Dom Chambers Chugs A Beer With Intoxicating Magic! – America’s Got Talent 2019

Dom Chambers Chugs A Beer With Intoxicating Magic! – America’s Got Talent 2019

I’m Dom I’m 26 and I am a magician. When
I was six years old my granddad wanted to find a way to relate to his grandkids
something to bond with us and magic was what he chose and that’s where my
obsession with magic began I loved it and decided I’m going to be a
magician as I grew older I realized working as a
magician is not always the most glamorous job. I’ve done shows where no
one has watched I’ve done shows in the pouring rain I have endless horror
stories and it got to a point where I question if magic was the thing that I
really wanted to do then last year my granddad passed away
it made me think about those amazing times I have when I was a kid and it
reminded me why I love magic so I decided to continue the legacy that he
created America’s Got Talent is every magicians dream I’m a little nervous. This is the biggest
stage in the world and I think that you’ve missed the mark. You’ve seen some incredible magicians on this show now they’re headlining shows in Las Vegas
for me this could be what changes everything and I really hope it is.
What’s your name? My name is Dom Chambers I am 26 and I’m from Australia. And what
do you do in Australia? I do magic. have you had a like a really tough gig I
know as a comedian I have I was once hired to perform magic at a funeral you
can imagine how tense that was it was like I’m so sorry for your loss
but is that your card? Is that the one? What did you say when you got the
booking? I said how much? So why America’s Got Talent?
well this is the biggest stage in the world. and I don’t want to be doing those shows anymore,
this is where I want to be. Alright well good luck. Go ahead Folks, if you would like to see the appearing glass of beer trick say yes! one empty paper bag one dramatic magic gesture one beer coaster that’s not it
this is the appearing glass of beer trick now they say a good magician would never
repeat the same trick twice well lucky for you I’m not a very good magician all
right here’s one for the non beer drinkers bottle of wine in the back
a tiny bottle please bang come on here we go they say don’t worry
in case of an emergency always bring a spare coaster but where there’s a
coaster there’s a beer not there Alright now we’re warming up nothing in the sleeves except for the
coaster but other than that absolutely nothing to hide no hidden glasses no
hidden beers except for that one here we go America. bag coaster beer and another come on here we go no jackets no sleeves no shoe
that’s my shoe thanks for watching and if you like what
you’re watching and you first of I want you to subscribe so press subscribe and
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100 thoughts on “Dom Chambers Chugs A Beer With Intoxicating Magic! – America’s Got Talent 2019

  1. Wasn't impressed as I was with Eric Chien. It's just a lot of mis direction and no technical stuff. Judges were overly impressed in my opinion.

  2. I don't wanna be that guy I just had to point out it was obvious he got the wine out of his jacket bit the rest was impressive

  3. In 3:18 if you watch him in slow motion you could clearly see Dom pullinh the bottle of wine out of his pocket

    3:42 How did anyone not see him putting in the glass of beer

  4. They say a good magician never does the same trick twice, LUCKY FOR YOU IM NOT A VERY GOOD MAGICIAN! pulls out coaster and beer

  5. I know how is pulled off the beer bottle trick. Just play this video at 0.25x speed and you will see him getting that beer bottle out of his jacket at 3:19.

  6. He took out a beer bottle with his left when turning side way lame he also switched the boots while distracting I can clearly see all this sad sad

  7. When I was young I like magic now that I can figured out how they doing it. Just lame 🙂 noticed how he holding the bag that’s when he holding those two glass of beers 🙂 whole he’s talking his right hand preparing the final . The part where he take out his shirt he took out the beer from his back easy yo your trick sucks thx 🙂

  8. The table is hiding a few glasses of beers, two beers already on him left and right side of his top he is wearing the paper bag is split so when he moves the bag in front of him he is reaching into his top to pull the beer out, the beer bottle was in his back pocket if you watch a again you can see he was moving it out to quickly show us a bottle of beer, the shoe is a prop at the end not the one he was wearing and was in side the table in another paper bag with a glass which he quickly swopped when he was in front of the table – a lot of practice a lot of miss direction and you have a magic trick.

  9. If you slow it down to .25 speed you can see him pull out the bottle of wine from his pocket and bring it up to his hand

  10. after watching that magic revealed video i can say he still does a great job init lmao but notice his stance when he has all those glasses inside his jacket keeping them from spilling XD

  11. In the black box is all that beer glasses and three shoes
    At 3:17 he take the wine bottle from the jacket
    3:38 he change the shoe in the black box
    4:21 again takes a new shoe from the black box filled with beer

  12. They're not real glasses of beer, they're props wich are sealed at the top, in that cart he has several glasses of beer allready to go

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