27 thoughts on “Donald Trump: White Nationalist Terrorism Denier

  1. Dull suicidal left-men, liberals and democrats are destroying America. There will be no trump and the country will be flooded with millions of refugees, Islamists of a foreign culture and religion, who will be happy to open the gates of the Democrats, who passionately want to turn the whole world into hellish shit.

  2. Remind me, when Omar mateen (self pronounced jihadi) murdered 49 people in Orlando…did Obama ever denounce it as the Islamic terrorism that it clearly was?

    Also, if that one Islamic terrorist killed 49 people and this report says 70% of deaths were at the hands of white terrorists…that means white terrorists killed at least 114 people!? Anyone got any links available for these numbers?

  3. Your video fell out of the "comedy" section and into the "news" section….not to worry, it was still funny AF 😂😂😂😂

  4. "And I'm not talking about the white nationalists or the neo Nazis because they should be comdemned" same speech. Its hard to take someonw seriously as a journalist when they deliberately edit things to prove a point. Trump is an asshole for sure but why do we need.to create false narratives? I don't trust this man at all.

  5. Donald trump is a moron. USA first act in congress was a treaty of peace with Morocco. The oldest treaty in American history and these stupid conservatives have no idea first people on earth to acknowledge USA independence are the Muslims

  6. The us are the real terrorist they cause wars all over the world and point the the finger at the victim i hope his plans for iran and venezuela dont go through

  7. Imagine there was Mexicans who had 3000 person march saying "whites will not replace us" and then after a Mexican drives his car into a house and killed an innocent girl, hmm i wonder what Trump would say then lol

  8. I think your a brown muslim and the nationalist will rape you , their so mean they will make you swole & no vaseline or k jelly

  9. Conservatives and libertarians are all either terrorists or people who provide ideological support to terrorists. Christchurch wasn't an aberration, just a change in magnitude.

  10. The denial is linked with a pyramid scheme, a pyramid where 1%, white rich guys sit at the top. The propaganda/denial is aimed at white dumb people to take up against other people, primarily people of color, as if they are the ones causing the problems. I think we are chicken shits because we go after each other and not the jack asses at the top. Maybe we are all in denial. I think it is important to realize that what our government is doing to the Middle East, Venezuela, Africa, etc. is all about feeding the 1%-and the world be damned. I still remember what Malcolm X said, "We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us". Tell it to the Native Americans who have practically been wiped out! You can forget about the Democrats-they've become irrelevant, we are going to have to take to the streets, doesn't mean we will win, but eventually we will have no choice.

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