Does Socialism Work In France?

Does Socialism Work In France?

France is not often thought of as a model
for socialism, in fact many might not even know that they’re a social democracy. With
right wing groups on the rise, sky-high unemployment, and the president’s approval ratings in
the gutter, many are saying that France’s long-running experiment with socialism is
failing. However, others say this political ideology is a key part of both French culture,
and everyday life. So we wanted to know, what is socialism like in France? Well, historically, the birth of socialism
itself can be traced back to post-French Revolution political theorists like François- Noël
Babeuf . They promoted economic equality and the right for workers to share in the profits
of their production. But France’s current socialist policies were mostly introduced
by their longest sitting president, Francois Mitterrand . He was in office from 1981 to
1995. His economic program worked to nationalize key industries, increase the minimum wage
by 10 percent, introduce a 39-hour-work-week, a mandatory tax on the wealthy, and greater
worker’s rights. Mitterrand is credited with popularizing socialism and the Socialist
Party in France. In 2000, the “work week” was revised again,
this time down to 35-hours, after which it would be considered overtime pay. Additionally,
on average, French workers see one MONTH of paid vacation every year, and among OECD countries
France provides the most vacation time. By comparison, the United States is the only
advanced country in the world without legally ‘guaranteed paid vacation. Short work-weeks
and long vacations, plus pro-union laws and bargaining power make up the backdrop of France’s
workers’ rights. Like many socialized countries, France has
also implemented universal health care. In 2000, the World Health Organization ranked
French healthcare as the best overall in the world. But it doesn’t come cheap. In 2014,
the country spent 11.5% of their GDP on health care costs, which is more than five times
what they spend on defense. Health care costs the French government roughly $4,300 per person,
and covers more than three quarters of all expenditures, which is high by European standards.
Still, it is less than half of what the US, which doesn’t provide universal coverage,
spends per person on health care. But nonetheless, France has been struggling.
The unemployment rate is over ten percent, and youth unemployment has been higher than
25%. Additionally, France’s left-leaning immigration laws have led to the third highest
proportion of immigrants in the EU, as of 2013. The recent influx of migrants into Europe
has seen protests and riots by the French, and waves of anti-left and anti-immigration
sentiments. In fact, despite the early popularity of French
socialism, the Socialist party and other leftist groups have lost significant support in polling.
The most recent elections saw the rapid rise of the extremist right-wing group, National
Front. Socialist President Francois Holland has the LOWEST approval rating in French history,
roughly 14%, and has many questioning not only his policies, but the ideology behind
them. If this trend of right wing growth continues, it’s possible that France will change dramatically
over the coming years. To learn more about President Holland, and
why he is such a hated and unpopular figure in France, check out this video! Thanks for
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100 thoughts on “Does Socialism Work In France?

  1. Some people say that socialism has never work, but is the capitalism system does ?
    The medium way is certainly the Social-liberal system model, from Suart.

  2. France is one of the western countries that breaks tax records, which has one of the highest rate of unemployment and most French politicians agree that the 35 hours work week law was a mistake.

  3. >socialism in france comes from Francois Mitterrand

    Wrong, the backbone of the french welfare system, and most nationalized industries, comes from the provisional government of the liberation from 1945 to 1948, in which the communist party played a prominent role.

  4. Socialism CAN NOT work, because it disregards lazynes. Government founded healthcare, retirement and education are fine, because you can not abuse it. But welfare destoys the economy.
    "Who does not work, does not eat." as the old saying goes.

  5. You must know that equality is in the DNA of french people. So that why socialism is a strong ideology in France. When you read De Gaulle today it sounds like socialism. In fact British and american politics are more influenced by economic freedom and french politic is more influenced by justice or equality. To have social security or free education is a normal thing here in France.

  6. France isn't successful because of its expanded welfare state paid for by high taxes, but in spite of it. France is successful because, like many European countries, it has a culture that emphasizes social cohesion and personal responsibility. And any economist, including French economists, will tell you the government regulations and social programs mentioned in this video puts the brakes on economic growth. Keep importing immigrants who don't share the thousand year old values of French culture and see how well your economy does.

  7. paris has a rich center surrounded by rings of violent ghettos. now the criminals from the suburbs come to the center to steal and stab a living.

  8. Well, the real problem is that the socialist party here in France is no more socialist, it's not even really a left party anymore , it's more like a social liberal(=centrist/free market) party so the people here are thinking that this is a betrayal , this self-proclaimed socialist party is the party that brought to us the labour reform that is reducing worker's right. What type of left government would do this ? The last real marxist/socialist leader that we had was Leon Blum and this was IN THE LATE 40's since then the "socialist" party became more and more free market and the "Alternance"(change of governement from right to left or from left to right) like we call it didn't change anything. If we vote for the "socialist" party , we have a moderate free market government, if we vote for the Republican party , we have a conservative free market government, if we vote for the national front , we have a reactionnary capitalist government (even if the national front never won an election) so french people are tired of this and want change.

  9. France a socialist country ??????????? I went to Paris and there was't any street which hadn't at least 4 small buisnesses. Possibly France has an interesting version of social democracy but socialist ? Is too much.

  10. What a A Socialist democracy something A lot of people don't no Country has become Comm'nists ever it always been socialist so how dose France survive and how are they a democracy

  11. This video is just so wrong and mixes facts with no correlation trying to make it sound like a theory… many of those issues have NOT been caused by "socialism" as you insist to categorize almost every Western European country. And it not sinking, something called international crisis happened, you know, when the EU wasn't prepared and, countries like mine (Spain) were living la vida loca…

  12. Americans are hilarious. Conflagrating a capitalistic economy that incorporates a welfare state, with socialism, is ridiculous.
    France and other social democracies ARE NOT SOCIALISTS, we are 100% capitalists. USSR and other such countries were socialists (communism is socialism applied).

  13. "In 2014, the country spent 11.5% of it's GDP on healthcar costs, which is more than 5 times what they spend on defense"
    and that's a good thing

  14. Socialism is an evil regime that simply cannot exist simply because you cannot create a classless society. Wealth is the reward of hard work and innovation. Without reward there is no development and people will say "why do i have to work hard when i will earn the same as the other guy who is lazy and dumb" and the economy will collapse it is inevitable lol

  15. Spending more in Health care than in Defence sounds about right for me. I’d rather spend more to save life than to kill it.

  16. The National Front is not right-wing. They have socialist policies. They just want France to remain French.

  17. Geez. I don't think we call France socialist in Europe. I would call it a capitalist country – not socialist. Just because you have some socialist policies does not make you a socialist overall.

  18. Socialism kills countries. You might say that "SocDemocracies aren't socialist" but the only difference is that they push socialism on the down low, progressively. But they will run out of money anyway, eventually. And a lot of people will die, but first they will slowly lose all of the "good" things socialism took from the competent ones in order to give to the incompetent. And they will be angry. Angry people fuel war. If only we had a system that brought people out of poverty like never before without stealing from the rich. Oh wait. Thats Free Market Capitalism.

  19. I understand why people do not like socialism, but why they are turning to far-right-exreme ideas? I got that there are some people with consevative and sceptic views, but this is strange what is going on now in Europe.

  20. Social democracy is distinct from socialism. Social democracy is basically “u know what? Capitalism is kinda cool, but let’s have a thicc welfare state so the workers don’t get too mad about being exploited for their surplus value.” Socialism on the other hand is a restructuring of society to one in which the workers own the means of production. This can take numerous forms (state apparatus, co-ops, etc).

  21. Hahaaaaa France is a social democracy socialism is common ownership of the means of productions and a proletariat state

  22. From my point of view living here, France has a mixed system, partly capitalist & partly socialist. This seems an ideal blend which is currently being intelligently modernized/tweaked by Emmanuel Macron and his new centrist partly LREM. 💚🗼💚

  23. Did Macron fix any of the problems in the video. Now looking after a couple years because that could be interesting to see

  24. Exposing partial facts doesn't prove your point. I won't write the trendy two words but this is, at least, disingenuous.

  25. She keeps comparing France to the USA. It's called getting a job! My job/employer offers great benefits including over six weeks of vacation. I have awesome medical insurance. Try living in a socialist country, where they don't want you to own your own home, live in a tiny apartment, no yard, and pay sky high taxes.

  26. The problem is that most French people don't even know the numbers shown in the video. They just assume that everyone in the developed world has the same benefits (well, except the US). The issues that France is experiencing now are just symptoms of deeper structural and cultural problems, not issues with social democracy. And if you even try to bring up some of the real issues with a French person, you might as well be arguing religion with a bible nut.

  27. Social democracy isn’t socialism. Either you’re misinformed or you’re purposefully misusing buzzwords to gain likes and views

  28. Garbage… No "Socialism" anywhere in the world, just an Enlightenment Era THEORY!! Not Capitalism with "social programs", and not Globalism with promises of prosperity.
    The THEORY of Socialism: theory prescribed that Society fund, own, operate, manage, distribute goods, and profit from local businesses, existing within The Free Market , under a Constitutional Democracy , where citizens build a civilized society with stewardship, sustainability, and prosperity for the working-class.

  29. No wonder France surrenders so much, they spend all there money on health care, work unions, wealth fare, they have no more money for their army.

  30. They need strong supply side reform with low taxes, deregulation, loose labor code, free trade and privatization

  31. High tax on wealthy but you still want high employment rate and high minimum wages. Sounds too good to be true? Yeah it is.

  32. Europe's economy is stagnating because government does too much. France made businesses almost impossible to expand, so you can't really blame them for high unemployment rate. Let the market decide the wage, not the government.

  33. Dunno but it sure worked in vietnam. And it only took a couple of major wars, a few million deaths, years of starvation and limited amounts of basic goods for it conclude on a high note

  34. They are not a social democracy. They have a capitalist economy and private companies that sell things to people

  35. It's not a Democratic Socialist government there "far right activists " just want terrorist attacks to stop they have had a massive crime wave and have surpassed the Americans in mass shootings. They use to not even arm police patrols.

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