22 thoughts on “Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton On Foreign Policy

  1. I hate Trump. But to be fair: He didn't really sound like he was enthusiastic. And I think Charisma on demands videos on Trump are right.

  2. These people create a bad name for America. What a scary place if any of these people become president, I mean the nation allows their people to own guns then wonder why they have so many deaths by guns! You people are stupid

  3. I still have no idea what trump's plans are for anything. I know what he thinks the problems are, but not his plans to solve them because all he does is say what the problems are, says it must be fixed, but he never says what he would do to solve those issues.

  4. No one gives Trump enough credit for foreseeing the future, years after the event is concluded. No one gave me credit in 1985 when I totally called it! I said they are going to Crucify that Jesus…I called it.

  5. Rockin a great look there Kyle! I had that exact beard when I was 13….Getting any in your arm pits yet?

  6. Honestly I dislike Hillary…. but I HATE Trump. And it's come down to these two, and in the end I'd much rather see Hillary in office than Trump.

  7. LMAO! Trump doesnt fact check at all, if he did, he would know currently there are 11,000 coalition forces in Iraq, training Iraqi forces to fight ISIS. And now they having success in driving iSIS out of parts of Iraq now, defence talk forums referencing pentagon and Iraqi sources just two of many to google show this.

  8. Least Trump now realises mistakes while Clinton is still in favour of taking out Assad in Syria.

  9. Umm he does know Bush and even his dad Did both Persian Gulf Wars..Gaddafi was taken down over him trying to Take down the Central banks in Africa and Wanting gold bullion he made for Oil Saddam also played a part in his down fall since he wanted to switch from US dollar to EURO for Iraqi Oil…Resource Tyranny bites everyone.

  10. What does it even mean to "take the oil" ? Does Trump think we can just load it all on a boat and sail away ? Or is he suggesting we keep permanent military based around all the oil wells, and claim everything that is produced ? Aside from being immoral and illegal, it also make no sense.

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