Disturbing – Greek Neo-Fascists, Racists Gaining Power

Disturbing – Greek Neo-Fascists, Racists Gaining Power

the golden dawn strikes again this time
of literally as legal not as you may know is a neo-fascist party increase it
also by recent for uh… opinion polls the third most popular political party increase thanks in part
to off their any measure is a constant influx of immigrants the causes problems
in that country and so they’re trying to uh… to
increase their popularity so they put on a very questionable event it was up would rather him you know food
but only for native greeks uh… now some people had a problem with this like
non fascists for instance and so on uh… georgia was coming as the mayor of
athens attempt to step in and stop them now one of the members of golden dawn
also george s dur menace was not happy with that he confronted him uh… and he tried
placement actually on the unfortunately his name was in good and he missed and
he had a twelve-year-old girl face home nights they said all the faster
i’ve actually hearing where do we have two people that are we really don’t know
yet when i saw a swatch dissipates six months it’s just the post-dated i travel you are all too perfect
destroyed and welfare looks a little treatment capital that that uh… and i’m so sorry for the very happy uh… yes own bulldog has been is been
making trouble i don’t think is going to help them it interesting note by the way that the
gold non-member who punch the twelve-year-old former basis and heavy
metal band yet and that’s and is it also have a gun and so the
mayors are bodyguards held in down turn something drawn gun now he is saying i did not punch a girl
the girl by the way has a big bruise therefore it should open for somebody uh… he is now going to be suing the
mayor of athens delahaye mean they held down you tried to put in there that’s good enough yet mission or
mineral dot they hold down dilemma is out of there and then he has had a and
give it a religious to fight back and beautiful weather martha yeah eighty
apparently it costed to female legislators uh… earlier uh… from the opposition from his
supposed to have and they increase a popular so it’s actually really scared and this
not surprised at all right i mean services you know ridiculous aspect to it of the
clown punching a twelve-year-old girl by mistake et cetera but um… look when you’ve got picked a group
targeting minorities in the this case immigrants their neo-nazis this is an adult yeah right and ended gaining in
popularity now what’s unfortunate about is that
they’re using austerity which is a terrible idea which actually smart people who care about the issues also
disagree with but they’re using it for their picture of a agenda anatoly cnr
ticket that anger that is legitimately married people and directing it towards
the wrong targets we’ve seen this movie before over and
over yet and and it doesn’t have a while now and we have table one of the rallies and he was here before wait to get a load of this it was a scene passion as more than five thousand
supporters increases far-right golden don party held torches and create flags
outside the u_s_ embassy in athens sitting and take turkish intel u_s_ an
intake immigrants slogans complicated dispute over to uninhabited islands in
the agency between the costa turkey in the greek island chain had to do it in
cun essays which the greeks have always claimed but whose sovereignty is
disputed by turkey whether it is articulated them back out by the staff of the think they’re making
some big point images mean shallow probably dole bullets uh… and there’s and there’s a hint of
mother but but there are enough that sort of overall point so we hope that they’ll be less knows
one of the reasons were in media is to get these people who won’t be like
that now i’m i’m afraid and i’m afraid that that that
might not necessarily be the case still here in the u_s_ i don’t think there’s
enough today we’re not we’re not anywhere near
roland on here uh… but they’re picking up that uh… allot of seats in the parliament
has a lot of anger increase and so on worried about reality i red and then i’m worried that it spreads
like a contagious which is how it always straight and and then sometimes you get a tipping
point all the sudden business great of leaders the agency coming as quickly as a kid
that’s why we can’t uh… forward to it progressive trap of saying and like what happened with chris for
starters a usb and writer and i hope he continues to be aspirated don’t walk
simplified no i don’t know but it’s widely can’t just say he’s allowed to believe what he will
lead to more lively we believe in what she can to go about our business he’s gotta be called out for believing
that i don’t want to lose his job but every day is going to be called out
for in every interview ever does until we get that are you still feel that crazy nonsense
stuff about gays are you still so shellow and you still so or as your beat you still so under
undeveloped as a man as a human being that you still believe the stuffed yes
any i mean i did ask him in every interview to detract usa latisha while i hope you enjoy the hell with uh… with the case uh… must will make a mistake is
actually movements related to an area that i
worked on it i’m a graduate school there’s a a lot of academics who work on the uh… the connection between
economic problems daughter problems in people’s values other classic worked i
thought it was modernization of change in the box into several who’s right
about this and they they have surveys all around the world every year going
back decades now and they contract year-by-year the changing values in people and what’s scary is that if
the others he cannot problems the country uh… it makes people more conservative
it has some effect on their values that makes them uh… more xenophobic more willing to
tolerate for tearing government things like that but it’s even worse than that the people who grow up in those
countries during that time having incredibly durable connection to those
values and so the problems in greece the problematic now twenty thirty years from now when the
people who are children our teenagers now or in power or voting it’s gonna be a problem given that designjet sassy scrubs we can’t have it
happened in america because is decades of trouble shit shown to be in a video
one more total ban on this works for them and should be versus posses scenes ec ec then an increase in ankles
you get right there that season subjects and to see exp teen moms from running keep alone you ought to be an act that you don’t
want to be and i know how you don’t be anywhere near that crowd who don’t want
that crowd in your country okay and so i mean like that’s defined the minority in in
greece about starting to get closer to a tipping point the big started thirty five percent
forty percent pack my bags

99 thoughts on “Disturbing – Greek Neo-Fascists, Racists Gaining Power

  1. Greek Government stole the money of the Greek people and took Greece on banckrabcy, and not have the people blame the Government  they blame the emigrants. So the NAZI party  was made from Greek politicians  to blame the emigrants  to what happened to their country after the stole the money and took the country in banckrabcy. Left Greek people without  jobs and without money and become a NAZI to blame the emigrants. World pay billions $$$ to Greece for their care and they get tortured from  broke  NAZI party.  SHAME ON YOU MASKARA.

  2. Its always the same, the worse the situation in a country the more extreme the poeple are voting. And the tactic is the same as well, hold up the country and some sort of history, honor, freedom or other word shells and point to a minority to be blamed for everything wrong in the country. If they are not available point at some foreign country and blame them instead.

  3. The scariest part of it all is that the two political parties that could take over the nation are extremely far apart and it could cause even more problems


  5. A population jumping at the chance to use minorities as a scapegoat for their own failures. Hm, where have we seen that before…

  6. The things that these people are saying in the panel are distorted.
    The truth is quite different! they don't have the insight of Greek politics to reach an indiscriminate assessment of the existing situation. Apparently they've been influenced by left wing propaganda that has brought Greece to the present economic catastrophe.    

  7. I wonder if Cenk Uygur has ever heard of the Turkish party of the Grey wolves. Very Democrat people (they are Turkey's neofascist far right – nationalist party) and in the 2011 general elections, the party polled 13.01% (5,585,513 votes) and won 53 seats, remaining the third largest parliamentary group. Not to mention how much they respect of minorities in Turkey…

  8. Golden Dawn might be racist,but that doesn't mean that the reason it got popular is because racism is popular. The racist part of the ideology of this party is actually the most down-played. Greeks didn't became racists all of a sudden. What makes SOME Greeks support Golden Dawn isn't the racist part of that party (which is unknown to many of those who voted for it) but the Euro-sceptic part and the Anti-Corruption part.

    #1 Greece has been ruled for some decades by a few cliques of corrupted faggots that have been stealing taxpayer's money,and the worst part is that they are the same who make the laws (politicians) and they made laws that grant them immunity so they are not punished for their tax stealing crimes. Several millions if not billions of Euros were spent in unjust way,for the unfair benefaction of politicians,their families,and their friends.

    A reason Golden Dawn gets popular in Greece,is because it promises that it will punish these cliques of tax money thieves.

    #2 The international banking system had a crash,and that crash affected the Euro much and could bring it to collapse. For the shake of saving the Euro the EU decided to isolate the problem to a single country,and that country happened to be Greece. For the shake of saving the Euro,the Greek people have to endure extreme taxation and reduction of buying power,let alone the fact that the Greek people where never asked to join the Euro anyway,and it was forced on them. The Greek people feel being blamed and punished for acts they didn't do.This generates a feeling of injustice and anger among Greek people,which leads them to see the  EU as a foe. There is a percentage of people in Greece who think that Greece shouldn't be a part of the EU.

    This is the second reason Golden Dawn gains popularity in Greece,because its the only party representing the wave of Euroscepticism in Greece.

    This was an honest confession from a Greek,trying to describe how and why this party has got the popularity that it has. I am not racist,and the 99% of people that I know of are not either. Those who speak good of Golden Dawn don't believe in stupid 'superiority' myths either,when I ask them to tell me why they support Golden Dawn,they tell me "Because I want to punish the Thieves and I don't trust anyone else that will do that". When I tell them that Golden Dawn is racist,they tell me "You are not right,this is lies the Thieves say so you don't vote for Golden Dawn,so the Thieves are not punished" I hope foreign people understand what I'm saying.Voters of GD vote it ignoring the racist part of its ideology.

  9. oh and if you dont know why the greeks hate the turks you are so fucking ignorant and should be hung.

  10. this guy is the biggest idiot has no idea what really happening in greece…… wake up young scum i mean young turks.     you guys arnt journalists 

  11. I don't get it, I live in Greece I love my country, I voted for the far right party of Greece so why do they call us neo-nazi i'm not german I don't follow their ideas. So are you trying to tell me that Turkish far right party are nazi. 

  12. lol young turks. im greek American. yall r a trip. turkey big human rights violators ask armernians like system of down, hitler said will remember the jews after turks made first modern holucost.lol funny turks stick to not enjoyin bacon and your stupid vids , ill eat bacon and know the truth

  13. pls I don't have a fancy greek name but my blood was from greek place always greek never turk cofu . and sad thing true turks r mongols look like Chinese rest r lost greeks and wht else were there that said no to Christ

  14. Such an extremity of opinion, never leads to a good outcome… Get people riled up about something, and they will tear anything down to get it.

    Personally, I find such matters distasteful, as violence is a quick solution, that does not guarantee longevity. 

  15. How is it disturbing for white people to want their countries back? we have HORRIBLE immigration problems! I LOVE GOLDEN DAWN!!

  16. These are actually Golden Dawn,they are not the facists,they are Nationalists who are fighting against the facists who are in power at the moment

  17. What's so wrong with the fascists. Are people really that racist with people who respect different kind of politics?

  18. It's really a shame they don't show all the "ugliness" that the muslims are doing to native Europeans.  These turks are nothing more than part of the political correct think tank machine–they are biased in their reports…maybe 3% of their reports appear non-biased.

  19. Young Turk… we are coming. And you will regret the moment you killed Issak and Solomo, you will regret the moment you killed all these Greeks in Smyrni and in Konstantinoupoli. You will regret the moment you touched greek soil in Imia. You will regret the very moment you meet us. And that is NOT racist. Its payback time!

  20. Jewish communist bankers caused the collapse of many countries around the world , they almost collapsed this nation. 
    It's really no wonder that after the world learns , that many become against the bankers and have the bankers call them 'fascist' …

  21. Why are people still so blind to what is happening? Greece is in Great Depression, yes, exactly like the one in the 1930s in US. Just go there and see for yourselves. More and more Greeks are starving and homeless. They are in the same situation as Germans were before WWII, that's why they vote for Nazis. Unfortunately, there is no one else willing to help. And you silly communists will call them racist and tell them to share the little food they have with all the immigrants that come. I wonder, if you were in the same situation, and you and your spouse and your kids were starving, if you really shared your food with strangers. I doubt it. In this situation you just get into the mode of survival. Yes, you loose all ethics, you become violent, because at such moment, the only important thing is to survive. Nothing else matters. Why is this so hard to understand for all those who have food every day on their plates? 

  22. and you're also trying to make fun of the situation, but it will get worse and worse…the saying goes: Desperate people do desperate things. And the support of Nazis in Greece is growing very fast. As is in Spain, where people are in the same situation. It's just two big EU economic failures and there are more to come, just wait and see….

  23. why are these guys even talking about Golden Dawn in Greece. a Turk got some stupid americans to side with him about international news? get the f..k outta here..

  24. Please go promote multiculturalism and the foreign take over of Turkey, Young Turks.  Until then you are hypocrites.

  25. 100% propaganda! And for people claiming to be so intelligent and educated, you cant distinguish the difference between a nationalist fighting for the good of his country and his ethnicity- from a natzi? thats ok i understand.. u come from countries that have no traditions no beliefs no ancient history no ancient heros to look upon so the only things u can find worthy of fighting for is gay rights and "racism.'' i feel sorry for you because you will never have the pleasure of feeling the fire burning inside u for your nation and you never will because u dont have a nation worthy enough to exert these qualities… and u say they are dumb bullies.. you obviously havent heard any speaches or ideas from the mouths of golden dawn politicians. why dont u make a video on the barbaric slaughterings the turkish have done? the destruction of hagia sofia in kostantinoupolis? the invation in cyprus? the recent invation into greekcypriot waters breaking all national laws and rules to steal again what is ours? some day it will all be ours again because time will bring justice and god is watching

  26. The Young Turks are hypocrites. They say that my country is racist but their country is going to fall apart. Have you seen whats going on with the Kurds and Syrian refuges in Istanbul? They burned half of the town.

  27. Golden Dawn is indeed a fascist, racist party, and for those of you who don't speak Greek, I can assure you their speeches and articles are even worse than international media report. Nationalism itself is just another word for small-minded bigotry, along with pointless symbols like flags, where mobs of people are led hysterically until violence almost inevitably ensues. It's time to stop saying you are proud to be Greek; being Greek is not an accomplishment, just an accident of birth. Be glad you are greek, but only be proud of things you actually did yourself, and don't hold on to age-old hatreds. You did not fight the Turks, the Germans, or anybody else, for that matter. If Greece is to be modern and civlised, we Greeks have to insist on being just that.

  28. ''Poor'' greeks ha ha ha.Years of modification and only have history to show for it nowadays is theft. Greeks lost credibility long ago,and nobody trust these nazi thieves anymore! They should look for their history teachers and fuck them heart for making imbeciles,that they are today! Seriously they should jump from the buildings, and make sure is head first:))) LOL 

  29. Bloody Greeks… They should have flushed that whole decrepid country down the crapper instead of trying to prop it up and recieve only hate and arrogance in return. 

  30. "Neo-Fascist"? Wow..this idiot news caster can tell Fascism from Nazism. Golden Dawn is NOT Neo-Fascist, it IS New-Nazi. Fascism is not racist in nature. Nazism is Racist in nature. All of you people who disagree with that, and complete idiots and retards. All of you need to get your facts straight.

  31. im greek American and u turks r full of shit . half of u were greeks that converted to islam and changed your names plus u hade first holocost in history

  32. plus these guys say u have to think like them and no freedom to think want u want and be politcaly correct only or your sick

  33. that croud in usa made the usa rebellion against England them turks do not love freedom but r slaves to islam and infesting America with mosque around ground zero as slaps in all Christian faces

  34. Well, too late, they're in our parliament now, and that's as legal as it gets. They hit a good 17% during these last elections, and it seems that the first party now is rather useless, so I'm guessing they're heading for prime minister candidancy soon. I hope for all our sakes that never sees the light of day. 

  35. I love my Greek Neo-Fascists, Racists who gaining power. Fuck Jewropean Union. A Hellenistic Europe will happen

  36. listen fuck this Young Turk fucks let the jew and Turk go promote there minority bullshit in there countries and onto there people.. Greek have had enough of this bullshit,, We will not allow subversion we will fight it like we always do>> Greeks no matter what will always stand together.. For our home land and culture.. Golden Dawn is our Greek brethren we will stand behind them even if we do not agree with everything they say.. They are Greek and so am i.. I love all the Greeks.. One day Istanbul will be Constantinople again and Cyprus will be unified once more and that Turkish shit smashed. That jew low life thinks the Greeks have forgotten how the turks put them in charge of Thessaloniki ports just so greeks could not retake the turkish invasion the back stabbing jew fucks that they are..

  37. I lived in Greece while this was happening and I'm not going to lie, all of the people I met were racists and hated immigrants, they saw them as lesser than them and they didn't even see them as people. I was about 14 at the time and the boys in my class would wear shirts that said golden dawn on them and they would talk about how they wanted to kill the Albanians and the Bulgarians, it was absolutely terrifying.

  38. Not only are they having f8nancial problems, their country is being literally flooded by useless immigrants.

  39. Vote for the party that will reverse & fix the problem, not the party that makes it worse. its not Europe's responsibility to fix the worlds problems. The powers that be love to rule with chaos, & always offer a solution that benefits them, never the sovereign nation.

  40. Marxist-Left-Wing-Nuts will break the storefront windows and set cars alight. They wear masks and commit sneak up attacks on those who are known to disagree with their Rainbow Cult. They are atheist-globalist propagandists just like this bum fuck program.

  41. NAZI Germany, Was socialist, and these Stupid people on TYT are socialist, and they will tell you that there is a difference between left wings socialism and right wing socialism but there is not socialism is socialism,Greece is a left wing socialist country,this is why the went broke, Socialism has never worked and never will. The only way it mite work is if you got rid of the world banks, but that is not going to happen.I mean just look what happen to Germany & Libya.

  42. Its manmade peps SRS CIA predicted riots eveverywhere in Europe for 2016 which will explode in a civil war. And they ,,PREDICTED" it 20years ago

  43. look how scared they are we are growing and they say we aren't SS forever these traitors will be tortured for there crimes

  44. I hear "Golden Dawn" and immediately think it must be the name of some WoW guild of Paladins. I was mistaken.

  45. .Turks still selebrate the conquest of Constantinople and the slaugter against us.
    We could be friends after they give back Constantinople and Asia Minor that they took by force
    Turks still threat us with war if we expand our sea borders as the national law says. (so they dont respect national law)

    So how could we be friends with a nation that elects politicians who threat us with war?
    Who still selebrate the slaugters against the Greeks?
    Who made a genocide against us?
    And still they dont give back whats rightfully ours?

    would you be friends with another nation if they did to Turkey What Turks did to us?

  46. Cenk Uygur who founded The Young Turks is a denier of the Armenian Holocaust, look Cenk Uygur up on Wikipedia the information is available for everyone to see! Another thing Cenk doesn't tell you is that the Turks are not from Turkey – They are from Turkmenistan. The Turks are enemy occupiers of land which belongs to Orthodox Christianity. The Turks turned the HaggiSophia which to Orthodox Christianity represents their Vatican, into a Mosque. The Turks are responsible for acts of Genocide against the Greeks, the Kurds, as well as the Armenians!

  47. I am gainst golden Dawn tottaly. But it is funny this coming from the so called young Turks whop have been slaying Greeks for hudnreads years with 2 genocides in SMyrnh and Pontos and stole all the greek land.Its actually hilarious

  48. neo fascism is terrible and should be banned we should all get along and teach everyone against ignorance racism is terrible sexism is terrible if you disagree with someone be civil about and not rant and rave and be a dick about the other non-white are super cool and theres nothing wrong with them get rid of your racist thoughts and look at these people they are not killing you are your family their nice people and you should treat them the way you would want to be treated.

  49. I guess the average american who watch this doesnt know that young turks its not like lets say young chinesse or young belgians.Young Turks was a political moovement in 2 decade of the 20th centurie which is responsibe for 3ple genocide towards Greeks Assyrians and Armenians.

  50. Wow. These…things must really hate Greece. Never seen such beautiful little butterflies living in their commie/liberal bubble before.

  51. I cannot beleive how gey these so called men sound? Also why is it automatically bad when a group stands up against Immigrants most of whom hate the country their in and the people?? Hello TYT put yourself in the Natives shoes for a chance?

  52. this chanel is named after a fascist organization that is responsible for genocides and murders of over 3milion people and the distraction of city's and villages and stolen land, all under the name of Young turks and this guy is just using this without shame or care because he is a muslim turk and that makes it ok? the victims were Greek christians and Armenians so thats ok?? is like making youtube channel and naming it the Third Reich and pretending to be civilized, disgusting turks.

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