Do Chinese Girls Like Foreign Guys?

Do Chinese Girls Like Foreign Guys?

I’ve never dated a foreigner before You need to get to know Chinese girls habits and also the habits of the boy who is dating the girl

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  1. Gday
    Over the last 15 years This is what I found most
    Australian women want in a man:-
    (preference/perfect list)

    * Player/Badboy
    * 6 foot or taller
    * 76kg or less
    * 6 figure income or more
    * 6 inch or more
    * Men to pay for all dates
    * Men to pay for rent , food and car

    * Women's choice not to have kids but work
    * Women's choice to work but have kids and not stay at home
    * Women shame/blame/abuse men
    * Women refuse to admit that DV is increasing from women
    * Women refuse to admit that women can kill and do DV
    * Women refuse to admit that women can hit other men and other women
    * Women refuse to take agency or responsibility for bad life choices
    * Only WOMEN get to choose if a kid is born (her body)
    yet its the MAN that gets to "man up" and pay for child support
    * Ive never heard anyone say women need to WOMEN UP

    Nice guys get friendzoned , Nice guys always come last



    * Men above 180cm (roughly 6ft and above):
    2,126.8k versus 7,296.2k total (2011-2012 Australian Bureau of Statistics)
    = ~29% of men above 18 years old

    * Men that are overweight:
    = 42.4% (2014-2015 Heart Foundation stats)

    * Men that have university degrees or higher:
    = 28% (2017 Australian Bureau of Statistics)

    * Men that earn more than $100,000 annually:
    = 944,290 men, 17.5% of all males (2011-2012 Australian Taxation Office stats)

  2. are you guys gay and just trying to cover it up by "dating girls". not trying to be a dick but seriously come on but 13:16 was a little odd there bud

  3. Western girls are more fun. Asian girls, in general, can't get in and stay in the moment. They are always worrying about something.

  4. Okay, there is a chinese joke: a white guy crying with tears at a bus station on a phone and said you don't love me at all! you just want to practice your oral english

  5. In response to that last comment, I want to see your non-white wife!

    Not in a weird way or anything, I just really enjoy Vivianne’s personality and and how you all get along!

    I wish my wife and I got to have as much fun together as you seem to!

  6. in your little angry racist insecure mind, that would be a yes. FACT is when you take your eyes out of your anus, you will see that 99.9 percent of asian women are with asian men.

  7. Good analysis there at the end. I think that you missed a crucial point about how society sees men and women in China though. First of all if a woman is 30 and unmarried people will often look down on her so she doesn't have the same time to fool around as the average westerner. Secondly, sex and virginity are so incredibly different from the West where most people dick around during high school and college and "try things". In China many guys simply expect the girl to be a virgin or at the very least to have very limited sexual experience so while it may not be a big deal to you to just "have fun" you could literally be limiting her future chances of a relationship. Now of course not all Chinese girls follow these norms (there are also super slutty girls in China) but as was also underscored in the video YOU need to be clear about YOUR intentions and expectations because she is the one who is risking a lot by being with you – it really is a big deal to her, even if it isn't to you. If you can't match her level of future planning and expectations then at least postpone your own sexual needs a bit compared to what you would back home until you're comfortable enough with each other to have a talk about where you want the relationship to go.

  8. They find foreign guys very interesting, but I think that a lot of women think that foreigners don't fit that well because of culture differences. At the end, a chinese woman prefer chinese men because they are more capable of knowing what a chinese woman makes happy. But when you as a foreigner make efforts trying to find out what she really needs (she probably tell you directly) there is a high chance that it ends up in a very happy family.

  9. Just as a suggestion, You should allow them to speak in chinese, then translate it. You can clearly sense that these interviewees can't speak english well enough to express what they actually feel, and are just choosing words from their very limited vocabulary (no offence, i'm also chinese) so they don't pause too much. They do this because that's what they have to do in oral exams, it doesn't matter what they say, as long as they pick a random word and use it. It's just a habit.

  10. I'll be seeing you guys the end of this year! ( well maybe) I will be moving to China, chengdu to be exact. The end of this year. My wife is from there and will be done with school here in the u.s. so well be going back "home" and I'll be vlogging the experience! Super excited and never have seen v logs coming out of chengdu yet. Love your content . It's honestly helped me understand my Chinese wife so much better and helped me figure out why she does all these quirky little things that drive me insane! Haha anyways you guys will be seeing me around !

  11. Ther biggest thing I'm worried about is that since Chinese women want a kid the baby would come out too big and require a caesarean section.

  12. I hate hearing Chinese saying Foreigners are too open minded. What does open minded even mean? Isn’t it a good thing?

  13. Both of those guys Look so incredibly soft , i dont think they are able to even Harm an insect…Generation snowflake i think this is called

  14. In the U.S. interracial relationships are considered normal and appropriate whereas in countries like China that are still behind the times and not as evolved as the U.S.,… a lot of the people still think interracial relationships shouldn't be allowed. In China they don't even like mixing with other Asians, like a Japanese marrying a Chinese is extremely uncommon..yet they are so close to each other.

  15. Chinese , japanese, korean will prefer white men over asian because they have a very low self esteem. And also they think they are good in bed like sucking like in porn and their dick is longer hehhe. but some asian like indians, tibetan, nepalis, they prefer their own people because they bring shame to the family if they bring white or black or hispanic to their family

  16. Wow that traitor comment was harsh. Why they care that you marry Chinese? Unless they are jealous? Embarrassing that they must verbalize their hate.

  17. 10:06 dude this is the way it's meant to be. This girlfriend-boyfriend crisis is utterly chaotic and nonsensical.

  18. Wait, your pal's nickname is literally "prozzie"? Might want to reconsider that. Unless he in fact is a gigolo.

  19. all ethnicities shouldn't matter

    every one is equal if only china got more along with usa without war

  20. I met and dated a gorgeous great figured Chinese woman from mainland China, who moved to Hawaii, where l was stationed in the Army, in which she had not been there long. So she was still learning to become westernized, sorta. She would still go to Chinatown to grocery shop and rent Chinese movies.

    She was a dentist who had money and a very nice home. She had a large family who would come and visit often. My job was to help them learn English with workbooks they got from somewhere.

    After about a week, we became serious in our relationship and was her very first time experiencing a large sex thingy, she was VERY happily shocked or stunned. Lucky for me, she wanted to do it often at least twice a day. No disrespect to her please. I cared for her very much, and the way she cared and treated me was above any Westerner l have experienced in my 35 years at that time, including two ex-wives. But, my military duty was coming to an end, and l hadn't seen much of my family in 16 years, so l had to move home.

    I regret doing that and l miss her very much to this day, which I'm now 61. I think she moved back to China because l can no longer find her. I would like to go there and find another wonderful woman. But how can l do this not knowing anyone there, or where to go to visit? I so lost out first time.

  21. This is so true, especially the seriousness they have in the relationship. I dated a Chinese girl before and after 1 month she was already planning on moving to my country just for me. I was so stunned and almost scared by that (I was only 19), so I broke up with her because of that..

  22. Okay! Got it now! If white guy happens to live up to the materialistic standards of an Asian girl the requirements of money, career, and social status weigh heavily! So guys if you're a Caucasian remember drive a Toyota, Lexus, have such jobs as engineer, doctor, lawyer, or big time CEO and know that intimate sex and closeness are achieved only by satisfying family expectations! I shit you not guys if you read my evaluation! Other than that you are an expendable piece of shit the women will jettison like the third stage of the Saturn V rocket!

  23. FFS C-Milk, when you do vids with SerpentZA, at least you are a pretty boy by comparison. But what is the point of this video then? XD

  24. When I was in Hong Kong, I was on a bus on Nathan Road and I saw a young lady around 18-21 was crying her eyes out, and part of me wanted to get off at the next stop and go to her and ask if she was okay, but I didnt because I was afraid of the language barrier

  25. I don't understand why its bad to go to china if they are unsuccessful with western women. They like chinese women and chinese women like them, so everyone is happy. I dont see why they have to stay alone just because they are shy, unattractive or else. If you dont like that they go to china to meet women maybe you should have dated more such guys. Right?

  26. Milk man used a lot of woman in China for a good time. But, I imagine a lot of guys used Vivi to get of too. Looking at the old videos on matt999….I don't know how such a slob could ever get a girl…I guess if you are fairly tall and have a pointed nose, you pass.

  27. I chuckle when I see someone say "nobody wants to see your wife" or "everyone agrees" and the like. It means that they know they may be wrong, they know their opinion is not shared by most people, yet in their little minds, they want others to believe that they are correct, have a horde of imaginary friends with the same opinions (usually fundamental Christians with loads of imaginary friends called gods and angels).
    As soon as I read "everyone" or "nobody" to back up their opinion, I ignore whatever they have to say" It has as much substance and meaning to me as a fart in a gale.

  28. Funny this shits still puzzling people. Females like males with wealth. So in America white males hold a majority of the wealth. Duh no brainer Asian females are no different. She farts she's shits and she goes for the money😂😂😂

  29. To be sincere I think if you will date a chinese girl, it should be one that has experienced the outside world….. I know what am saying….. a local chinese girl can frustrate your life….. you can’t even eat with your friend that is a girl they make you feel like you’re in a prison…. they hardly trust you….. so because of that they get upset….. seeing you with a girl that’s your friend even before you guys became lovers is a problem and even if you explain to them they will just tell you to choose one between your friend and themselves….. no matter how hard you make them trust you most still sometimes feel not secured…. sorry to say that’s why there are lot of break ups and divorces in china… and most marriages doesn’t last…. because after sometimes the man won’t be able to cope….. most of my chinese friends that are guys do even tell me that chinese ladies are annoying…. (中国奴性事太多)which is true…. don’t get me wrong, they are lovely and they truly love you, but the love might not bring happiness because they will want to own you and change you to the person they want…which might you bring unhappiness to you… you might try to change yourself but at a point you will just repel….so as a foreigner my advice is that you can date a chinese girl that has experienced life and love outside China because by then she will be more exposed….

  30. You got to ensure 2 things before marry a Mainland Chinese girl, 1) she is going to marry "you", or your "passport".

  31. Money is the most important thing, I have never seen a Russian and Chinese girl marry, most people are conservative, the family will not let her marry foreigners

  32. Most people don't marry people from other countries, which is common in any country, and if she does, that means she's not welcome in her own country

  33. Good on Chinese women for expecting men to be serious rather than just fooling around with them! Every woman is legitimate in expecting this of a man.

  34. These are horrible examples of real American men. Sis cock metro guys are only found in the city and the country/heartland is not the city.

  35. Do you Asian girls like foreigners? The answer is NO!!! Not at all.. what they do like is money and high social status… so if you're a fucking foreigner and end up with an Asian bitch it's your money she is attracted to not your stupid ass.

  36. I agree guys I think it's a huge huge difference between dating a American and dating a Chinese woman I think they're more down-to-earth I think also they're more serious about what they're looking for and what they want in a man versus what they want in a Chinese man I think they are more dedicated to the American man because the American men don't care for their money A Lot American men are down-to-earth and very very supportive an adventurous I'm very understanding when it comes to dating a Chinese female I think Chinese women orientals whether they be Japanese or Chinese I think the women girls are both beautiful and gorgeous I think they have the most prettiest eyes the most prettiest lips and they would give the most cutest and adorable babies in the world and if I ever had the chance to date a nice pretty Oriental from China or Japan I think I would be happy I'm 48 years old I've never had too many dates but if I ever got the chance I would definitely date and go out with a nice pretty Oriental where should be Chinese or Japanese as long as she spoke good English and she had a good heart and she was down to earth and had a sense of humor and adventurous that's all that means to me and knows what she wants I think two people could click have a lot in common if you really get to know the Chinese girl or Chinese lady really well I think you could click and you would get along really well there be a connection vibe but it's hard to find that what the days culture changing all the time in the world changing around us each and every day it would just be really something special and really nice for an American to date a nice pretty Chinese or Japanese lady or girl and Mary one and have babies I think they're more serious than American Woman I feel American women play too much I think they're in the money I don't think there is serious cuz half of American women today in my country that u.s. don't know what they want don't know what they want to do or even what they want out of a man or even ride a life they just want to party in that's all they think about and that's just not how I look at it when it comes to a Chinese woman or a Chinese girl I think they are more serious and if like I said got the chance to date one I would be happy cuz that's always been my dream peace guys love the video

  37. Westerners do not comprehend how superficial and sexually casual and obsessed they have become.

    In the West 70 years ago, we were not casual about sex. Why? because it got girls pregnant, which was serious sht.

    Younger Western men going to China who try to impose their casual sex drive on local women are being profoundly culturally inappropriate and coarse.

    Chinese culture considers such behavior as crude and of the lowest character.

    Further, in multiple comparative studies of cultures, Asians are the least obsessed with sex.

    They tend to focus more on work, making money, family relationships.

    So the casual attitude of many young Western men and their lack of restraint of sex drive is at the end of the day anathema to Chinese culture and women.

    I am an older Westerner, and have been traveling to Asia for many decades. I am abhorred at how ignorant, offensive, and narcissistic the behavior of many Western men is.

    Respect the culture of other countries when you travel there, or you do terrible damage to international relations.

    Westerners can learn to be much better people by adopting many Asian customs, because the West has thrown most of theirs out, and are mindless addicts to social media and doing whatever feels good. Smart Asians think this is very much airhead and depraved.

  38. Mainly European Foreigners while Middle Eastern, South Asian, South East Asian, Polynesian, Micronesian, North African, Sub Saharan African, And Non Chinese East Asian Foreigners are usually not very high on demand.

  39. Am in love with a Chinese guy but he is not interested. I look like an elephant next to him. Am 54kg and 5ft 9in and he makes me feel like a giant. Love lost

  40. Good for those Chinese women. Taking dating seriously is not something anyone should have to apologize for. I'm actually talking to a Chinese girl now and it's quite refreshing compared to the dating I've done with western women — she places so much weight on even the first date.

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