short see what happens how the % stun guns easy here ok player name don't fish campaign name glorious socialism alright let's go advanced randomized value state now we could skip it everything while it is in the same okay where do we go how do I play off there's the button create game all right oh I can pick my candidate party why can be a lot of people al franken who wants to be al franken Al Gore is so much better al this freaking wait come Lisa rice this this is a weird hey Dennis Kucinich there's actually one good politician in the bunch the bunch hahahaha fuckin John Kerry oh ok we can also make a custom one I think or new new ah fuck yes okay guys you know what to do right you know what to do first all right best Negro let's do it Potti Democrat to Republican almost a third party and let's be a Democrat home state hmm what's a good state New Jersey New Jersey no Joey's is a good state me female male mmm can make a custom figurehead oh I can Oh everyone's like Alabama Alabama Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas not New Jersey fuck you guys was wrong in New Jersey what is that oh my god it can be like Conan the Barbarian in here oh god what is this game props the biggest pencil ever heard briefcase video camera computer dance dress form a nice graph and Lucky's hand goes to the graph some loose dough none the perfect cape for voter domination yes hahahaha head skin color Stuart yo yo move fugu yeah it's fucking bitch ha ha ha ha is the man supposed to be minute this is upside down hang on a second look at the why I'm so computer doesn't need a notice already got this thing he's gotta fucking the proto's mouth going down there can I spin it oh my god yo look at them earrings you oh my god glorious oh Jesus Christ miss Bobby Lilly it's like a large spoon what the hell is going on here oh look at the fucking character okay well like he dressed up like this all right it may call him bas bas nigga Hey look at that there it is again can we holy shit holy shit do you do this in the gif oh my god you can't handle my gift no right oh man oh god oh my god you gotta be shitting me right now oh my god why would they make it so extreme my fucking god this is American politics 101 oh my god beard what inside the Bo's fool summer patch okay long mustache handlebar go te okay let's go for the goatee wait it's all the way down here is fellow shit with how does it look I'm so confused I don't even know man let's make it yellow but that oh we almost got it oh alright sit on the mouth oh oh yeah there we go yeah yeah gave him a beard motherfuckers I'll say Oh hats okay hats um bowler hat oh yes bowler hat let's go let's go I don't know like a face oh my god I gave him a demon a eyes I love em a eyes and that whoa dude it's Mike in isolation van I just go for the fucking drugged up steve is fuck guys : P because because why not have a fucking gas max in your face let's do it alright save new camping save okay done done oh my god is glorious best Negro best Negro hello games in fucking exaggerated us fuck bullshit like this all pointing charisma effectiveness of speeches and ads appearance all points in appearance Oh Deary me intelligence zero credibility skipper minority appeal max it's Timon I need to go through the roof man there we go I think we have a guy right here platform how do you stand on the issue a Christian nation okay no no Christian nation here come on get down there a strong military name is dead for the weak abortion rights no abortions no enforcement law enforcement ain't no fucking cops etc tax cuts yes tax cuts go okay ready Oh make for greatness I ain't got achievement for this shit man fuck the police let's go wait what fuck is this like opponent okay well well I guess we got a big person oh yes cheerleader for the America of the States of United she's too tall all right no curve all right there we go it gets me bad now the fucking giganta's I love it I love it Western beauty standards that avi yeah stays the same my hair doesn't get fuck necks look at the neck city alright nose let's do it well I get a fucking computer moves away when I make this too big I can't make it a fee in this man it doesn't go that far down this was my original intention what doesn't go that far down let's give it a head on her neck there we go oh it's oh my god a monocle like what is it called a monocle I thought it was called a monocle whatever Monica Lee so all I need it's perfect to top this off there we go now we have the perfect candidate new come think – lets go save dun dun start the game start the game already wait can I put stuff on this bitch no ok okay yeah okay sorry okay oh my god this dad's gonna pirate that up did I give him a pirate hat guys I don't remember that let's go motherfucker let's go to flow right out whatever I think this is Florida come on my faggot we going oh yeah like what are you here build HQ okay um but the fuck okay build HQ build site that should give you bonuses each turn cash operatives endorsements okay uh this seems awfully complicated we need money I guess give me some longer what's the one for longer I can't pay cash okay do it what now whoa don't look like that what's wrong with you can tip over man I oppose uh high gas prices I favor my gas prices okay I oppose a gas prices I wonder who favorites high gas prices in a political campaign create that okay stop thank you high gas prices my opponent favors high gas prices yeah let's go Novus mudslinger oh yeah getting jeeps men how am I supposed to win this if all that those fucking states are red don't they need majority of people to vote for me to win it's Alaska red states who knew this is nowhere near as fun as the character creator sad froggy this bitch is getting all the states they even got Florida how the fight he gets Florida to vote for a Republican she must have gotten the Cuban vote what am I talking about why is Kucinich not doing anything you're supposed to fucking spread my awareness in this day to come can I create an ad here let's go Kucinich fuck you're useless just like in real life let's go deficit reduction create an ad I fuckin favorite deficit reduction my tie campaign is based on Deficit Reduction let's go motherfuckers let's go yeah I get it I get it let's fucking go great ad fucking deficit reduction have a speech fucking deficit reduction yeah boo-boo all right let's keep moving we're gonna build some fucking HQs over here when it's a political capital in this city I think and then need an operative what it needs mere emotion okay higher operative let's go gathering an army achievement that oh yeah look at that care of Lorna clef Lorna is mine and them connect to cut this also mine oye niggas look at all this bright blue fucking states oh oh yeah a nigga's alright give speech a Christian nation no Afghanistan the door no no no deficit-reduction no boo treat add I favorite deficit reduction come on Minnesota vote for me and I'll save you from horrible deficits okay let's go let's go motherfuckers create that deficit reduction all right that's fucking connect good that's not connected what the fuck where's connect good that's connected who's that bitch what master okay whatever let's go let's go create add my favorite deficit reduction come on Indiana come on you like deficit reduction I know you like deficit reduction yeah Amy's deficit reductions too fucking what you country is running – when they have to borrow money and they have less income than they have expenses then you get a deficit reduction come on reduce unemployment oh yeah look at that they're all fucking upvoting me like bitches like a high gas prices its if I can get an ad about high gas prices here I oppose high gas prices for Bo it's like the best ad in the world okay let's build an HQ if you can let's do let's go let's go motherfuckers Texas really mind soon I think the guy just at what's happening there is it having sex with something please stop moving in that manner everything is horrible okay come on create that high gas prices my opponent like psychics prices but I however oppose ikx prices no okay let's give a speech about high gas prices well yeah high gas prices I oppose ikx prices yeah yeah like that you like that bitch i no no no no deficit i favor deficit reduction let's go it's a battleground state purple states indicate a close race where candidates have high awareness fight it out or in order state always use resources we're most effective okay but john states let's go motherfuckers all right what do we need we need environment club no we don't we need we need national union whatever that is let's go unions all right weekly wrapup i don't give a fuck what are we winning I think we're winning look at all these fucking blue states yeah deficit reduction I favorite deficit reduction hey one of something funny Texas I favor motherfucking deficit reduction oh please 0% the fuck is that about my opponent opposes deficit reduction I can't even I need fund raising okay let's go okay sweet need to put up put a smear person here okay smear person let's go we need Texas wait what's happening is it election time already oh fuck it's election night did I get Texas I don't know oh shit oh shit look at this it's so intense oh man Oh Mae I'm gonna get Texas it all hinges on Texas it already doesn't I'll be in this anyway I'm good at this shit Minh who's winning why is it there no like bar what's happening here oh no they got Flo Rida even though I fought for Flo Rida that's bad oh I have 190 they have 117 so far but that's like my mainstay of states up there oh no no looking at the blue looking at the blue looking at the blue looking at the blue Texas Texas oh yeah of the next president of the United States of America oh yeah migas oh yeah my favorite American presidents claps win a mini oh okay well this game is complete shaped and I don't recommend it to anyone even if you are into American politics it's a horrible game and it's not fun so don't bother with it all right look I even won the mask I look fucking complete domination oh yes hahaha wait what what's up oh I don't even know whether this guy in the White House exit polls know I even spent less money I'm so good at this shit man is this this is upside down why she upside down what what oh you game oh you game what bunch of fucking shit this is like a dictator was fun though thanks for watching guys I'll see you next time

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  1. That awkward moment when this game put trump in as a joke and 6 years later it actually happened. (Rescue me)

  2. Lol Trump is in this game. 1:16 I had no idea who Trump was in 2012! Hilarious video. Watching all of my favorite dope vids in a dope marathon, just finished the mario party 2 series, lovely

  3. I don't know why, but I think Dopefish likes Deficit Reduction. Correct me if I'm wrong, I just got a hint of it that's all

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