Do British People Identify as European? // Cultural Identity & Brexit

Do British People Identify as European? // Cultural Identity & Brexit

Hi, we’re Joel and Lia. And today’s video is an open discussion on whether British people
feel that they’re European. – Now our normal style of
video is very laughy and jokey. This one might not be as laughy, but we’ll try to inject
a few bits of humor. – Yeah I think it’s because
it’s such a touchy subject, isn’t it?
– Yeah. – and like we’ve had a lot
of comments from you guys you know, what’s the young
people’s take on Brexit? How do you guys feel? And actually the reason for this video is because I got a bit of backlash. – Yeah. – Uploaded a video onto our channel and I titled the video “My European Trip” or something.
– Adventure. – Adventure, My European, well done, Joel. – And you mentioned something
about zebra crossings, how they mean something different in Europe than they do in the U.K. – Yeah. – Things like that, and
people really picked up on it and were like, oh, this is
classic Brits being arrogant, you are Europe, you’re
always separating yourself from Europe, like, you’re
not better than us, and it’s
– Yeah – It just, yeah, and someone linked us to a video of another YouTuber called Jen, who we’ll link in the description, she made a discussion about it. She’s European, she lives in the U.K. – Yeah.
– And she was saying her opinion, which is she thinks Brits are a bit snobby by saying we’re British, we identify as being
British, not European. So we just thought we’d
give our take on it. – We’ll just give our take on it. Can I just say, I think if
we had Euros as a currency – Yeah. – That would change a lot, wouldn’t it? – Definitely, yeah. – When we go away to a European country, we change our currency
into a different currency. It feels like Monopoly money. – Yeah. – It feels so fake,
you’re just like, a la la, I don’t know about you
– Yeah. – But I always feel like it’s pretend and I’m like cash, cash, cash (laughs). – (laughs) Yeah, I know. And the fact that you
have to travel over a sea. – Yeah. – Mentally it’s not a
huge, big, vast ocean. – Yeah, three or four
hour flight somewhere. – We’re an island, we’ve
got a different currency, there are loads of other
cultural differences. – Culturally we feel so different. – I think that’s what it is. We have never, never,
never been brought up in our school education,
or education system, to be thought of as European. They’re always like, you’re
British, you’re British, you’re British, you’re British. – Yeah, I feel that too. And because I have Greek Cypriot heritage, I sort of have my relationships with my Greek and Cypriot family. And when I’m over there
it’s all so Mediterranean, it’s all so different, it’s me, but I still feel really British
and I identify as a Brit. I don’t feel like that’s
the same culturally. – No. – I don’t feel like it’s, obviously, it’s just so hard to explain.
– Yeah. – And I think the reason
why it’s a touchy subject, because it’s really hard to tell someone how they should feel. – Yeah. – Do you know what I mean?
– Yeah. – And I think a lot of people
feel like now they can. A lot of people feel
like they have the right to tell someone how they should feel, – Yeah.
– or how they’re meant to feel, when you absolutely can’t. – No. – You would never, ever, I
know this is out of context, you would never dream
of telling a transgender person how, what gender they must feel, would you?
– No. – And if you would, then maybe
you’re the problem (laughs). – (laughs) Yeah. – You would just never, would you? – No, or I’d never say to
you, if you’re telling me, oh I’m Greek, I’m half
Greek, you’re Cypriot, – No, you’re British!
– I’m not gonna be like no, you’re
British, you’re not Greek. – You were born here.
– You’re not Greek. – You were born here. – I just think it’s so stupid. If anyone that commented
that on our video, if you’re watching this, you are an idiot. You’re one of the problem
that by telling someone how they should feel,
– how they should feel – How they should identify – That’s why probably I’ve
got identity problems. – Yeah (laughs). – I’m gonna link a
video in the car that we did with Tom and I spoke about – Yeah. – How I went this this meetup
in London for Greek people. And I was the only
English-born Greek there, and everyone else was like
Greek fresh off the boat. – Yeah.
– Proper, like Greek accent, everything, and I just felt like I
wasn’t European or Greek enough to be there, honestly. This problem is so
– Yeah. – Inside me, it’s so hard
to tell people how to feel. – Yeah. – And it really messes with them. – Yeah, and I think that’s what it is. It goes deeper than just the
actual geographical location. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause of course, we know that we are included in the continent of Europe.
– Yeah. – You’ve Europe, you’ve got Asia, you’ve got America.
– America. – It goes deeper than that. We’re not saying that we’re not part of the European continent, we know that. – Yeah. – We’re just saying culturally, we’re incredibly different to all of the other European countries. – Yeah, I wanna say this. In society we feel like we’re
allowed to label people. – It’s so embedded in everything we are. You know, what’s your
job, what’s your religion, oh, you’re an accountant. You know, you meet people and you’re like, I don’t wanna be labeled by my job. – Yeah. – What are you, oh you’re a YouTuber. But I’m so much more than that. – Yeah. – I’m a person, I’m a human. And I think it’s very natural for us to want to label
– Yeah. – Europeans, there, da da da da. You’re Asian, over there. I just think it’s, I
just hate it, personally – Yeah. – I hate labeling.
– Yeah. – It’s a way of us
categorizing people because that’s the only way our
brain can deal with things. – Yeah. – There’s no right or wrong way to feel. But this is such a sensitive topic, and that’s why I wanted to open it up to everyone who’s watching. So write in the comments,
especially if you are British. How do you identify? I’m not saying tell us if you voted remain or if you voted leave, ’cause
that’s a whole other thing. – Yeah, I think that’s the
political side of things. – Yeah. – Whereas I guess we’re talking slightly more about
– Culturally. – The cultural identity and that geographical sort of thing. – And culturally, I do not feel European. – No, me neither. If someone was like, oh, you’re
European, I’d be like, no. – I’d be like
– I’m British. – I’m sorry, what, I’m a what? – I’d be like, oh you think I was Spanish? No (laughs).
– No (laughs). I was born here and I’m
really proud of that. – Yeah. – British-born, you meet
British-born Pakistani, or British-born this, British-born that. Everyone loves that they have heritage from somewhere else. – Yeah. – But often people will say
I’m British, I was born here. – Yeah. – If we were to touch on the
political side of things, technically, moving forward
we are no longer European. – Yeah.
– Obviously, because Brexit is going ahead.
– Yeah. – So yeah, we are gonna be
like an independent Britain. But right now we are still
in the European Union. – Yeah, I think we still are. Again, it’s all uncertain. Lots of questions we get
– No one knows. – are about Brexit,
particularly from Europeans that are worried about like oh, is it gonna be harder to travel there, – Yeah. – Or can I study there? We don’t know, no one knows. – No one knows the answers. Even politicians don’t know the answers. – Yeah, it looks like
it’s gonna be a very long and hard road of negotiations
and things like that. No one knows, you know as much as we do. – Yeah, all we know is
we’re gettin’ a new passport – Yeah, and it’s blue, yeah.
– and it’s blue. That’s literally the
only fact anyone knows. – Yeah. – And I think it’s okay for us not to know ’cause I got a little bit worried, we were asked to do something, speaking about how young
people feel about Brexit, and I was thinking, I don’t know enough. But the thing is, no one does. – No, it’s all opinions. – Yes, there’s obviously
people that studied economics or the way things work, – Yeah.
– The way the world works, and they’re able to really make more informed opinions.
– Yeah. – Or like, assumptions,
more informed assumptions, if that’s a thing,
– Yeah. – On how things will pan out.
– Yeah. – But essentially, we don’t
know anything (laughs). – No, maybe we seem
quite chilled about it, but that might be because we come from a privileged position of being British and – Yeah. – it not really affecting us that much. Like, I, my personal
opinion, I don’t think that Brexit is really gonna affect
British people that much. It just might mean we have to apply for a Visa when we to Europe. – Okay, yep. – But apart from that,
for people in European countries it might affect them because they wanna study here,
or they wanna come here and it’s gonna
– Yeah. – affect it that way, so
maybe we are privileged in being like, oh, it
doesn’t really matter. – Yeah, definitely. – Maybe it is more of a big deal to other people than it is to us. – And also, you can’t say
that almost 17 million people in the U.K. that
voted Brexit are wrong. They voted for an independent Britain. And it would be so silly to
assume that they’re all wrong. Because yeah, I know
– Yeah. – we live in London and
London is mostly remain, hugely remain area.
– Yeah. – Yeah, I’m not, that’s a
whole long video, isn’t it? – Yeah.
– And I suppose more about that as things start to unfold here, but still we’re in this
area of uncertainty. – Yeah.
– And to answer the question of what this video is all about. Do Brits feel European? Well, lots of us don’t. – Yeah.
– A few of us do. – Yeah.
– Personally, we don’t. – No.
– And that’s just our opinion, and there’s no right or wrong way to feel,
– Yeah. – you can’t tell someone how to feel. – No, and don’t assume that that means that we think we’re better than you. – No, no way. – We’re literally just saying, this is how we identify. We’re not saying that means
that we’re better than you. If anything, that says more about you and how insecure you are (laughs). – (laughs) Yeah. – Because that’s not
how it’s meant at all. – Yeah, definitely. I did watch that video that
you mentioned at the start. – Yeah. – And it is a bit hard to
watch ’cause you’re a bit like, I don’t really that we’re a part, though. – No.
– If that’s how people feel like we are, that’s a
perception that we can’t undo. – No, but who knows (laughs)? – So there you go, guys. That’s a very chatty
discussion video for you. If you did enjoy it, please
leave a comment below. – Yeah, let us know your
thoughts on the topic. I’m assuming that the
comments are gonna get a little bit heated, maybe. – Yeah, it is. Let’s open up the
conversation in the comments, and we will see you next week. By the way, if you want 25
pounds free at B&B Credit – (laughs) For your
– When you come to – travels to Europe.
– London (laughs). – Or the U.K. – We’ve got a link in our description that you can use that in.
– Yeah. – It’s handy. Who knows, use it before
you can’t (laughs). – Yeah, quick, get in there
before we leave the EU. – Book your London stay. Okay, see you next time guys. Bye.
– Bye.

100 thoughts on “Do British People Identify as European? // Cultural Identity & Brexit

  1. You can't really say British culture is different from the European one, just because European culture in itself is made of many different cultures.The whole point of feeling European is to share your culture with your neighbors and learn from them as much as they can learn from you. I understand your point of view when you guys said you are not "taught to be European", and I think the UK has never really been part of the EU, not only politically, but in the way of thinking. And as European I feel sad for you. (This mustn't be taken as an offensive, I hope you understand my point of view). 🙂

  2. Interesting but it's not just us. When I worked in France but right on the Spainish border, I knew several Spainsh friends and when they were on the French side they said things like "don't forget that we're in Europe now so we have to remember that they eat early" – In other words anything that wasn't Spain was "Europe".

  3. Funny. There is a somewhat controversy over here regarding who can call themselves "Americans." It is of course very common for people of the United States to refer to ourselves and our country as Americans and America. This is also what most people around the world also do. But, some people, mostly South Americans feel triggered or even threatened by this usage. They feel that they are "Americans" because they live in South America and they get mad at us Americans for apparently also referring to ourselves as such.

    Although, I don't really know what else we could call ourselves, but someone from Brazil is free to refer to themselves as Americans if they want or Brazilians or both (despite possibly confusing many other people: where are you from? America. Oh, what State are you from? São Paulo. I thought that was in Brazil. It is. So, you are Brazilian American. No, I am Brazilian and American. Oh, dual citizen. No. ok, ???). While, this usage does not particularly offend me (I think it is a little strange, offensive that they are telling me what I can or cannot call myself, confusing and possibly only done to prove some sort of point). Maybe their point is that when Americans or others refer to Americans they tend to think exclusively of people from the United States but, their argument is in the end semantic or circular.

    I can't help what others think and besides what other name can people of the Untied States refer to themselves as. And even if there was a good alternative, we are just as free to refer to ourselves as Americans as Brazilians or any South or North Americans are (if they really want to.) As, only per their logic, we also inhabit North America and we have America in our actual country's name.

    Sorry for the rant, but this "American" controversy is almost the mirror image of the British-as-Europeans controversy.

  4. I guess it just feels like you guys are similar to Europe from an outside perspective. That being that I am American.

  5. When a transgender biological male demands that i refer to him as her, the problem is with the biophobic transgender. There are only two genders, male and female, and no lifestyle or social justice warrior gets to choose.

  6. What a great topic. From my perspective, as an American, people who are citizens of the UK are British and their own cultural & historical entity. I certainly never think of Brits as Europeans. To me, Brits are allies, friends, & people of the motherland – even if they came from Croatia or elsewhere in the world. From a purely economic perspective, the UK's financial outlook, and possibly the whole world's, will suffer if Brexit goes into effect. Europe IS the UKs most important trading partner & an entire industry of banks and managerial firms specializing as go-betweens for trade with the continent have flourished in London. On the other hand, I wouldn't want a band of gypsy thieves or Albanian gangsters to be able to freely pass into my country, steal everything that's not nailed down, and then easily escape to another country. Here's where the negotiating skills of the Prime Minister & her government are critical & each side can't adopt an all-or-nothing approach. There must be a middle ground that everyone can live with.

  7. First Great Britain is NOT!! Part of Europe simply because we are an island onto ourselves unlike mainland Europe. I do accept we are on the continent but that means nothing to me.
    This is how I identify..
    Englishman – 1st
    British Citizen – 2nd

  8. The UK is leaving the EU, not Europe. Unless the UK suddenly floats away, we've been a European nation for thousands of years. People really need to understand the difference between a political union and a geographical continent.

    Many people say the UK is different to other European nations but isn't that true. Every single European nation is different from language to historical architecture.

    I suppose Europeans may claim the UK isn't part of Europe due to our language being international and are ties with nations such as America, Australia, Canada, etc. Well, sorry UK haters, but the Uk has always been part of the European continent and you're going to need to make us float away to get rid of us.

  9. Well, I'm not from europe, actually from Venezuela, but I like europe, and I really like the british culture. As of the brexit matter, I don't want the UK to leave just because of one reason. Just when I decided I wanted to move to europe (especifically to the UK) and get a european nationality so I could travel throughout the continet, I heard the news that the Uk was leaving the country and I was like: Fuck! My plans have been ruined! Life never gives u what u want, does it? So yeah, u brit bricks have ruined my plans!! But I love ya hahahahaha.

  10. Swiss are not European, because they are so much different from the rest of Europe…and so are Dutch, Spaniards, Austrians, Portuguese… The difference is that only British have this existencial doubts

  11. I get where you guys are coming from! Kind of similar to Puerto Ricans to the Us. Yes technically they are American but alot of them don't identify as American bc the culture is so different and prob bc they are an island as well!

  12. I find it ridiculous that on the one hand you permanently say you don't think that you are better in any way but you still just repeat that you are superior and special. All countries have a right on national identity not just you.

  13. Being an "European" living in London for 25 years now I do feel totally frustrated with your conclusions. If only you both had travelled or lived for a while abroad you would have realized that all European nations have a lot in common if you compare them with others continents. British are a mixed of Celts, Angle, Saxon, Jutes, Roman and Norman like most European nations. . You language is a mixed of, Germanic, French and Latin and you share with us a very important Roman Heritage. The average British, goes from Primary School to Uni like most European to study the same subjects, your religion is Christianism mostly. Brits works about 40 years, before to retire, get married later these days at around 30 yo, have babies later, average child rate is 1.5 something, watch mostly American movies, drink beers and more and more wine etc….. All this is European. Of course you like marmite but that doesn´t make you soooo non-European guys!

  14. To all these people saying they identify to being “European” I work in a University in England and I come across so many people from all over Europe, I can say I have never heard one say they are “European” it’s either Spanish, German, French and so on.

  15. So sad to see political borders continue to shape people's mindset! The whole passport system and "you're allowed there but not here" is just so ridiculous. It's time to move forward. We need to stop feeling privileged for something we did not achieve!

  16. my crystal ball tells me . britain will leave EU . develop trade all over the world , reestablish
    links to new zealand , aust. sth africa, india , canada.etc. Greater travel to those places , gap years trade and so on. air fares will become cheaper due to volume.
    cultural links greatly strengthened , possible easing of visa and work , residence rules, and we keep winning the cricket . ha !

  17. Britain is, factually speaking, apart of Europe.
    All Brits are European; just as all Germans, French, Spanish, Greeks, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Irish, etc. are European.
    You can't just change that
    You realise you can be British AND European, but you can't just say you're not European?

    Now what does a nationality mean? What the fuck does European even mean?
    If we take the prescriptive approach to language, the dictionary would say inhabitants or natives of Europe. Remember: the dictionary isn't the bible of words, it's merely a usage guide.
    So some might associate it with ethnicity, although I disagree with that notion; black people integrated in Germany (my country) or any European country are still European… ethnicity is a social construct anyway.
    Some might associate it with citizenship, passport, location, etc. I kind of agree with this.

    If we take the descriptive approach, we look at culture, integration, and person identification.
    This I agree with most. Is British culture European? Yes. Europe has an array of cultures, but ultimately they are all European cultures. They have similarities and differences. Speaking of Europe collectively tends to emphasize the similarities more. The European Union was created to slowly integrate these cultures and make Europe more unified. Britain, unfortunately, has held Europe back a bit; but the polls show Britons would be much more likely to vote remain in a second referendum. As for people that don't trust the polls, they will always have a margin of error around 1-2%. Whether or not the UK ends up leaving doesn't matter in the present, since you are still in the EU as I'm typing this comment.
    Why should British culture be separated from Europe's collective cultures? What makes the UK so special? Your culture really isn't that different from any of Europe. We all have similar values and politics, although Britain leans more right-wing than the rest of Western Europe, it is still very similar. EU license plates all have the flag of Europe on it… not the flag of each individual country.
    I hope for a second referendum. Europe needs to stick together. Europe needs to unify even more; little by little.

  18. three or four hour flight? lol… did you go to moscow or istanbul?
    I'm pretty sure my flight from Vienna to London a couple years ago took me somewhere between 1 and 2 hours?

    edit: further into the video: "you can't tell someone how they should feel"
    No one's telling you to feel European, it's just typical that you as Brits do not identify as European.
    "we're so much more different than the rest the European countries"
    lol you absolutely aren't. you are so European it almost hurts. travel more. and not just to the US and some mediterrenean countries. you are almost identical to Dutch people in everything but your nationality and language. you are incredibly similar to germans and scandinavians. a brit, a german and a frenchman have so much more in common than any of them with a russian. LET ALONE America or the rest of the planet. Saying stuff like that is again so typically british. you are putting yourself on a pedestal. you think of yourself as better than the rest. in your mind you think you are "different" and not "better". but by assuming the "rest of Europe" is just the same and only the british have a distinct cultural taste to them, you are doing something very similar to american exceptionalism. And quite frankly, me and a lot of Europeans hate that about you. I'm speaking of the entire UK btw.

    edit2: you really think brexit will not affect british people but other europeans will suffer a bit more? lol. just lol. you're stuck in a colonial mindset where britain is the centre of the world. It's not. the UK will suffer extremely from brexit and it already has. your economy is set to collapse and you've become a political joke. no one takes you serious as a country anymore. and that's the main reason why other europeans (notice how I don't just say "europeans" but "other europeans"?) tried to talk you out of this mess. because this is not only going to affect you, but us as well. and even non-european countries like Japan or China who based their whole european strategy on the fact that the UK is integral part of the EU. you're messing up the global economic order and are completely destroying your domestic industries but everything you could have thought of were blue passports? how fucking dumb are you? Gosh. I fucking hate this country.

    After watching more stuff from neutral people and remain supporters I've come to actually dislike England. Not the entire UK, mainly just England. I hope you will leave soon.

    greetings from central europe. no need to specify my country since we are all the same anyway because we identify as European, right? fuck off.

  19. I don't class myself as European. And I don't class myself as British. BUT I DO CLASS MYSELF AS ENGLISH BECAUSE I WAS BORN IN ENGLAND

  20. I'm American, but I don't see what the big deal is if people of a country identify with their national heritage. I don't think that Canadians or Mexicans identify as Americans even though they're North Americans. I wouldn't understand why people in the UK would want direction or control from a government in Brussels.

  21. I know it's been a while since you made this video but it continues to be very relevant! I agree that your country is a separate nation with separate identity! As an American I would be very sad to see your nation absorbed in to the European Union to the extent that the British culture was lost! My own heritage is somewhat British actually Irish but I love the British people and culture! Thank you young Brits for standing up for your national culture and heritage! I love you two sweeties!

  22. There is no such thing as a common European identity. There certainly are certain macro-zones such as the Mediterranean countries, the Germanic countries, the Francophone countries and so on. The UK is yet another macro-zone with further differences within it Scoland, anyone? and the insular nature of the country reinforces the common perception of its inhabitants of having little to do with the Continent beyond the Channel. But at the end of the day, the UK is a European country no matter what. Over twenty centuries of shared history, culture, religious beliefs, the Grand Tour, multiple wars, dynastic feuds, and so on — ALL of that is part of the UK as much as it is of any other European country. Your FEELING NO ATTACHMENT to Europe is another thing, and you are fully entitled to decide whom to care about and love. But the point here is not whether you identify yourself as a European (which you are, deal with that) or an EU enthusiast (nobody in his or her senses is, granted), but whether you see your place in the world as part of an imperfect yet relevant geopolitical club, or as a single country trying to make it alone. Time will tell which one is, or would have been, the wiser choice.

  23. British People spoken a Germanic Language. The majority has Celtic descent . They use the Latin Alphabet. In their country are excist Roman ruins in thousand spots . And some people make the smart …..guestion " Do British People Identify as European? Who cares ??? They are Europeans but they don like the bloody E.Union . Nobody does ….

  24. I think that when the Plantagenêt kings lost Normandy, Anjou and finally, Calais, they stopped speaking French abd lost their connection to Europe.
    Not sad. Not good. Just reality.
    Thx for the video!

  25. The differences between Continental Europe, and Europe and all of its surrounding Islands. Just like the Americas includes Canada and the Caribbean, but that's different than the continental United States that people refer to as America. You wouldn't call the canadian-american, or a Jamaican Canadian, so I wouldn't call a British person a European either. Even though they may be connected to that continent technically.

  26. Interesting conversation and debate. I can see how British people would feel like they have more in common with the USA, Canada, and Australia because of the language and culture. They have a history with the rest of Europe, but they also have a relationship with India, South Africa, etc. because they were part of their colonizing empire. I think their diversity in the UK is why they think of themselves as English first then British then European for example. Just as I am a Floridian, US citizen and North American, but much different than a South or Central American. The language roots of Europe also may have inpact as English is not a Romantic language like French, Spanish, Italian, etc. It has more ties to Germanic languages and the British royal family is of more Germanic descent even though they have ties to other European Countries. They were more isolated from a lot of mainland Europe for centuries because of the sea and as a world power empire probably saw themselves as different from Europeans as Italians probably saw themselves as vastly different when Rome was the world power.

  27. I can sympathize Lia. My mom and most relatives are French Canadian from Quebec and my dad was American and I was born and live in the USA. I spent summers in Quebec. To the Canadians I am American and to the Americans I am Canadian. Add to that the French Canadians are different from the English Canadians. So I am some what both and neither, lol.

  28. I consider myself English, not British. I mean English people are British but what I hate is that over here in Canada people use the two terms interchangeably. They assume they mean the same thing but they don't. Maybe it's a little OCD and rigid of me but it still bugs me when people say British when they mean English. I don't know if that made sense.

  29. “Culturally we’re totally different from other European countries”… is this a joke? Every country has their own culture and some of them are more different compared to each other than others. That’s what’s great about Europe!

  30. It doesn't matter how they "feel", they are absolutely european. Great Britain is Europe just as Germany, Bulgaria or Portugal is Europe, because of their history, culture and also geography. Even Island belongs to Europe, how can the brits think they are somehow "different"?

  31. Come ON guys! We need open minded people! We all belong to a Continent called Europe and therefore we are Europeans! Wherever you go in this World you are from Europe doesn’t matter if you are English French Spanish or Portuguese etc …culturally Continental Europe is very different! Every and Each country in Europe are so different but we are Europeans because we live in Europe. Britain is not a Continent. You don’t fell European? That’s a different story.

  32. A really important thing that you should understand is that all culture is something that you have been taught since you were a kid, and the same with feelengs and emotions. And with that said, it will obviously be a senceless thing to say to someone how the one should feel; unless you have some wired disire to teach the one something diffrent. Am I right?

  33. Fucking hell I am english and feel 100% Europeans fuck people who try and divide the isles and mainland Europe plus we apart of mainland Europe during the last ice age

  34. Get out of EU already. Eu fell ww2 so quickly and brits were so brave and Helped Save the world like frontline. Brits were awesome digging in and dying and sacrificing in the face of evil. So id luv to see UK get on with Brexit. Brits don't have same mentality or culture as EU and I say hurray. Embrace being awesome Brits. Uh oh I guess my annoying American patriotism is showing.

  35. You're proud to be British! Its patriotism at its best! As an American I completely understand this!

    We love our country and fly our flag high! Lol in case you haven't noticed!

    And also this could have something with the world wars! Wouldn't surprise me.

  36. Brexit won't affect Britain that much? Where do you think most of your food, cars, medication, come from? And most of the alcohol brits cant live without? Why do you think multinational companies choose Britain? Because they want to be in the EU! Btw, do you know how many brits live in Europe? And you feel sorry for all the POOR Europeans that want to go to study or work in the UK? Did you know most European countries dont charge tuition fees or very little (e.g. France about 200 euros a year, Scandinavian countries free) and you think Europeans will be the affected ones?
    YOUR comments show how the stereotype of British people feeling superior is so true ! You think you are Gods!, Brits move to my country (Spain) and don't even bother to learn the language although they may live there for 20 years. Lack of intelligence/interest or just because they feel everyone is there to serve them? They expect everyone to serve and adapt to their needs….Most Europeans have a higher cultural level than brits! And most can speak a foreign languages. So yes….brits are different

  37. I'm Puertorican. We have American citizenship but we are an Island in the Caribbean and not a state. Ist I'm Puertorican and my secondary identification is Caribbean, I definitely do not FEEL American but we are in fact so in paper. Oh and I'm what people call Newyorican born in the island but raised between the Big 🍎 or Jersey and Puerto Rico.

  38. When most British people refer to Europe they usually mean mainland Europe, we know that we’re part of Europe but we have always been slightly separated. We’re an island and like Joel and Lia said, we have a separate currency. I guess maybe it’s also because we see the United Kingdom as our group of countries rather than Europe, but ultimately to us it’s mainland Europe that we’re referring to rather than the continent Europe.

  39. Brexit has nothing to do with anyone's opinion on whether or not they're European. Of course we're European our ancestors came from the mainland as close as 1,000 years ago.

  40. I don't call myself British I call myself English because I'm from England. And I don't identify myself as European

  41. The wogs start at Calais according to the British! Which means they they are jolly good old chaps while everyone else is every racial slur ever invented by the masters of the racial slur i.e the British!

  42. I mean as a Polish person I also never was taught in school “you’re European! “ or anything like that , and what is even an European culture, Poland is different than the Czech Republic and Spain and we all have different currency, but I do still think about myself as a European with it’s history that by sharing this piece of land we consequently share in a way. EU isn’t even about that, it’s about making it easier for as to cooperate

  43. My biggest problem with this video that You guys seem to have this idea that everyone in Europe identifies as a European before their country’s nationality, like I am Polish and than European, and UK isn’t different in that. Also Europe isn’t all the same as you guys think it is, UK isn’t special in the fact that it’s different than other European countries.

  44. I will never be European, i am English, and if pushed i will say i'm British, but never never will i ever be a Fucking european.

  45. I'm British and I do viewo myself as European also you are mainly talking from an English perspective. Although I'm origionally from England I grew up in Scotland and in Scotland we are tought to view ourselves and Europeans or at least in the Primary and High School I went to. Scotland does have a diffrent ciriculam and school system to England. We even had a European languages day personally I would rather live in mainland Europe than stay in the UK.

  46. If you want to see British peole who do want to identify as European go to Scotland you will also find a lot of people who don't identify as British as well.

  47. Every country has its own identity and culture. Personally, I have almost nothing in common with the British culture (fortunately). I do not get what you are proud of (maybe of the past?!). Yes, I must say you are in a privileged position (it does not translate into superiority, since foreigners make the hard and complex job for you) compared to other nationalities (language, economy, passport, jobs etc..), but one day soon things might change – watch out and get over yourself.

  48. Culturally, you are NOT incredibly different from the rest of Europe and you guys being the only ones thinking that proves that YOU have the problem. No one's telling you how to feel but your knowledge, observation and interpretation of things make people want to correct you. Of course, Greece is a lot different from the UK, but that difference generally exists between northern and southern Europe. The dutch feel just as different from the Greek as you guys do. Still, there are a huge number of cultural linkers that make the largest part of Europe, at least the former Wester (during the cold war) as a whole different from the rest of the world. Even if we look at the racial and linguistic history of the UK, we see it is just as European as the mainland. The language is a Germanic one, like Dutch, Scandinavian languages and German, the architecture, the geography etc is typically European with the only exception being that you guys drive on the left. The food isn't really different either. To any Asian, you guys are the same extrovert people as the rest of Europe, you look the same to them, your houses look the same, the food, the fashion etc. Globally speaking, you can obviously be categorized as European and once again, you are not the only ones within Europe that have their own, individual things going on again. You guys calling the rest of Europe Europe as if there weren't any cultural differences between them is just as stupid.

  49. So maybe you can understand what it means to be American. We come from all cultures and we try to take the best from each. It doesn't always work out that way but we bow to no one and we won't apologize. We are something new and different. England should be English.

  50. Y’all are saying your culture is much more different than the rest of “European culture” but the truth is that European culture is extremely variant. I.e Spanish culture and Swedish culture, they are very different but they both still consider themselves European simply because they are in the European continent. The fact is that your culture is very European considering the fact that your culture didn’t develop in solitude and was and still is influenced by the other European cultures around it. I really don’t see why some British people wouldn’t consider themselves European, but you can identify as anything you want. As we say in America “you do you boo!”

  51. I'm Scottish and now French. Don't feel British as I don't use words when I don't know what they mean. British is fucked up, it's not privileged .Your video. Is quite insulting to the 4.3 millions Brits who have watched their status being used as a bargaining chip for 3 years. I hope Scotland leaves this privileged class and stays a European nations.

  52. You english people. Do you think you're better than all other European country or something? Saying you're not European when your bloody country right in Europe and skin colour and appearance are European too. So dont think you're more special, like some god chosen country out of all European country ok? YOU are a European country just like the rest. No better and no less.

  53. The same thing applies in the Western Hemisphere!
    If anyone were to say they’re traveling to “America” that could mean they’re traveling to the USA or to, literally, anywhere in the Western Hemisphere (N. America, C. America, S. America). I know that for myself and many others born/raised/living in the USA, I will tell someone outside of the USA that I’m from America… meaning the USA and not the Western Hemisphere and I know some from other Western Hemisphere countries don’t appreciate that terminology since it’s all technically America. It’s hard when the word is literally in the name of the country.
    Not exactly the same scenario but something I’ve definitely noticed here in recent years. Would love to hear your take on it and if it’s at all confusing to people living outside of this region.

  54. Its important to point out that Europe is not the EU. The UK will always be part of the European continent. There are many European countries not in the EU. The EU is just the unification of member countries into one group politically and economically. Its a shame that many dont see this distinction and confuse being European with being in the EU. The question is, is the current EU good for Europe and should a European country be in the EU or not? I think Europe needs something better than the current EU and brexit is just the start of the process of evolution that the EU will undergo. If it turns out good, the UK may join that version

  55. Just crasy.. Scandinavia or Central Europe 10 times more advanced then uk still think they are Europeans its a question of culture not ego..

  56. Every country in Europe is European. It is a geographical concept and not cultural because Europe is full of different countries and each of them has its distinctive cultures, identities and peculiarities as well, considering their peoples background. The question is Why only the British don't feel they are European while all other countries in Europe do?

  57. Yes I see my self as a British person living near Europe not so much part of it. I think this is because I always think of Europe being the biggest lump of land and England and Iceland and maybe Norway just seem more like stragglers then part of Europe.

  58. We have a similar situation here in Central, North and South América. Most of us consider American only to the people from the United States, when we are all Americans, only the people in the US lack a nationality name of their own. I hope this makes sense.

  59. This video expresses the typical hubris of the Brits, it is disgusting. Why not just leave the EU, leave the solar system.

  60. Hm interesting. I am swedish, and if I go down to the continent I also pass an ocean (boat from Denmark over to Germany) and we also have a different currency then euros. But from my experince swedes often identify as european. And still the swedish culture is much closer to the brittish culture then the spanish or italian culture. I feel like the brittish disconnection from europe must be because of something else then what you mention, or because of some additional factors, but I have no idea what!

  61. Do you guys know that the official motto of the EU is "Unity in diversity" ? No one is expecting you to feel the same in Greece as you feel your identity is expressed in the UK. It would be impossible. Is a matter of understanding whats in common and work on that, acknowledging that the UK is a EUROPEAN country. If you never got told in school to feel European, I don't think there is a deadline for common sense !

  62. I am American and more than a year behind on this vid, but you saying you are British seems to me no different than someone from Germany saying they are German or someone from Holland saying they are Dutch. I see "European" as secondary to their national identity, but I suppose the EU concept, and intention, is to reverse that.

  63. Your 100% right . I have European heritage but I would never class myself as European . English culture and history makes us completely different from Europe . Nearly all of my family on record was born in England and past 4 generations were all born London . People from London are completely different from the rest of england so to say I’m European when most times I class my self as a londerner not even british or english , to say I’m European would never feel right specialy when even saying I’m british dosnt feel right simply because how different England mostly London is different from the whole of the Uk .

  64. It dates back to thousands of years of class and subjugation (we are subjects)…also we don't have the same lifestyles as most of Europe, the UK is more like the USA, due to Neo liberalism/Thatcher and Reaganomics

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