Does Bosnia have the most complicated political system in Europe?

Does Bosnia have the most complicated political system in Europe?

imagine you live in bosnia-herzegovina and you're one of the 46% unemployed young people who desperately wants to change something they always tell you the best way to make a difference is to vote so you walk in and they give you this probably the longest ballot ever and you need it because this is a country with 14 separate Parliament's five presidents hundreds of Representatives and not to mention 136 appointed ministers that's a bit of a headache but a price worth paying to fulfill the obligation of citizenship so how do you vote in bosnia-herzegovina let's break it down first you get to vote for a member of the presidency a three member body that replaces a single president each representing one of the three constituent people Bosniaks Croats and Serbs the presidency is mainly in charge of foreign policy all decisions they make regarding it should be based on consensus with the rare exceptions when deciding on international agreements as views among major ethnic groups usually differ Bosnia mostly abstains from voting at international institutions as in the case of the recent UN Jerusalem declaration so you're done with the presidency now and are voting for candidates for parliamentary assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina after that in most democratic countries you would be done but in Bosnia now you're moving on to the entities entity is probably one of the most used words in the country this is complicated so bear with me there are two administrative units formed after the four-year war in the early 1990s one is called the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina made up mainly of Bosniaks and Croats the other is Republic of Srpska made up mainly of Serbs each entity has their own presidents vice presidents prime ministers Parliament's and ministers and that would be act unless you live in entity Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina that has toons administrative units made so that there are some areas where Croats and Bosniaks are a majority then you have to put a little more effort and vote for the Parliamentary Assembly for one of the ten Canton's you live in who invented all this well it was the international community during the Dayton Peace Agreement which ended the 1992 to 1995 war they wrote a constitution trying to satisfy the three sides of a conflict the war ended but the country suffers from poverty and corruption and probably the most complicated system of government in Europe you

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  1. Regardless of the politics, Bosnia is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever visited. I consider moving to the capital Sarajevo in the near future.

  2. Bosniaks are serbs convert to islam under Otoman Empire and Croats are catholics serbs. Religion is not nation

  3. A very complicated political system which doesn`t really work. The only good thing to say it stopped a terrible war.

  4. The Bosnians accepted a humiliating agreement to share their country with Serbia and Croatia to end the massacre of Bosnian Muslims and end the civil war.

    On the contrary, Croatia was given to the full control of Croatians and Serbia was given to the full political and economical control of Serbians.

    This can not stand for long, another war in the Balkans is inevitable to free the Bosnians from foreign control.

  5. I think my country (Belgium) has a more complicated political system. It is divided in three different regions (Flanders, Walonia and the Brussels region). (Those are divided in more regions). Belgium has 10 countycounsils, 589 counsils with 13.000 counsilmembers. And we are one of the smallest countries in de world. And we have over 30 political parties. We have 60 ministers. Try to beat that Bosnia.

  6. I'm sometimes scared to click on these kinds (when people include Ex Yugoslavia countries) of videos becouse all i can expect are comment wars between Croats,Serbs and Bosnians.

  7. Ja volim BiH tj. moju državu. I ne volim kada prođem pored nekog čovjeka u BiH, a on kaze: joj mrzim BiH!

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