Don Siegelman Reveals The Dangers of Bill Barr

Don Siegelman Reveals The Dangers of Bill Barr

I want to pull this Bill Barr string just
a little better if you don’t mind wrap unravel something that’s going to relate
back to if you can believe it two women’s suffrage. Bill Barr was
appointed to replace Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions. And a southern Alabama white
boy if you’ll excuse the expression oh you knew him right someone I did someone
I have done battled with from the time I was Secretary of State in 1979
throughout my political career someone who was contemplating running against me
in 2006 and whose FBI FBI agents retired FBI agents were the ones who built the
case against me but that’s that’s another story
but if you look at how bill Bart look at how Bill Barr ended up where he was
Artie Trump fired James Comey he fired Andrew McCabe
he fired Sally Yates he hired Jeffrey Beauregard sessions fired Jeffrey
sessions jeff sessions and then hired bill bark if I were going to make a case
that the Department of Justice can be used for political purposes I would put
Donald Trump on the stand it’s my first witness the second the second person I
would put on the stand would be Karl Rove because then I would follow his
involvement in my case the the one that I’m the woman who blew the cover off of
Karl Rove’s involvement with the Department of Justice in my case was
Dana Jill Simpson she’s one of my local heroes because I didn’t know where never
had met her she was a Republican lawyer she was involved in Republican politics
she was high up in the Republican establishment in Alabama she was in law
school with the governor’s Republican governors son and yet she came forward
pointing the finger at Karl Rove saying she was on the telephone call with
Billy canary the husband of my prosecutor when Billy canary said that
he had spoken to Carl and the Department of Justice was already pursuing me and
besides that his wife and another US attorney were going to take care of me
and he was also the campaign manager of your opponent in the election was he not
yes he was okay and by the way governor we just have a minute and a half before
we’re gonna had a hard break here well they let me make a pitch here for Dana
Jill Simpson she has suffered a lot because of what for coming forward the
Republicans have cut ties with her law practice has gone into the tank she now
has cancer and she has a GoFundMe page it’s just danger jill simpson and i
would encourage those who want to support a fine woman who was a
whistleblower and who took a lot of heat for being a republican who came forward
in my case but to go find her on go fund me and help her out if you can’t I will
do that today I will make a contribution so in the in the minute we have left
what what’s your prescription for cleaning all this up governor siegelman
elect a president who – understood understands that and and this would be
my message to Democrats it and we can follow up on this after the after the
break but Democrats need to stop talking about Donald Trump and start talking
about the issues that are important to the working families of this country
they don’t go to sleep at night working families don’t go to sleep at night
worrying about Donald Trump they go to sleep at night worrying about their
children their future and their parents how their parents are going to afford a
place to live their drugs and their food so we need a president in 2020 you will
speak to the American people he speaks to the working people

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  1. The middle class and poor are fed up with economic slavery. They know that capitalists will not pay a living wage as long as it's legal to pay slave wages. Either the Democratic Party gets off its ass and insists upon laws that make it possible for the disadvantaged to escape economic slavery or else the economically disadvantaged will not even bother to vote. This election cycle is critical. Democrats must insist upon laws that mandate employers pay a livable minimum wage. They must insist upon free college tuition for every American so that the lack of educational opportunities ceases to be the force driving poverty. And they must insist that healthcare be free and accessible to every American regardless of ability to pay for it. These are what the middle class and poor need. And they need it now. Democrats who perpetually kick the issue down the road to the next election cycle are not going to inspire the middle class or poor to support the Democratic Party on election day. I don't blame them for staying home. Go Bernie.

  2. " the land of opportunity spawned a whole new breed of men without Souls. The devil was downhearted cuz there's nothing left for him to claim. He said I guess my work around here has all been done" Don Henley The Garden of Allah

  3. Compare Sandra Bland's Justice to mr. Epstein's Justice and Donald Trump's Justice. Who has a problem with people that don't stand for the anthem and what f**** planet are you on?

  4. Oh believe me "We go to sleep at night worrying about what that devil in the WH is going to do next", trust me many folks worry about that evil beast running this nation BUT CHRIST COMING BACK TO TAKE CARE OF ALL THEM DEMONS SOON, REAL SOON AND THAT'S A """"FACT"""".

  5. Please make Gov. Siegleman a regular guest. His life experiences are too important to ignore, and the depth and wisdom he achieved as a result of his suffering will help us all find a way forward to a more just government.

    TO HAPPEN IN 2020 Have a GOOD LOOK at what tRUMP IS DOING and WHAT IS
    GOING ON NOW THE UNREST, HATE, RUSSIA, N.K.with BOMBS going off!!!!! Now
    he has fruit, veg rotting in the fields and ONLY GREEN CARDS IF YOU Are
    RICH, having private insurance and having a high credit score.   And
    attacking Endangered Species in 30 DAYS!!  PUTTING MINES, TAKING OIL

  7. I don’t understand how he can’t hear the messages and the issues that are for working people and not the wealthy?!

  8. Yeah hes going to arrest and prosecute the former cia director the former secretary of state and the former president. As well as the former head of the FBI.
    Susan rice james clapper and others.

  9. I go to sleep every night worrying about what Donald Trump is doing to our nation. I think the Democrats DO need to talk about Donald Trump every single day. They need to be buying air time, listing all the abominable and anti-democratic things Trump has done and all the ways he's been shredding the Constitution that he swore to uphold and defend – AND, they need to be talking about their policies and how they intend to repair the damage the orange monster has done! Of course, as long as they're refusing to impeach Trump they have no credibility!

  10. Barr sold his soul to the devil and now the devil want give it back.Karma is coming your way Barr,it cannot keep going on you are going to get caught.

  11. Everyone needs to vote in 2020 and get rid of trump. He is pure evil. I cannot believe some of these people really believe he is God or was sent here by God. They've lost their mind, and believe lies for the truth. And evil for good. They seem to be running backwards. And have their fats wrong.

  12. If we're lucky Barr will be going to bed tonight and waking up on a remote island nobody has heard of. What a total complete traitor.

  13. He's absolutely right. The Dems need to ignore tRump and get on with helping people make better lives. They STILL don't have a message, ordinary folk can't hear them.

  14. I have to disagree with the governor. This working family DOES go to sleep worrying about tRump for EXACTLY all of the reasons he mentioned.

  15. The Don Siegelman case is one of the most outrageous cases of institutional corruption at the highest levels of government that you will ever hear. This is a man, a former governor of Alabama, was brought up on bogus charges and spent years in prison. If you research the case, you will be amazed by what these Republican creeps did to this man….and they got away with it!

  16. Don the ex Alabama governor makes an excellent point about a president that speaks for the working people and Congress needs to be working on the solution to family problems like worrying about our children's future.The only problem with what he said is Mitch McConnell is being an obstructionist, Congress can make good bills but if they don't make it through the Senate then they will have to wait until they vote the obstructionist out.

  17. God you guys are so blind to the weaponizing of the DOJ, FBI CIA and NASA by the Obama/Biden outlaws. Both parties will misuse agencies like the IRS any time they think they can get away with it; A pox on both your houses.

  18. Barr is in corrupt operations up To his eye balls. He was called in because He has debts to pay, Trump is playing all his cards, And He don't intend to lose.

  19. Democrats are so delusional and grasping for any crumb of sh*t they can cook up! If you have anything, get a lawyer and do something! If not, STFU and get a life!

  20. Thom I usually listen to you but your title was click bait. Had nothing to do with the content. Your show is too important to use click bait.

  21. It's telling in America, including the Republican party, when people with integrity are shunned for doing what's honorable and honest.

  22. Bill Barr is a traitor to all real American Patriots! He should, like Trump, be fitted with a hemp necktie!

  23. #1 COP IN AMERICA IS A DAMN CRIMINAL IN A SUIT LIKE THE President pos 45. N Barr dads a CRIMINAL also. Research people we R not dumbass Maga WE LOVE FACTS!!!

  24. Assassination is too good for Trump boy. He and his family think they are invincible. Blights upon society like flies. And although I am from the South, I cannot stand most Southerners. They are repugnant to me.

  25. You can't put the president on the stand. Right ? got to wait until he is out of office. He cannot be prosecuted or arraigned, so he cannot testify. Does that woman have insurance ? why should she depend on charity ?

  26. We lived in 'bama for two years in 2002-4. Four of the previous five governors, including this one, were either indicted, in jail or going to jail. They incarcerate them out of state because people can't remember them, when they elect another. I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of this guys' mouth.


  28. It's funny watching Democrats telling people everything is awful when tim3s have never been better in my lifetime.

  29. New conspiracy theory: If AG Barr visited Jeffrey Epstein in prison would that make an Epstein Barr virus?

  30. Is he American people's AG Barr acting like Trump's mob enforcer . They sure appears to not even hiding his role as fixer / mob enforcer. Hope he and both go too prison in 2020 . They both are criminals . AG Skidmarks Bent Barr is twisted dangerous individual . Did he visit Ebstein before he hung or killed . Heard a story too that effect . Then he recused himself in Ebstein scandel then unrecused himself. So AG Skidmarks Bent Barr word don't mean much . Wonder if he was on plea deal for Ebstein case too. Then his dad hired Ebstein too teach math in highschool with out a degree . Or even teaching credentials what so ever. Then lied too Congress and Senate . Then won't comply with sepenas all fellonies . Why isn't AG Skidmarks Bent Barr behind Barrs . Thought AG couldn't be a fellon. When he will be held accountable hope in 2020 Dems win every race. Was life long Republican until Trumpism took over GOP party. They all been exsposed as bunch of subservient little cowards. They put Trump and GOP over National Security . Then Moscow Mitch passes more bills for Russia than for his constitutes in Kentucky . We have recession coming because of Trump's disaterous trade wars , and his stupid tax breaks 85 percent went too rich and corperations . Then 15 percent for working poor and middle class. So vote Demacrats in every race tired of Trump's disaterous administration . We need too irraticate Trumpism disease from America. Trumpism is half KKK and half Nazis nationalist. Then Trump rebranded it too Trumpism . We fought two world wars against Nazism . Now it is raising it's head hear in America . We need stand up against this twist disturbing way of thinking in America. They say Trump kept copy if mien-coff in his bedroom . So we need defeat Trump white Nationalist in 2020 . God bless America and it's people. Trump rallies sounding more like Hitler than American Presidential campaign .

  31. God, is working on this. If you're a praying person, as I am, you're praying. God, has heard our prayers. I've listened to the people who've been saying as soon as the GOP stole the election with Russian rubles in their pockets, that we needed this wake up call. I believe them now. We must all vote for the Democrat that wins the nomination. And, work to get rid of the hackable voting machines. Check out Jennifer Cohn1 on twitter. She is a real hero of the people to bring a huge spotlight to these hackable electronic voting machines. We all want paper ballots, hand marked. Only, honest way to vote in an election. But, she can't do it alone. Also, bless her & Stacey Abrams has joined the cause per Maddow.

  32. In most US states the Attorney General is not appointed by the Governor. Why is the Federal Attorney General still an appointment of the President?

  33. Bill Barr is the Cleaning crew. His Father hired Jeffrey Epstein decades ago. Republicans have more Skeletons than an Indiana Jones movie. Bill Barr has proven himself to be the GOP's hatchet man. He's there to clean up (and cover up )the mess the Oligarchs and Republican leadership have created and which they intend to Keep secret.

  34. I can only hope that all of the corruption and crime committed by said appointees is taken seriously and dealt with properly. GOPissers have to go!!!!

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